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Introducing the Ionic 6 Component Framework

Ionic, a UI framework for cross-platform application development, is out in its 6th iteration, offering a set of new components and better UI integration for Android, iOS, and Desktop applications. By Guy Nesher Source: InfoQ JavaScript

Ionic Portals Aims to Simplify the Integration of Web Apps into iOS and Android Native Code

Ionic describes its new web view component, Ionic Portals, as a “supercharged” version of the native web view controls available on iOS and Android. It aims to make it easier for developers to integrate web apps with native code in an efficient way. By Sergio De Simone Source: InfoQ JavaScript

Should You Develop a Hybrid or a Native App?

With an expanding smartphone market these days, many companies are choosing different ways to include mobile apps in their workflow to expand the market reach. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

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