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Metaverse Hackathon is calling for amazing DEVs and Degens!

We are organizing a worldwide online Metaverse/Game/NFT related hackathon with TOP Ventures Capital and Tier ONE public chain organizations right now. Our partners are Dapper Labs, Republic, Binance Labs, Huobi Venture, DHVC, Delphi Digital, LD Capital, IOSG, Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, etc. Details and application entrance: ( Sincerely invite all developers who are interested in joining […]

Hacking an IoT App at the Civo Hackathon, 2021

Overview Civo organised its very first hackathon and we got a chance to work on a great project with a skilled team. Thanks to Civo for the experience. Our project, Home Smart Home, won the Best IoT Hack prize. See the video demo! Table of contents Meet the team About the project How we built […]

$40,000 STRIPS Hackathon: Participate NOW!

Announcing the $40,000 STRIPS Hackathon! Starts 1st December 2021. Visit Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

Announcing the Chingu Holiday Hackathon

The Holiday Season is a time to celebrate with family and friends, a time to reflect on the past year, and a time to relax and have fun. And for Developers what better way to have fun than by participating in a holiday themed hackathon to both test and extend your skills? This year Chingu […]

My Second Hackathon Was Awesome! Here are some tips for a great hackathon.

In my previous post, I rambled about how my first hackathon was horrible, but I joined another hackathon! And this time it was awesome! 😃 So we started with our amazing Idea educrypt, though none of us knew how to make a discord bot, except me I had little knowledge… Our project was based on […]

5 Inspiring hackathon project ideas

Winning a hackathon is not easy and you know it. We’ve already shared some tips you should follow to improve your chances of winning one, but everything will revolve around your idea for the project. There are quite a few articles out there with generic and outdated ideas. If you really want to stand out […]

Creating an App Clip for Hue lights

As you might know, we develop the Philips Hue cloud at Q42. This IoT platform allows people to control their connected lights from anywhere. Over the years, Philips’ innovation has grown into a robust infrastructure that easily operates many hundreds of thousands of Hue lamps worldwide. As software engineers, we love to play with innovative […]

Introducing Modzy's AI Hackathon

Hi Everyone! My name is Ray and I’m the lead software architect over at Modzy. I’m excited to share that we have kicked off our Modzy AI Hackathon! What is Modzy? Created by developers for developers, Modzy is an MLOps platform for data scientists and developers to deploy, integrate, run and monitor AI models at […]

OS hackathon ideas drive EV infrastructure improvements forward

Experts and enthusiasts from start-ups, private enterprise and public sector create solutions to tackle obstacles such as where to locate public charging points in future. Ordnance Survey’s two-day OS Map and Hack event was declared an “amazing demonstration of creativity” after collaborators worked on ways to enhance electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure in Britain. Participants were […]

Introducing the CENNZnet DApp and NFT Hackathon

Calling all aspiring DApp devs and aspiring NFT creators. Join us at CENNZnet for our 3-week hackathon in partnership with Gitcoin. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

Hacking on Couchbase

We are hosting a hackathon for #Couchbase devs at this year’s Couchbase Connect conference. Total prizes $1500 cash $600, $500 and $400 prizes respectfully for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. This is a very open hackathon, you can build anything so long as it uses Couchbase and our SDKs. Build an API, tool, or whatever […]

Beginner's checkout before participating in a Hackathon!

Keeping this blog short and covered FAQ about hackathons 🙌 (won @uplift_project by @Girlscript1) Things I’ve covered in this blog🧐: When you are ready for a hackathon? How can you win a hackathon? What else you should know Apart from coding? Benefits of Hackathon? Tips! Let’s go!🚀 1. When you are ready for a hackathon? […]

$3M Raised For Miami in 1 Month: Hack to Raise Crypto For Your City

The CityCoins community is looking for civic-minded developers to participate in MiamiCoin Maker’s Month – which gives you a chance to win $25k Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

Introducing Feedlr. – the ultimate tool for feedback collection.

Hey Developers 👋 I’m @chapagainashik , a web developer with a full-stack approach. Today, I’m really happy to introduce Feedlr, my first truly excellent product. Feedlr is my submission for Auth0 x Hashnode hackathon. Thanks, Auth0 and Hashnode for conducting this hackathon. Index Introduction 🤔 Features Easy to implement Easy to customize Dark Mode Device, […]

✨HackGT 8: Discover Your Craft ✨

HexLabs is back and better than ever with ✨ HackGT 8: Discover Your Craft ✨! This hybrid, 36-hour hackathon will be taking place from October 22nd – 24th ⏳. Come collaborate with hundreds of talented hackers from across the world 🗺, explore new avenues 🚘, and strengthen your hacking skills 💪🛠! HackGT 8 will be […]

Wikimania 2021 Hackathon: 24 hours to experiment with other Wikimedians

By the Wikimania Core Organizing Team What is the Wikimania Hackathon? Wikimedia hackathons are remote or onsite collaborative events where people from the Wikimedia technical community get together to connect, work on projects together, prototype new ideas, and share skills and knowledge with each other in a productive, fun, and supportive environment. It’s a great […]

Alone together: Wikimedia Hackathon 2021

By Joaquin Oltra Hernandez, Staff Developer Advocate Wikimedia Hackathons happen every year, an event in which a large number of people meet, learn and work together. They play a very important role in energizing our engineering community and connecting it to local groups. In them, new and experienced people alike get a chance to work […]

BBC newsHack: Multilingual newsrooms

Last month, we took part in another BBC newsHack, focused on multilingual tools. Having already experimented with automated article translations earlier this year, we thought it might be a good opportunity to expand our exploration of the topic. Along with a cross-disciplinary team from various departments of the FT — and some new acquaintances made […]

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