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Automate password rotation with Github and Azure (Part 2)

Overview Welcome to part 2 of my series on automating password rotation. A few months ago I published a tutorial on how to automate password rotation using a GitHub Action workflow and an Azure key vault. Due to the popularity of that post I decided to create a public GitHub Action on the GitHub Actions […]

GitHub CLI on GitPod 🍊

What is GitHub CLI? It is GitHub’s official command line tool. It brings pull requests, issues, and other GitHub concepts to the terminal next to where you are already working with git and your code. So, Recently GitHub CLI made a new update to Run Your GitHub Workflow Files through Command Line. What is GitPod? […]

How to Commit like a Boss

What’s Committing anyways? Well committing in here refers to staging up the changes that you make in your local machine and far from this pushing it to the branch where other teammates can get themselves update with what you’ve done in project. Why is it to learn committing, can’t you commit just right away? No, […]

How to add blog posts to github readme?

Hey so I have setup a Github Readme file however I would like to be able if possible to add my latest blog posts it seems asa though it is possibly could someone point me in the right directionm on how to do this? My site is built with Nuxt if that makes a difference […]

How To Undo Unstaged Changes In Git Working Directory

Git version controlling system lets you discard and undo mistakes that happen in several stages such as “working directory”, “stage/index”, “history” and “remote”. In this question, we are going to discard and undo changes in the working directory. In other words, discard the changes that are not yet staged in the repository. If you need […]

How practice and improve trade skills with demo trading on trading view with bar reply mode feature? (open source project)

paper trading view repo on github a few weeks ago when i was practicing price action method in MT4 i found out Trading View has a feature call Bar reply , you can cut the candlestick chart to the back , so i decided to buy a pro account . but after a while i […]

How to Deploy JavaScript Apps with Netlify

In this article, I am going to share the steps to deploy a JavaScript project to Netlify using either a GitHub repo or with local computer files. Before we start Open the Netlify App by clicking here. Create a free account on Netlify. Deploying from a local computer folder Make a folder and include all of your project’s files (like […]

Make your first contribution to a GitHub Action!

Why edit a GitHub Action? There are many reasons to edit a GitHub Action. Perhaps, you found an Action suited to your use case. It’s almost perfect, but there’s just one minor feature missing. Maybe you noticed a bug or edge case, or you have an idea to take the Action to the next level. […]

How to show recent GitHub activities on your profile readme

We all know Github is a great platform to collaborate with people and contribute to open source projects. daily, we do perform some activities on GitHub like creating an issue, creating a pull request, code review and all other things. These are the activities that get added to our contributions and we get a green […]

Conceito de Merge — Git e Github

Após conhecermos a tão famosa Branch que tem como propósito dividir a linha original do desenvolvimento do projeto, precisamos “trazer” de volta para a branch main/master, dei uma breve explicação de como fazer isso em Conceito de branch, porém chegou a hora de se aprofundar no merge e resolver os possíveis conflitos que irão aparecer(uma […]

Automating Django Deployment workflow with Github Actions

If you’ve worked on a project that has constant changes, tests, and needs to be deployed to a server every time the changes occur, then you’re aware how the process of logging in to the server via ssh, redeploying, and testing is quite repetitive and frankly annoying sometimes. Luckily, with the advent of Github actions, […]

Optimizing GitHub Actions with Meercode

Using GitHub Actions provides engineering teams with a quick and reliable way to create a solid CI/CD build process. A per-minute model helps with expanding capabilities well beyond other solutions like customized build agents that may require continued maintenance. One critical piece missing is the ability to view the various aspects of the builds that […]

Open Source & Sustainability

It’s a god-damned miracle to me that open source is as robust as it is in tech. Consider the options. You could have a job (or be entrepreneurial) with your coding skills and likely be paid quite well. Or, you could write code for free and have strangers yell at you every day at all […]

Multi-arch docker images the easy way, with Github Actions

You may have come across Docker images like the one above ☝️. In this example, you can see that the latest tag supports two different architectures. Meaning there are two different images for the same tag, and docker will pull the appropriate one depending on the target architecture. But…how are they built? The old way […]

How they made controls at Github? Popup

Episode1: Dropdown Episode2: Modal dialog Episode3: Hamburger menu Episode4: Popup Recap In last episode we gone through creation of hamburger menu with details and summary tags. Now This is the last episode of this series which walks through creation of popups using these wonderful tags. Asusual let’s start with same boring repeatitive html <details aria-haspopup=”true”> […]

Track Multiple CI/CD Builds Using Meercode

Building software products can be challenging. There can be more than one tool that is in the play. Not to mention the usernames and passwords for each tool and authorization issues. So is there a way you could just monitor all the processes directly from a single screen? Today we shall be talking about a […]

Implement a react component that automatically calculates width and height based on ResizeObserver

🏠 Homepage 📦 Install yarn add @oyyds/react-auto-sizer # or npm i @oyyds/react-auto-sizer -S 🔨 Use import AutoSizer from ‘@oyyds/react-auto-sizer’; const AutoSizeComponent = () => { return ( <div> <AutoSizer> {({ width, height }) => ( <div style={{ width, height, }} > content </div> )} </AutoSizer> </div> ); }; 🧩 Business scene Now most business scenarios […]

How Can I lower my GitHub Actions Costs?

How can I lower my GitHub Actions costs? GitHub Actions charges per minutes spent on CI. There is no charge for the initial 3000 minutes for Team users; once the 3k threshold is passed, pricing is based on the OS used while no fees are charged for open-source projects. If you use your own build […]

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