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Best Cross-Platform game engine for make real time multiplayer 2d game? [closed]

I want to develop mobile/web games like and haxball. What is the best flexible game engine for this? Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

Position the game objects with the moving image camera in javascript

I need to place game object on the tiles png image, and it should move respect to the camera window which moves when I move my character. Current Idea : Is to make the items display when they are inside a certain X,Y box in the window but it isn’t a good approach. I have […]

Wait, That's How Much Game Dev Costs?!

Mike Vittiglio dropped some serious knowledge bombs about game dev on this episode of The HackerNoon Podcast. Amy asks Mike about the cost of game development. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

How to let our AI see!

Yesterday, we created waypoints for our AI controlled guards to follow using NavMeshAgents. Today, we are going to give them sight! We want the guards to be able to detect the Player and trigger our game over cutscene. To set this up, we can create a cube and child it in each guard. Disabling the […]

Creating a Distraction System in Unity

We need to create a way for the Player to distract the guards. To get past them, we can allow our Player to throw a coin and redirect the NavMeshAgent components of the guards towards it. In our Update method we can run a method named ClickToThrow, this will detect whether the Right Mouse Button has […]

Creating a Modular Waypoint System for AI in Unity

In our game, we have 3 guards to initially sneak past. Currently they’re stationary, let’s write up a modular script to create patrol routes. Adding NavMeshAgent components to each of our guards, will allow them to traverse the environment much like the player through SetDestination. The difference being, that they won’t be moving off of user input. […]

Point and Click To Move!

For this game, we have a somewhat top-down view of our Main Character, and want to be able to click on screen to move him around. To do so, we can make use of Raycasts. Raycasts are part of Unity’s Physics System, and allow us to create straight lines (or rays) from one object to […]

How do I convert my HTML5 game made with phaser into a exe file with electron?

Good Morning Devs I just want to know how to convert my html5 game into an EXE file with Electron Directory : Directory Image I installed Phaser and Electron with npm. I am using the phaser.min.js file and downloaded the Phaser with npm to get better Intellisence. Index.html <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <head> <title>Learning Phaser</title> <meta […]

Is an array full of thousands of classes inefficient? [closed]

I’m creating a 2d game with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. I have modules for creating the player, the map, and objects in the game such as a building, or a wall. Each object has its own class with properties such as the elements X and Y position, size, background, whether it can be collided with […]

Manifesting The Metaverse With Play-to-Earn Games

In Facebook’s recent earnings call with investors and analysts, Mark Zuckerberg repeatedly mentioned “metaverse”, and announced his expectation for Facebook Inc Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

AudioContext sound does not start immediately

Platform: Electron 13.1.7 Extra Library: Storyteller Engine I created this XPlayer class (as part of storyteller) so I could play audio with the AudioContext API. /** An audio player based on the AudioContext API. */ class XPlayer { /** The buffer this player should use as a source. */ buffer: AudioBuffer; /** * Controls […]

Browser MMORPG + wordpress = bad idea?

I want to develop something similar to OGame/Gladiatus. For those who don’t know what’s that – it’s a browser MMORPG games. There won’t be 3D and other complex things, just old school text+images game with buttons and timers. My main question – should I use wordpress as a core? I can’t see any problems with […]

Working with Arrays Part 1: The Basics

What is an Array and how is it useful? An array is a type of variable that can hold multiple values for the same data type. They are useful when you have variables to reference things like names, ages, items, etc., where you could otherwise be creating hundreds of individual variables for each different value. […]

Stop Forcing Me to Explore Your World

Last year, when I started playing Immortals: Fenix Rising, I was excited to play a far more colorful open-world action game. After years of realistic, tiresome Open-World games that Ubisoft had become known for, Fenix Rising looked to be a breath of fresh air that seemed to take inspiration from all things, The Legend of […]

6 Devices You Won't Believe You Can Play Games On

You sure can play games on computers, consoles, mobile phones and even TVs. But what else can you play on? Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

Unbound: Worlds Apart was Inspired by Hollow Knight, Ori, Portal, and Diablo 2

Since 2016, Sergiu & the team at Alien Pixel Studios have been working on the new game Unbound; Worlds Apart which recently launched on Steam & Nintendo Switch Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

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