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how to use config file values in .css file in laravel

I want to use Laravel config file values in my .css file to customize some colors how can I do this? or maybe it is impossible. I hope my question is clear Thank you. my config file return [ ‘custom’ => [ ‘mainLayoutType’ => ‘horizontal’, ‘theme’ => ‘light’, ‘sidebarCollapsed’ => false, ‘navbarColor’ => ”, ‘navbarTextColor’ […]

Laravel vue3 sanctum fortify on api/user unauthenticated

I’m using laravel sanctum, along with laravel fortify. I’m able to log in, but when I fetch mydomain.test/api/user i’m getting 401 (Unauthorized). .env APP_URL=http://curriculum.test SANCTUM_STATEFUL_DOMAINS=curriculim.test,localhost, SESSION_DOMAIN=.curriculim.test SESSION_DRIVER=cookie cors.php ‘paths’ => [‘api/*’, ‘sanctum/csrf-cookie’], ‘allowed_methods’ => [‘*’], ‘allowed_origins’ => [‘*’], ‘allowed_origins_patterns’ => [], ‘allowed_headers’ => [‘*’], ‘exposed_headers’ => [], ‘max_age’ => 0, ‘supports_credentials’ => true, Here’s my […]

datepicker does not properly show up for the second form input field

I have a form goes like this: <form method="" action=""> <label for="discountValue">Discount Value</label> <input type="text" class="form-control" id="discountValue" name="discount_value[]"> <label for="timeSpanStart">Start Date</label> <input type="text" class="form-control datepicker" id="timeSpanEnds" name="time_span_starts[]"> <label for="timeSpanEnds">End Date</label> <input type="text" class="form-control datepicker" id="timeSpanEnds" name="time_span_ends[]"> <label for="labelDiscount">Discount Label</label> <input type="text" class="form-control" id="labelDiscount" name="discount_label[]"> <button class="btn btn-success" type="submit">Submit</button> </form> As you can see I have […]

how to make google organization responsive?

i want to make my organization structure responsive in mobile view. this is my code. im using google chart to make this organization structure <div class="___class_+?6___"> <div class="w-100" id="chart_div"></div> </div> <script type="text/javascript"> const drawChart = () => { var data = new google.visualization.DataTable(); data.addColumn(‘string’, ‘Name’); data.addColumn(‘string’, ‘Manager’); data.addColumn(‘string’, ‘ToolTip’); var datajson = {!! json_encode($datajson) !!} […]

vue advanced chat with PHP(laravel)

i have tried using vue advanced chat with php (laravel), but i cannot display the messages. Can I have an example of use with PHP. thanks in advance Source: Vue – Stack Overflow

Laravel Livewire: Component in Foreach loop. Button Click shows on all items instead of Single item

I need some help with the Livewire Click function and loading a component into a foreach loop. When I click the play button, the component is displayed in all items in the loop. But I would like that it is only displayed in this one item where the button was clicked. Screenshot of issue I […]

how to pass slot/data to inertia layout component

How do I pass a slot or a prop to a layout component in inertia? For example, heres a ForgotPassword component: <template> <slot name="title">Forgot Password</slot> Forgot pw stuff goes here… </template> <script> import CardLayout from "@/Layouts/CardLayout"; export default { layout: CardLayout, } Here is the CardLayout component: <template> <h1>{{ $slots.title }}</h1> <slot/> </template> Nothing shows […]

How to set grid in css?

I have a psd like this I have a query like in AppServiceProvider.php: public function boot() { $menus = Category::all(); view()->share([‘menus’ => $menus]); } For the sake of simplicity, let’s say the output is this (by id): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 My website has […]

How to optimize MySQL to speed up your Laravel application with Releem?

Introduction Optimizing your MySQL service is a great way to improve your Laravel application’s overall performance. Of course, it is important to follow Laravel Eloquent’s best performance practices as described in Jonathan Reinink‘s course on Laravel Eloquent performance patterns. But you should also not forget the server-side of things too. There are numerous MySQL server […]

Filter data for genres (with a select) in Vue.js

I’m using Laravel api.php routes and I need to filter musicians based on their common genre, so after the select is clicked I want to switch page and go to a page where I’ve got all the musicians with the choosed genre. No matter wich genre I choose from the select, it always get me […]

Laravel Livewire’s render of Vue component

I really love the Vue multiselect package and therefore I created a Vue component that would allow me to use it in regular forms. Currently I’m creating a form with Livewire, where are 2 options for both from and to. So my blade looks similar to this: @if ($fromInvoiceableType == AppCar::class) <form-multiselect name="car_id" :list="{{ $cars}}" […]

How Laravel Website Development Services Helps Organizations To Grow In 2021

We all know how popular the PHP web framework is for developing web applications. Just like that, With its Model-view-controller architectural pattern. Laravel app development is equally important for web development. Laravel develops websites around the world, organizations like to Hire php Laravel developer or Laravel experts for Laravel app development. You will get flawless […]

Vue JS How can i get query from select box

I want to get in this.$route.query.machine_id. Can u help me? <v-select v-model="selectedMachines" @change="getNotifications" :key="" :value="" :items="machines" item-text="name" item-value="id" menu-props="auto" label="Select Machine" hide-details prepend-icon="mdi-map" single-line style="padding-right:15px" ></v-select> Source: Vue – Stack Overflow

How can i send this page on Thank you After Sign up

// $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: url, dataType: "json", data: { "_token": "{{ csrf_token() }}", do_post: 1, //title: title, business_name: business_name, address1: address1, address2: address2, city: city, county: county, postcode: postcode, email: email, //country_id: country_id, //currency_id: currency_id, phone: phone, control_room_number: control_room_number, customer_id: customer_id, payment_terms: payment_terms, service_type: service_type }, success: function(data) { if (data.code == "200") { […]

Set-Cookie not set cookies in my browser (Vue + Sanctum)

I use Laravel sanctum to make auth With ReactJS in cors.php i set these values ‘paths’ => [‘api/*’, ‘api/csrf-cookie’,’/login’], ‘supports_credentials’ => true, sanctum.php ‘prefix’=>’api’ in React i use axios with credintials axios.get(‘http://www.react.test/api/csrf-cookie’).then(response => { console.log(response); }, { withCredentials: true }); when use Postman i get the Set-Cookie Valuei , but when use browser its not […]

Inertiajs – Laravel: How to Throw custom Error

How isit possible to throw an custom Error from Laravel in Inertiajs.vue without redirecting then? Vue Component:‘company-organisations-create’, { name:, description: this.newOrganisation.description }, { preserveScroll: true, onSuccess: (page) => { return Promise.all([ window.Toast.success(this.$page.props.toast.message), = ”, this.newOrganisation.description = ”, ]) }, onError: (errors) => { window.Toast.error(errors.toastMessage) } }); LaravelController(): public function createOrganisations(Request $request) { […]

Laravel Inertiajs: custom Responses with JSON

I changed from Axios to Inertiajs Request: So my question is how to Handle the Responses, As I want to eg. Toast the ‘message’ on Success The princip I think of CreateController(): createController() { return Redirect::route(‘company.index’, [ // Add props to index() Request ‘message’ => ‘Organization has been created!’, ‘newOrganisation’ => $newOrganisation, ]); } Compared: […]

Cleaner models with Laravel Eloquent Builders

Over the past few years I have created tons and tons of models in Laravel. These models have always blown up in size with tons of accessors and added scopes. For the unintroduced, model scopes are methods containing queries that can be chained while retrieving data from the database. In example: // Models/Article.php class Article […]

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