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Managed Kubernetes Comparison: EKS vs GKE

Kubernetes is changing the tech space as it becomes increasingly prominent across various industries and environments. Kubernetes can now be found in on-premise data centers, cloud environments, edge solutions, and even space. As a container orchestration system, Kubernetes automatically manages the availability and scalability of your containerized applications. Its architecture consists of various planes that […]

Explaining Kubernetes for Developers Who Know How to Code

You know how to program – you’re in your first or second year of your first software engineering job. You’ve mastered the basics and are excelling at your job, but something’s been bothering you. You keep hearing about this thing called Kubernetes being thrown around by another team. Kuber…netes? What does it mean? After the […]

Herding Cats – Getting Involved in The Wide World of Tech with Kiran Oliver

Relicans host Lauren Lee talks to Technical Community Builder at Camunda’s, Kiran Oliver, about joining the field as a technology journalist and looking at Community Health Metrics. They also give bunches of great advice, wisdom, personal experiences, and tips on navigating this wild space that is tech! Should you find a burning need to share […]

Detect crashes in your Kubernetes cluster using kwatch and Slack

What is kwatch? kwatch is an open-source project that started late in 2021. It aims to help you monitor all changes in your Kubernetes(K8s) cluster, detect crashes in your running apps, and publish notifications to your favorite channels (Slack, Discord, etc.) in real-time. In this tutorial, I will help you setup and deploy kwatch on […]

The cloud in 2021: 21 game-changing outages, security issues, and highlights

Whew, what a year! From data centers going up in flames to security vulnerabilities that have been there for years to cloud providers flexing their influence. At the same time, the industry has never been stronger as new cloud-native technologies and increased automation rose to prominence. Let’s take a look back at the most interesting, […]

Running Kafka on kubernetes for local development

In this post I will cover the steps to run Kafka locally on your development machine using Kubernetes. Usually I go with docker-compose for that as it is simpler to get it going but due to the omnipresence of Kubernetes these days in companies I decided to also port my local Confluent Kafka setup to […]

How To Build A Serverless, Internal Developer Platform

Many teams still deploy and manage apps on their own infrastructure. It can be their own private data centre or public cloud IaaS offering. I’ve worked with teams that deploy to their own infrastructure using a custom-built developer platform to deploy, manage, and monitor the status of services. Usually, the interface is nothing fancy, but […]

6 Top Cloud Cost Optimization Issues to Solve in 2022

New Year is when people tend to make resolutions for the 365 days to come, like eating more veg, exercising more often, or cutting down on cloud costs. The latter makes the list as the top initiative for companies for the fifth year in a row. According to the 2021 State of the Cloud Report, […]

VSCode Datree: Datree's power now in your code editor 💪

What’s in this article? VSCode Datree — a VSCode Extension that brings Datree’s features right inside your code editor 🚀 Abstract Improper Kubernetes configurations can lead to ineffective and hard-to-maintain resource allocations, in worst cases it can break the whole CI/CD if not detected in earlier stages of deployment. The VSCode Datree extension uses Datree […]

Kubernetes Hardening Tutorial Part 1: Pods

In my previous two articles, we discussed Kubernetes security and created a guideline for enhancing K8s. If you haven’t read them yet, here are the links: Hardening Your Kubernetes Cluster – Threat Model (Pt. 1) Hardening Your Kubernetes Cluster – Guidelines (Pt. 2) Today, we will follow the advice of the second article and do […]

AWS EKS Connector – Manage all your Kubernetes Clusters in one place

Amazon EKS Connector is now generally available. With EKS Connector, you can now extend the EKS console to view your Kubernetes clusters outside AWS. What !?! Yes, now we can use the EKS console to visualize the Kubernetes clusters, both EKS and non-EKS clusters running in. On-premises Kubernetes Cluster Self-managed Clusters running on AWS EC2 […]

Install Traefik Ingress Controller in Kubernetes

Credits: Logo by Provide load balancing, SSL termination and name-based virtual hosting on a Kubernetes (k3s) cluster using Traefik ingress controller. K8s Controller Prepare Install Uninstall Traefik Dashboard Certificate Authentication Ingress Demo Application Prepare Install Uninstall Certificate Ingress Summary   Note: The domain referenced in this post is MY_DOMAIN, please change accordingly. If you […]

Introduction to Kubernetes with Amazon EKS

You can access key assets in this article on GitHub. In this article, we will introduce basic concepts around Kubernetes, followed by a hands-on session where we spin up a Kubernetes cluster on Amazon EKS and deploy a simple website to the cluster. Prerequisites It is assumed that you: Are comfortable with the Linux command […]

Connect ArgoCD to your private GitHub repository

A step-by-step guide to set enable your ArgoCD setup on Kubernetes to connect to your private GitHub repository. Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

HELM Cheatsheet: For Beginners

The Helm is a package and operation manager for Kubernetes. Though handling Kubernetes applications and several releases can increase the development and deployment complexities. The Helm as a packaging manager allows you to wrap up all the Kubernetes components within a single package for deployment, thus reducing complexities. You can integrate several Kubernetes objects within […]

Will automated cloud optimization replace your DevOps job?

Everything about automation sounds tempting. Apart from the fact that it would be doing the tasks that now take a good chunk of your day? Let’s see if automation can really put your DevOps, cloud engineer, or solutions architect job at risk anytime soon. Replacing human folly for algorithmic efficiency means faster and better service […]

What does 2022 have in store for cybersecurity and cloud security specialists?

Cloud adoption and industry transformation are accelerating as the world looks for efficiency. Let’s face it, 2022 promises to be another busy year for cybersecurity and cloud security specialists.  According to the 2021 ISC Cybersecurity Workforce Study, we are still short 2.7 million cybersecurity professionals globally. There aren’t enough people to keep up with the […]

Deploy CockroachDB in a DigitalOcean Kubernetes Cluster

For the DigitalOcean Kubernetes Challenge, I wanted to deploy a database to a managed Kubernetes cluster, and decided to go with CockroachDB Core. The process to deploy on Kubernetes was simple. I just followed the instructions in CockroachDB official documentation, with just one change – In “Step 1. Start Kubernetes”, instead of using hosted GKE […]

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