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Supabase Vs Firebase Pricing and When To Use Which

Supabase Vs Firebase Pricing and When To Use Which Supabase recently appeared on the scene as an attempt to be an open source alternative to Firebase. It’s a great product and I’ve used it in many projects already. I’ve written about it here and here. The main difference between Supabase vs Firebase is that Supabase […]

Send push notifications from Laravel to IOS & Android

In this article, we will see how send push notifications from Laravel app to IOS & Android apps using FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging). Prerequisites: • A Laravel project • Firebase account • Create a new app in Firebase Step 1: Get fcm_token from Firebase Click on app settings the choose project settings Then from tabs […]

How do i connect Ionic/Angular Admin(or any user role) panel(UI) to firestore to write collections.

Guys please need help. Building an Angular-Ionic Eccommerce App, and i need to use a backend for data storage and user management etc. But i have some issues, i dont know to connect an admin panel/dashboard to firestore, django(python) makes that part very easy, but firestore has some cool features and its more closer to […]

Build a ToDo Application with React and Firebase

In this article, you will learn how to create a ToDo list application using React, with the data stored in the backend, specifically in a Firebase Firestore database. The ToDo List app will allow users to enter a Todo item and store it in a lovely list in the firebase database. So, this list is […]

Authenticate in React with Firebase Auth

Authentication is something almost every modern web app needs. I’ve user Auth0 and Next Auth but Firebase seems to provide the easiest way to get authentication up and running. Registering a Firebase App Now we need to create a new project in firebase. Navigate to Firebase Console and click Add project After creating this project […]

Multi-tenant web app with firebase and google cloud identity

As I am developing a SAAS project that is going to be used by several clients that share common activities but they don’t need necessarily the same features, I want to share within this article how I manage to organize the project. Before continuing on this article, you must have a basic knowledge of firebase. Firebase […]

Make notes sharing app with React and Firebase

Hello 👋 Demo Prerequisites Basic understanding of React JS Node JS Step 1 – create-react-app $ npx [email protected] mynoteapp Step 2 – Creating TextArea <textarea id=”txt” cols=”30″ rows=”10″ placeholder=”Enter some text!” value={text} onChange={e => setText(} onKeyDown={keySound}></textarea> *Styling *🌈 *{ margin: 0; padding: 0; box-sizing: border-box; } body{ height: 100%; overflow: hidden; } textarea{ width: 100%; […]

Login Without Email and Password | JavaScript

Whether a project is small, medium, or huge, it’s most common necessity is authentication. In few cases, it is just required to not to ask user for credentials, but just to log user in for proper authentication. The best way to solve this problem is to use Firebase’s Anonymous Authentication. NOTE: Here’s the YouTube video […]

JSON Web Tokens without Firebase JWT

I have created a few tutorials on how to use Firebase JWT to create and use JSON Web Tokens, but I decided to try to do it without a framework, using just PHP. In this article, you can see how I created my own simple JWT generator. View This On YouTube Creating Our Class class […]

Complete Authentication using firebase

Hello guys 👋, I made a complete authentication module using firebase. Frontend is built using next.js and database I’m using is mongoDB. It also have user email-verification and password-reset functionality. I made this app to learn about how to export firebase user data to another database like mongodb. Some Screenshot How to setup Step 1: […]

Host websites from mobile for free

Hosting from mobile Hosting is most important step to make your website accessible for world. there are some services which will help you to host from you Android mobile. GitHub pages You can host your repository folder , branch or whole repo by enabling pages from repo settings. Get more information on Firebase hosting […]

Tutorial Android Studio: Agregar Notificaciones de firebase

Bienvenidos a un nuevo tutorial En esta ocasión les enseñare a agregar notificaciones utilizando firebase en android studio paso a paso: firebase Primero necesitamos un proyecto en firebase para eso iremos a su página web llamada firebase console click aquí y creamos un nuevo proyecto y le asignamos un nombre Después agregaremos una app a […]

Implementing Firebase Storage to store files in your web app.

Hello yall, this is going to me first blog so lets get started. I’ll be implementing firebase storage in a react web app, but the concept is the same in any technology, including vanilla javascript, Vue.Js, AngularJs, our good old jQuery and others. Intro to Firebase Storage According to official docs of firebase: Cloud Storage […]

"ERROR db._checkNotDeleted is not a function" when trying to update my database

I’m trying to make simple sign-in function for my web using firebase however I’m getting an error saying: ERROR db._checkNotDeleted is not a function my Firebase versions is 9 and React is running on 17.0.2. This is my firebase config file snippet (Will hide configurations since its unnecessary): import { initializeApp } from "firebase/app"; import […]

How do I loop through a array type field from Firebase/Firestore Cloud Database?

I am using ReactJS to try and build a web app with a Firestore Database backend. And I am currently attempting to query my Firestore Database. I am attempting to query an element from an array from a document in a collection. I have successfully queried to the array level, but I am having trouble […]

How can I show the components based on user’s account registration condition? Firebase | Vue

I am Vue and firebase beginner and got at account auth. I want to show the contents only if a user is logged in. If not, I want them to show the Login component. If they don’t have the account, I want to show the Register component. I tried as below but was not successful. […]

Fostering an inclusive tech community with Evelyn Mendes #IamaGDE

Welcome to #IamaGDE – a series of spotlights presenting Google Developer Experts (GDEs) from across the globe. Discover their stories, passions, and highlights of their community work. Evelyn Mendes, the first transgender Google Developer Expert, is based in Porto Alegre, Brazil, and has worked in technology since 2002. “I’ve always loved technology!” she exclaims, flashing […]

ReactNative & EXOP Error iOS Bundling failed 6ms Unable to resolve module

I am learning React Native and Expo. I trying to build an application that enables the user to log in using the phone number I have an issue "iOS Bundling failed 6ms Unable to resolve module ./screens/Phone Auth form .." I have been trying for almost a while to find a way to log in […]

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