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An app to find your dream home

Overview of My Submission Finder allows anyone who wants to rent or buy a new house or apartment to find it through this application, in the simplest possible way. All service providers we work with can access their accounts and post their rental or sales offers through publications. In turn, all clients willing to find […]

Plant Monitor – MongoDB Atlas Hackathon Submission

Overview Plant Monitor is an IoT-based project for monitoring plant health with ease. The projects consists of three parts: IoT: Sensors (for monitoring plant data) Database: MongoDB (Atlas, Realm and Chart) Cross platform mobile app: Flutter (for getting realtime plant data) Submission Category: Action Star Link to Code The code for both the app and […]

How to Align Widget On a Bottom Of Screen In Flutter?

Align Widget is a widget that aligns its child within itself and optionally sizes itself based on the child’s size. In today’s article, we will go through how to align the widget on the bottom of the screen in flutter? How to Align Widget On a Bottom Of Screen In Flutter? One way to do […]

Flutter Web & Mixpanel

Connecting the Flutter Web with the events of Mixpanel Support for Flutter Web was released 12/03/2021 from MixPanel: GitHub – mixpanel/mixpanel-flutter: Official Flutter Tracking Library for Mixpanel Analytics Using this information, we’re going to connect Mixpanel with the Flutter Web. A cool thing to note; the Flutter Web support will also works for the mobile version […]

What way should I choose React Native or Flutter

In this blog, we will discuss two top-rank frameworks i.e. React Native and Flutter. Earlier we needed time, money, and skills to develop cross-platform applications. But nowadays companies need the fastest way to develop native apps. To develop native apps, we must know JAVA for android and SWIFT for ios which waste our time. React […]

Hybrid App Development: Comparison among React Native, Ionic and Flutter

I am a web developer and performed this research in May 2021 for my organization. We currently have separate Android, iOS, and web teams. We thought to create a new platform that can be served as a separate website and can be embedded into the current website and native apps. We were not trying to […]

Google Solution Challenge 2022 Announced 🤩

What is The Google Solution Challenge all About. Annually, each January, the Google team enters a partnership with the United Nations aimed at solving some worldly faced problems all known as sustainable development goals using or with the help of one or more Google technologies, they are altogether 13 in number with some cool prices […]

My Roadmap 2022 : from a beginner to advanced developer

At the end of 2021 I found myself a programmer who only knows about some programming languages and some frameworks but with no real programming experience,no projects and no achievements. Why ? It was because I didn’t start with the fundamentals, I didn’t learn about algorithms, data structures or anything important as Big O. My […]

Daria’s Flutter diaries #2 whoami So, a quick intro in case you haven’t read my posts before. My name is Daria, and I’m a Flutter developer at a mobile studio Chili Labs. Our main specialty is customer projects, and I’m currently working on one of them and supervising a couple of others. What is this about? In this series, I […]

Simplifying Null Safety in Flutter

INTRODUCTION Have you ever run into the red screen of horror while debugging a flutter app? I mean, if you haven’t, are you a Flutter developer at all? Out of numerous reasons for your app to relay your error in such a manner, null errors are one of the most common. In an attempt to […]

How to Handle App Lifecycle in the Flutter App?

The most confusing idea transitioning from Android and/or iOS is to understand how Flutter manages its lifecycle. For this, first, you need to know about what is Flutter Application Lifecycle. So now, let us begin with how to handle the App Lifecycle in the Flutter app. How to handle App Lifecycle in the flutter App? […]

Styled Text Package

Keine Anwendung kommt ohne Texte aus. Diese Texte zu formatieren ist dementsprechend eine immer wiederkehrende Aufgabe. Flutter hat dafür ohne Zweifel gute Bordmittel. Aber wenn es darum geht größere Textmengen zu bearbeiten wird es rasch aufwendig. amazingsoftworks hat für diese Problemstellung eine interessante Package veröffentlicht. styled_text ermöglicht das Formatieren eines Textes, ähnlich wie man es […]

React Native vs. Flutter

The Great Debate Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

Building a Login Function with AWS Amplify and Flutter

I built a login function with AWS Amplify and Flutter 🎉 I built a login function using AWS Amplify, Amplify UI Components’ amplify_authenticator, and Flutter! Advance Preparation Preparing the Flutter environment Flutter #001 – Installation Flutter v2.8.0 Dart v2.15.0 Xcode v13.1 Android SDK v32.0.0 Android Studio v2020.3 Visual Studio Code v1.63.0 Flutter extension v3.29.0 Preparing […]

How to Develop Cross Platform Application in Visual Studio Code?

Do you want to develop mobile applications with immense user interfaces that are cross-platform supporting iOS, Android, and other platforms? Time has changed; now, it is easier to develop cross-platform apps with Visual Studio Code (VSCode). Believe it or not, VSCode is a game of time for superior app development under Windows providing the best-in-class […]

Flutter Optimisation Tips

Flutter apps are very performant if some of the performance optimisations are kept in mind while developing the apps. No doubt, apps can become laggy and janky. 1: Use smaller image files: No doubt, images are essential for any mobile application. And this is the area where performance gets the hit by a good margin, […]

How to Change the Opacity of the SnackBar In Flutter?

SnackBar Widget is a Flutter widget to show a lightweight simple message at the bottom of the device screen. It can also contain an optional action. So in this article, We will go through how to change the Opacity of the Snackbar In Flutter? What is Opacity Widgets? The Opacity widgets are generally used to […]

How Flutter 2.8 Enhance Mobile App Performance?

Google released Flutter 2.8 with multiple improvements & updates. So, lets have a look at how Flutter 2.8 enhance mobile performance. We will focus on the key factors which are improved in the latest release of Flutter. How Flutter 2.8 improves mobile performance? Flutter 2.8 includes the update of the Dart 2.15 programming language. The […]

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