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I want to learn basic java programming [closed]

Anyone help me to how to start a remodding a game i already had a game file on j2me and i want to remod this please help me enter image description here thanks in advance Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

I am trying to use an array to change a different variable but it keeps saying "malformed arrow function parameter list"

I am trying to use an array called game.clicks in a variable "convert" var convert = game.clicks => { if (game.clicks < 1e3) return game.clicks; if (game.clicks >= 1e3 && game.clicks < 1e6) return +(game.clicks / 1e3).toFixed(1) + "K"; if (game.clicks >= 1e6 && game.clicks < 1e9) return +(game.clicks / 1e6).toFixed(1) + "M"; if (game.clicks […]

Advantages of AI in Gaming: How We're Creating Smarter Competition

Why artificial intelligence is being introduced into competitive and cooperative games today, and how the development teams of such games use AI. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

Ludum Dare 49 Post Mortem — Unstable

Creating a game completely from scratch in 48 hours Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

How Glenn de Leon Garza Got Into the Gaming Industry and Ended Up Creating Art For Star Wars

How do you get into gaming from anywhere in the world? What to expect from a 3D artist job, and to get your hands on the Star Wars franchise game?  Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

Interactive Video: Past, Present, and Future

Do you remember Dragon’s Lair? If you grew up in the eighties and spent any time around arcade games, there’s a good chance you will. Its most recent high profile name-check was in Stranger Things: a nod to its enduring pop-culture legacy. And there’s talk of a film in the works. Read the full story […]

Indie Game Dev Log 55: New Font and Text Rendering System

Creating a more efficient custom font file format and removing FreeType dependencies Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

The Gaming Industry is Going Through a Revolution in 2021

Blockchain technology is resulting in a revolution in the gaming industry. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

How I Remade 2048 Using React

Today you will learn how to build your own clone of the 2048 game in React. Read the full story Source: Hacker Noon – JavaScript

Sonic Colors Ultimate Switch Version is an Unsurprising Embarrassment

Sonic Colors is yet another example of why this trend in gaming needs to die. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

Creating an improved leaderboard algorithm

I just started my job and I was given the task to create a new algorithm. The MERN stack web application puts NFTs in duels and currently we’re in a phase where its just players against bots. The current algorithm to rank users is (win ratio * 100) + wins I was given the task […]

Is this Code using %3-22 cpu efficient for PhaserJS?

I’m beginner to PhaserJS. I’am created 1 tileSprite, 3 graphics and images. result screen shot Cpu usage range: %3-22 for 2 core 3.2 Ghz cpu Is it necessary to concat images and tile? PhaserJS, Is My Code efficient? My code: var config = { type: Phaser.CANVAS, width: 1206,//window.innerWidth, height: 460, //window.innerHeight, backgroundColor: ‘#718c5a’, scene: { […]

Celebrating some of the best indie games

Posted by Patricia Correa, Director, Global Developer Marketing In June this year we opened applications for our Indie Games Accelerator, a mentorship program to help top mobile game startups achieve their full potential, as well as for our Indie Games Festival, a competition open to small game studios who get the opportunity to win promotions […]

2D Collision Detection

I wanted to make a game that would operate and feel like Super Mario World out of JavaScript. The physics and movement of the characters on the screen in these games are simple and elegant. The most basic way to approach this type of 2d collision detection is to utilize a concept known as Axis-aligned […]

Debugging Scripts in Unity

// Moving beyond Debug.Log and into the code editor Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

Creating New Enemy Types: The Porcupine Blowfish Part 2 — Movement using a Sine Wave

Creating New Enemy Types: The Porcupine Blowfish Part 2 — Movement using a Sine Wave Now that my main art asset is ready to go, I can start bringing the new enemy blowfish into my Unity game. My objective for this article is to make the enemy blowfish move left across the screen while moving up and down […]

Creating a Notification-Based Game via Unity and Courier

I built a notification-based game with Unity Engine, Courier, Twilio, and Mailjet. This post discusses how I used Courier to build Rain Spikes. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

Why won’t this collision detection function work properly?

I’m making a simple 2d game with top down movement. I’m using quadtrees for performance, and this function for collision detection. function collide() { let root = new Quadtree({ x: mapElement.offsetLeft, y: mapElement.offsetTop, width: mapElement.offsetWidth, height: mapElement.offsetHeight }); for (let mapObject of document.querySelectorAll(".canCollide")) { root.insert(mapObject); } let nearElements = root.retrieve({ x: playerLeft, y: playerTop, width: […]

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