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A lightweight framework for Material Design 3

Hello devs, I am super excited to share with you the new release of guided by Material Design 3. Oh, sorry for the shy post, ok? Hope you enjoy it! 🍺🍺🍺 Source: DEV Community

How to make HTML content editable?

Ever wondered? Can we make HTML content editable when it runs on a browser? The answer is YES. By using contenteditable attribute we can specify whether the content of an element will be editable or not. Syntax: <element contenteditable=”true or false”> We can give any of two values ‘true’ or ‘false’. ‘True’ tells that element […]

How to make full stack social media website using HTML, CSS and JS | Part 01

Hello, In today’s article we’ll learn to create a social media website basically an Instagram clone. I’ll make it full stack from front end to backend. This is the first part of it. And in this part, we’ll learn to create Home Page, Post page and user profile page. All the pages are amazing, but […]

A11y tips: autocomplete your form fields

The autocomplete attribute allows the user agent to automatically fill in certain form fields by obtaining the value from previous past values ​​entered by the user, or from pre-configured values. It can be very useful for users with a cognitive disability, as well as for any user does not have to be repeating the same […]

I created Sweetgradients a Color gradient Ecosystem 🧠 🧠

SweetGradients -A Platform where you can find out color graidents easily Story behind SweetGradients -When i was looking for gradients to be used in a project i didn’t find anything but finally i findout a web app called Uigradients built with Vue.js.So i created a React.js version of that Github demo Feel Free to contribute […]

Image Animation Using HTML CSS & GSAP

Hello Guys, Today I Created an Amazing Image Animation using HTML CSS & GSAP Animation. To animate the image I use the GSAP.timeline() and gsap.from() method to achieve this effect. If you had multiple images on your website then use for each method like me else use a direct timeline method. I hope you like […]

Saving Millions of Images Series [Part Four]

Using Cloudflare CDN for your needs While working on this series: “storing one billion images on your floppy disk,” I explored what is going on at the CDN service providers market. And while digging on the web, I figured out that Cloudflare, as one of the most prominent players – recently launched their CDN service, […]

[CSS Hack] Dark Mode Within a Second!

Who doesn’t like Dark Mode? In this CSS Hack, you’ll learn about How To Convert a HTML Page to dark theme just using a single CSS property. Let’s see it in quick action! In this post, we’ll talk about a simple CSS filter property, which will invert colors and help us to get a Dark […]

Emmet Shortcuts You Should Know

Hey readers 👋 This is my first post on DEV, I hope you all will love it. Introduction In this post, we will look at some of the useful Emmet shortcuts. Though there are tons of Emmet shortcuts, we will be looking at major and useful ones. Before getting started, what Emmet actually is? As […]

Opening a link in a new browser tab using HTML

Have you ever clicked a link on a website, and it’s opened on a new tab in the browser? If you’ve been wondering how you can do that with your links, this article will act as your guide. Prerequisites To follow and completely understand this guide, you will need to have: A web browser (I’m […]

Programmatically Rendering PDFs from HTML using Chrome and Puppeteer

I’ve been a web developer for a long time, and one concept that always comes up is turning HTML into a PDF. It’s a pretty natural request; HTML is a nice display oriented format and has great layout and styling abilities. Plus, for a web app, I probably already have code written to produce the […]

6 Cool Things You Can Do With Regular HTML

No fancy libraries, just regular, raw HTML Photo by Chris Arthur-Collins on Unsplash It's no wonder that HTML can do some stuff that we might even think that it is an external library. If efficiently used we can even hack NASA (I'm just kidding). So let's look into some cool features of HyperText Markup Language. 1. Color Picker […]

🎬Login Form Validation | HTML CSS & Javascript🙌

Lets Create a Login Form Validation | HTML CSS & Javascript, Step-by-Step in a Very Easy to Follow Along Tutorial. Source Code: HTML <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″> <title>Login Form Validation</title> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”style.css”> <link rel=”stylesheet” href=”” integrity=”sha512-Fo3rlrZj/k7ujTnHg4CGR2D7kSs0v4LLanw2qksYuRlEzO+tcaEPQogQ0KaoGN26/zrn20ImR1DfuLWnOo7aBA==” crossorigin=”anonymous” referrerpolicy=”no-referrer” /> </head> <body> <div class=”wrapper”> <form […]

Front-End Development Roadmap For 2022

Introduction Front-end development involves using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a client-side application. The client-side of an online application is the visual part of a web application and also what a user interacts with when an application is opened: colours, fonts, buttons, navigations, animations, etc. Front-end development includes the user interface of an application. […]

How to create a two-column layout with HTML & CSS (YouTube Clone – part 1)

Welcome to this lesson which is a part of a series of tutorials to build a YouTube Clone unlike what you have seen before. In this lesson, we are going to discuss how to make the layout of our YouTube clone project with HTML and CSS and you are going to learn how to make […]

My web dev journey with Scrimba

I am so glad because I finished “Learn JavaScript for free” course on today. I had learned little bit of programming in my college using MATLAB to make graphs and do calculations but I was not intereted in programming back then because it was so diffucult. Now almost ten years have past since I […]

A11y tips: hide content from screen readers

If you want to hide content for screen readers but still be available to sighted or keyboard users, just use aria-hidden=”true”. A classic example where it is useful is to hide icons that serve as visual support for a text: <style> .icon-star: before {content: “★”; } </style> <span> <span class=”icon-star” aria-hidden=”true”></span> Favorite </span> In this […]

Different bullet for each item in the list using simple CSS

Lists are the form of data representation commonly used by all types of documents. In HTML there are two types of lists namely ordered and unordered lists.  In an ordered list, the items are indicated by serial numbers or letters that are in some order. In an unordered list, the list items are indicated by […]

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