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STI and multi attributes models in Rails

Once I had a task to collect data from different landing pages to a database. The task is challenging because each web form from a landing page has different inputs and data. I figured out how to write an elegant solution in a Rails application. Preparation First, we have to create a migration to store […]

What is the "XSLT" equivalent for JSON? Here is the new answer

Prefix What is the “XSLT” equivalent for JSON? This is the question that people had been asking more than 10 years ago. By then the xslt is still the number one answer. It’s high time to take a look at the new kids in town now. What is “XSLT”? XSLT stands for XSL Transformation. It […]

How to deserialize JSON to custom class objects in Python

Deserializing JSON to custom class objects just requires some cautions Photo by Carolina Garcia Tavizon on Unsplash · 1. Custom class definition· 2. json.loads() with object_hook· 3. Nested objects· 4. jsonpickle· Conclusion This is a follow-up article on How to Serialize a Class Object to JSON in Python to close the loop on the issues of serialization […]

JSON Web Tokens without Firebase JWT

I have created a few tutorials on how to use Firebase JWT to create and use JSON Web Tokens, but I decided to try to do it without a framework, using just PHP. In this article, you can see how I created my own simple JWT generator. View This On YouTube Creating Our Class class […]

JSON to XML structure

On my proprietary application I have an XML field with the following structure <?xml version=’1.0′?> <recipient> <comment></comment> <changes firstName=""/> </recipient> I can write into it using the following JSON script. var recipient = NLWS.nmsRecipient.create( {recipient:{ email : ‘[email protected]’, lastName : ‘D’, firstName : ‘G’, origin : ‘Preference Centre’}}) recipient.changes.firstName = ‘tmpName’ recipient.comment = "CommentsHere";; […]

Problem with the "json()", how to solve it? I’m trying for a long time and no results‘/transaction’, function (req, res){ const blockIndex = bitcoin.createNewTransaction(req.body.amount, req.body.sender, req.body.recepient); res.json({ note: `The transaction number ${blockIndex} will be included`}); }); Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

Working With Web Feeds: It’s More Than RSS

Between Google Chrome experimenting with “following” sites, along with a growing frustration of how social media platforms limit a creator’s reach to their fans through algorithmic feeds, there’s been renewed interest in RSS feeds and they’re primed for a comeback as we get into 2022. I miss the days of RSS, where each website could […]

Not acceptable error when sending POST request with json

I try to send the json params as POST request. params = { "ids_spot": [2,3,4,5,6], "ids_start":[1], "ids_end": [7] } $.ajax({ type: "POST", url: "get_route", data: { csrfmiddlewaretoken: Cookies.get(‘csrftoken’), "params" : params }, dataType : "json", headers: {‘Content-type’: ‘application/json’} }).done(function(data){ }).fail(function(XMLHttpRequest, status, e){ alert(e); }); However it returns Not acceptable error I want to send json […]

File in Heroku app not being appended to?

I have a Heroku app of the following structure: APP app.js package.json package-lock.json Procfile node_modules data.csv I’m trying to write to data.csv whenever a specific function is called. Then, I run heroku run bash -a app_name (which I believe shows the app environment). In the bash, when I run ‘cat data.csv’, the file contents haven’t […]

React – Fetch Data from API and map nested JSON

for a few days now I’m trying to solve the following problem. Of course I have researched and tried several solutions to the error message and unfortunately none of them work. I do not know what I’m doing wrong and would therefore like to ask you about it. 🙂 Error-Message: "TypeError: Cannot read properties of […]

Postman: How to convert single-line JSON to multi-line?

I’m copy-pasting JSON from a server log into Postman. The JSON in the server log is single-line like this: {"a": 1, "b": 2} but I want it to be multi-line like this: { "a": 1, "b": 2 } Is there a way to do this in Postman or elsewhere other than manually? Source: JavaSript – […]

"Error : Cannot use ‘in’ operator to search for ‘length’ in [{"ID":"2","Name":"EAA2"}]" when performing $.each

What ever I do, I keep getting the same error. The only thing I have found that might of helped is the JSON.parse, but I still get the same problem. console log gives data as [{"ID":"2","Name":"EAA2"}] I split it into two functions as I didn’t want to keep going back to the api everytime a […]

How do I set a variable to value using React-Redux on the initial page load?

I am creating a language switcher for my application. So far, I can support 4 languages (English [en], Spanish [sp], French [fr], and Arabic [ar]). I have already converted all of the language properties files to JSON and I can import those files into my .jsx file. However, when it comes to setting the language, […]

Retrieve table columns and rows from JSON data in Vue.js

How can I dynamically create a table in Vue.js from JSON data without knowing the column names? Source: Vue – Stack Overflow

How do I access a part of a JSON object with an array of inputs? [duplicate]

Lets say I have a JSON object that looks like this: { "key1": { "key2": "value2", "key3": { "key4": "value4" } } } Is there a way that I can access key2 using the array ["key1", "key2"]? This may not be possible but I want to be able to take user input and get a […]

How to I import an array (in js formating) from a json file?

I want import an array from a json file which only contains this array. in this app, I want to perform a search on this array. so it must be recieved in the array formating. this is a part of long array exsisting in cities.json : cities.json: [ "Aberdeen", "Abilene", "Akron", "Albany", "Albuquerque", "Alexandria", "Allentown", […]

How to fix ‘TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading ‘classType’)’ in React Native + axios?

The problem is that when I request data in JSON format from my server, axios cannot properly deserialize one field, while it correctly deserializes all other fields. Image with react error const [ unit, setUnit ] = useState(”) useEffect(() => getUnit(, []) function getUnit(id) { axios.get(apiUrl + ‘/get?id=’ + id, config) .then(res => { setUnit(res,data); […]

How to make a deployed react app (in s3) consume JSON data which is dropped in an s3 bucket?

I am trying to build a static React App which displays api documentation. For backend I am using swagger (hosted separately in a lambda) which generates the JSON data model. With new endpoints created, I have a lambda which will give me the details of the endpoint, like headers, requests and response. The data comes […]

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