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How I made Instagram Content Fetching API in Node.js

GitHub Repo : instagram-api So I was planning to build an Instagram downloading website. That’s I was researching about this on Google, then I found this amazing trick. If you put ?__a=1 after any Instagram link then it’ll give a JSON in response. For Instagram post{post_id}/?__a=1 For Instagram user profile{profile_username}/?__a=1 But if you […]

[week1] Days 5 – I call jenkins API with a express app

School Project So today i was working on a school project , and i made a call api consumption from my express app to a jenkins REST API Context We’re making an api with node.js / Express , this call the api of Jenkins for getting the result of a job .env For making this […]

Koa vs Express

Koa vs Express Philosophically, Koa aims to “fix and replace node”, whereas Express “augments node”. Koa uses promises and async functions to rid apps of callback hell and simplify error handling. It exposes its own ctx.request and ctx.response objects instead of node’s req and res objects. Express, on the other hand, augments node’s req and […]

How to Secure your NodeJs Express JavaScript Application – part 1

Express is a fast, unopinionated, and minimalist web framework for Node.js. It has been a de facto choice for creating a web-server application in Node.js. Read these series if you want to use Express in your application. Let’s see how you can make Express more secure. Use Updated Express Version (and any other npm package) […]

Get started with ES6 JavaScript for writing Node.js using Express

Have you ever tried writing ES6 JavaScript for frontend applications, and it caught your fancy, and you do not want to stop, but got into backend development using Node.js, and you had to go back to the old-fashioned ES5 syntax? Well, in this article, I will guide you on how to set up an ES6 […]

Node JS

JWT JWT means JSON Web Token. Its used to share secretly information between to parties client and server.JWT use as a secure way to authentication share user information. JWT mechanism to verify the owner of JSON. How JWT Token Work? JWT token based authentication, and its stateless. That means the user state is never saved […]

React: Axios Error "Error: Network Error", My react app cannot receive response

I hava Nodejs Express Backend, React Frontend. I checked if frontend sends a request to the backend and that request is sent to backend. And the backend sends a response to the frontend but cannot receive. Frontend — request –> Backend checked. and the request reaches the backend. Frontend <– response — Backend During the […]

Connect Server with Express Engine- EJS Work as a Frontend

many of user does not understand how we create our data to frontend in react so this article help for you. first we install npm install ejs then set some cofigurations in your project first make folder views app.set(‘view engine’,’ejs’); index.ejs `<!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en”> <head> <meta charset=”UTF-8″> <meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”> <meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0″> […]

Executing code pre and post mutation graphql neo4j apollo server

I’m just getting started with GraphQL and I’ve worked mostly with featherjs to build REST APIs so far. There’s the concept of hooks to run code before or after interacting with a service. I wanted to know if there’s a way to achieve something similar in a graphql setup. The specific stack I’m using is […]

Nodejs limit the API access to hosted web app

I have a hosted admin panel under the domain and the API hosted under the domain I have an open endpoint GET – There is no authentication header required to access this resource. But this should be accessed only via the hosted web app. The user should not be able to copy […]

Get response from express.js server using fetch on frontend

I’m learning javascript and express. I have already made backend applications that worked correctly, but I don’t know how to send a request from a browser and receive the response from the server. This is a simple example of what I have tried: server.js: const express = require("express"); const app = express(); app.listen(3000, () => […]

How to make pdf report in MERN project [closed]

Question : How to make pdf report in MERN project. I am creating a application on MERN but i want to show data in pdf report which we can print or save as a pdf Source: React – Stack Overflow

Can log in user on Postman, but not on browser

If I can log in a user to Postman, then that means its my front end code that has a bug. Right? CastError: Cast to string failed for value "{ email: ‘[email protected]’, password: ‘123456’ }" (type Object) at path "email" for model "User" It seems that path "email" is both taking in the email and […]

Whole application will not start now any help is appreciated

After restoring to a previous version on git my application is still failing to load. This has never happened to me, no matter what I have been able to use git and restore to my previous versions as I like to commit often. I don’t understand how I can get this error even after that. […]

Update DOM after state change

The state restaurants changes from an input form in the front and updates a database in the back. Then the idea is to show the RestaurantList component with the new added restaurant from the input. The idea is not to use the useContext hook. I´ve tried using the useEffect hook to render the list everytime […]

Why is a connection not created for this simple websocket snippet?

I have a simple snippet on the front end as follows which I can verify is working. I can do this by changing the port to something other than 3000 and it will error. It is definitely finding the server at that port: // Create WebSocket connection .. will error if I change the port […]

Is it possible to send a get request with JSON body in Axios?

Get requests with JSON body option available in postman. but, How to send a body with get request in Axios? Source: React – Stack Overflow

Express variable shows up in yellow

For some reason, my routes are not connecting, and I wondered if the issue could be that Visual Studio was not recognizing my express variable as a variable, but as a function. I understand that, normally, the require function that comes after it is one, but normally, the variable name stays blue. Oh, and I […]

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