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Build Your Own “Driving” Mode in iOS

“Driving+” Focus mode: A “Driving” mode replacement I put together a substitute to the built-in “Driving” Focus mode in iOS. Here is how & why. With iOS 15, Apple introduced Focus: what used to be “Do Not Disturb” that you toggle on & off has been transformed into something more flexible & expansive. In case you […]

Tiny Softbox — Simple light box & color panel

Not too long ago I made the decision to switch careers from cross-platform mobile development (React Native) to native iOS development (Swift). I will talk about why in a future post (if I ever get around to writing it). As I love learning new stuff by building things, one of the things I did to […]

How to change the app name in react-native(in android and IOS):

In Android: To change the app name in react native first go to your project folder and open this path in VScode, android/app/src/main/res/values/string.xml Now you can easily change the app name in the string tag. For example: <string name=”app_name”>YOUR_APP_NAME</string> After changing the app name, uninstall the previous app from your device and run these commands: […]

5 Top App Development Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

Investing in mobile app development will help your brand get a competitive edge over your rival. Mobile apps can help you build your brand awareness, boost your company’s revenue and provide better support and services to your customers. Also, it lets you forge brand loyalty and increase customer engagement and satisfaction. So, it comes as […]

DevObserver – App You Should Have!

DevObserver is the app I was working on for a while and finally it has been released on the AppStore. DevObserver is a mobile app for developers where anyone can stay tuned with the latest news, articles, tutorial, etc. Currently it’s available on the iPhone, but iPad and Android version are also coming. I also […]

What Are iOS App Lifecycle Methods

Learn the nuances and difference between iOS versions 12- and 13+ Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

Discord Tweak for Invisible Typing

New Invisible Typing Discord Tweak for Jailbreaks Many chat applications including Telegram, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, Discord are all real time chatting apps for communicating with friends. However, they all disregard privacy by including a typing indicator feature. New Tweak Protects Privacy as a Bonus The typing indicator is a privacy concern and should really be an […]

Creating an iOS AR app using the AR Quick Look API

Using the iOS/iPadOS AR Quick Look API, you can create an AR app for iOS/iPadOS with very few lines of Swift code. In this article, I’ll walk you through the process of preparing 3D data for AR, creating an animated and interactive AR scene, and developing an AR app using the AR Quick Look API. 3D data […]

How to emulate iOS on Linux with Docker

After several unsuccessful attempts, I was finally able to virtualize a macOS to run tests on an iOS app I was working on. But before proceeding, it is necessary to know that this is not a stable solution and has several performance issues, however, for my purpose I managed to do what I wanted. We’ll […]

Como emular um iOS no Linux utilizando Docker

Depois de várias tentativas sem sucesso, enfim consegui virtualizar um macOS para fazer testes em um aplicativo iOS no qual eu estava trabalhando. Mas antes de continuar, é necessário saber que essa não é uma solução estável e possue diversos problemas de desempenho, porém, para meu propósito consegui fazer o que queria. Nós utilizaremos o […]

Advanced iOS development – Build Phases Part 1

Have you ever come across this build error in Xcode.. I’m sure you have. During my first years of iOS development, this has been one of the most ambiauious errors for me, I can only see that I’ve messed up somewhere in the codebase and I have to go and see what I’ve done wrong, […]

Which language is used for iOS app development?

Swift programming language used for Ios app development, swift programming language is very powerful and easy to learn. Swift also powerful programming language for IOS, Ipad OS, MacOS, tvOS and watch OS. Swift code is safe by UI design productive software that is running in smoothly and fast. Swift is the result of the latest […]

Steps to Improve the UX of Your iOS Application to Increase Traffic

What would you use to measure the success of your mobile app? Clearly, each app developer works hard to create and launch an app that achieves the same level of success as WhatsApp, Amazon, and many more. One aspect of the picture is selecting the suitable platform and packing it with the best features. Another […]

Flutter Optimisation Tips

Flutter apps are very performant if some of the performance optimisations are kept in mind while developing the apps. No doubt, apps can become laggy and janky. 1: Use smaller image files: No doubt, images are essential for any mobile application. And this is the area where performance gets the hit by a good margin, […]

How To: Save Contacts on SwiftUI

A simple tutorial for saving name, phone number, address and more to Apple Contacts app on SwiftUI. Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

Ionic/Capacitor React App API Requests returning HTML on iOS

The current behavior: All API requests to the localhost server are returning the index.html file of the React.js app on the iOS build, but requests work fine on browser and PWA builds. The expected behavior: Requests return the intended data (usually JSON) Details Typically, API requests go to localhost:5000/api/[route]. In the iOS build they are […]

Native vs Cross-Platform Development: Pros & Cons

Whenever you create an iOS application, the question you ask first is usually “do I have to develop a native solution using Swift or go with a cross-platform app?”. You will be able to answer this question, as well as understand the advantages and disadvantages of the both options, after reading this article. Short description […]

How to prevent scrolling the page on iOS Safari 15

Rik Schennink: If we show a modal on iOS we need to prevent events inside the modal from interacting with the page behind the modal. On a previous episode of “Fun with Safari” we could use preventDefault() on the touchmove event but on iOS 15 that no longer works. Here we go. The solution lies […]

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