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Query through Elasticsearch Indices with Laravel

Just come across a use case during my daily works, to query through Elasticearch indices, in Laravel. I’m assuming you have installed Elasticsearch, have indices, index pattern defined and of course, data populated in the index documents. Then, create a Laravel project and install this Laravel Elasticsearch package. Then, let’s create a file in your […]

Avoid The Pain of Repeated Database Queries With Laravel Query Scopes

As you continue building out Laravel apps, you will notice spots that you need to perform the same queries. If your project is like most projects I’ve worked on, you will start with just repeating the query code in many places. This works great until you need to change the query. Because the query is […]

How to show/hide one message at a time in blade using JS?

In a Blade file I’ve got a page with the messages received by a user. I want to create a button on each message to show/hide the message. Also the message should initially be hidden, and says "readed" on top of the message box if it has been opened. How can I do that in […]

Laravel 8 Delete Data Using Bootstrap Model

I have a table made with Bootstrap and I want to delete the data with bootstrap model confirm. Deleting works fine without model, but with model, delete button always send last row data to the model no matter which row delete button clicked. model button <a href="#" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#deleteModal" data-user="{{ $user }}"><i class="fe fe-trash text-danger […]

Laravel and Nuxtjs cors problem showing upload file

I host my code on digitalocean Frontend use Nuxt js and Backend use Laravel I test api using postman backend api ok Error: strict-origin-when-cross-origin modules: [ // ‘@nuxtjs/axios’, ‘@nuxtjs/sitemap’, ‘@nuxtjs/proxy’, ], axios: { proxy: true, prefix: ‘’ }, proxy: { ‘/api/’: ‘’, }, Source: Vue – Stack Overflow

Laravel JetStream get user avatar

I am sure it is because Ive been staring at this for hours off and on that I am missing something silly. I am trying to pull the avatar of the username in question. The :alt="" is working just fine but the avatar isn’t. I am using Laravel with Jetstream to make this work. I […]

React Laravel Project

I am working on a react/Laravel application, and i faced some problems running it in production, the application takes a lot of time to load cuz the app.js file is 8mb and this is huge plus considering that the application itself is not so big , I’m not familiar on react/Laravel applications and don’t know […]

I need to use my variable of rows that i got from my controller, to send it back to another controller using Ajax

I have a View to display a menu of categories and its products based on the authenticated user, which means I only want certain categories/products displayed, my problem is in the search bar when I type all products show from all categories but I want the search to only find products in those certain categories. […]

facing iCalendar sync issues in laravel PHP

Where can I find documentation to sync iCalendar with my project. Searched everywhere on the internet and couldn’t find anything related yet, can someone help me out? Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

How to send php generated form id to Javascript for acknowledging form submission

I have retrieved some data from the DB and showed them at a table like this: @php $formCounter = 0; @endphp @foreach($courses as $course) @php ++$formCounter; @endphp <td>{{ $formCounter }}</td> <td> <form id="myForm{{ $formCounter }}" data-flag="0" action="{{ route(‘acceptWallet’, [‘nahadName’=>$course->creatorObject,’nahadLab’=>$course->cor_creator_object_type,’codCode’=>$course->cod_code,’registeredNum’=>$course->registeredCount]) }}" method="POST"> @csrf <input name="invisible" type="hidden" value="{{ (($courses->currentPage() – 1) * $courses->perPage()) + $loop->iteration }}"> <input […]

Uncaught ReferenceError: dispatch is not defined with spatie/laravel-server-side-rendering package

I am using Reactjs with Laravel 7. Everything works fine except the dynamic meta tags on each page of my website was not updating when API request is sent in the backend. I did use react-helmat package but it did not update the meta tags. I also used Laravel butschster/LaravelMetaTags package, which also did not […]

Problems with chart.js using Laravel 7, Cannot find element: #app?

I’m using chart.js for showing statistics of reviews and messages of a user, but I’m getting problems with the scripts, now the stats are working but I got this error Cannot find element: #app and I don’t know how to manage that. If I use defer in this script (now I deleted it to see […]

Video/mp4 not loading using Webpack, Laravel Mix in Laravel 8 & reactjs

I’m new to Laravel and I’m trying to compile and upload my resources of video using Laravel Mix. const mix = require(‘laravel-mix’); mix.js(‘resources/js/app.js’, ‘public/js’) .react() .sass(‘resources/sass/app.scss’, ‘public/css’); And this is the code frontend with the react import React from ‘react’; import Video from ‘../../videos/video.mp4’; import {HeroContainer, HeroBg, VideoBg} from ‘./HeroElements’; const HeroSection = () => […]

upload image with VueJS + Laravel results in 419 | page expired

I am using Laravel 7 for my project. Although I am using VueJS within Laravel. When I try to upload an image, I get the error (419 | page expired) immediately after submitting the form!. But in the console window, I can confirm that the token is there. This is my blade file: <html> <head> […]

How to fix this error Package sebastian/resource-operations is abandoned, you should avoid using it. No replacement was suggested. laravel 8.60.0 [duplicate]

when I’m trying to create-project laravel from composer it shows me this error even when im trying install npm its not working Source: CSS – Stack Overflow

Why is Laravel considered the Top PHP Framework?

Myriad choices of programming frameworks are available for app development. The market is competitive, and these frameworks have their pros and cons. However, they make sure they have the best level of comfort in each ease. For the development of an app based on a single framework, it may take a few months to a […]

Frontend checking if token(jwt) has expired

In my react-redux app, I want to show a modal login form whenever the token has expired. My solutions were: Save the expires_in value in redux and have it countdown until it reaches 0, and then show the modal login form. Implement polling, wherein I have to send an API request using the current token, […]

Laravel + Vue – Pass multidimensional PHP array to vue component

In the file config/variables.php I have defined the following objects as a multidimensional array: <?php return [ [ ‘name’ => ‘test1’, ‘surname’ => ‘test1’ ], [ ‘name’ => ‘test2’, ‘surname’ => ‘tes2’ ], [ ‘name’ => ‘tes3’, ‘surname’ => ‘test3’ ] ]; I want to use this data in a Vue component, for example like […]

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