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How to Design a Splash Screen With Expo and React Native

You have made a great app and of course, why not publish it right? But then you open your expo app and see the default boring splash screen provided by Expo. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

React Native FlatList data gets cut off when FlatList is pushed down

I am working on an application that displays currency rates. The data is read from Firebase into a Flatlist and gets displayed. The current design I have looks like this: Where there are two gradient views on top of the FlatList, one is the "Status bar" and the other is the "Action bar." Those […]

How to Make Whatsapp Clone in React Native: A Beginner’s Guide [Part 1]

How I made a WhatsApp Clone using react-native (Expo) and FireBase. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

Jest not recognizing .jsx files when running on Expo

I’m having trouble getting jest to run its test suite on .jsx files from my Expo program. My babel.config.js: module.exports = function (api) { api.cache(true); return { presets: [‘babel-preset-expo’], }; }; my package.json: { "main": "node_modules/expo/AppEntry.js", "scripts": { "start": "expo start", "android": "expo start –android", "ios": "expo start –ios", "web": "expo start –web", "eject": "expo […]

@react-three/fiber node module not working in Expo app

I have an expo app .. all the mode modules are js ones. Now I am trying to add @react-three/fiber which I think is written in typescript. So, i feel the module is not working as expo is not compiling the ts or tsx files as it does with the js files. Can someone tell […]

firebase not working in react native – expo install firebase

Warning: Invalid version [email protected] for expo sdkVersion 43.0.0. Use [email protected] Android Bundling failed 30072ms While trying to resolve module firebase from file C:UsersMAZENDesktopreact-nativeuber-eats-clonefirebase.js, the package C:UsersMAZENDesktopreact-nativeuber-eats-clonenode_modulesfirebasepackage.json was successfully found. However, this package itself specifies a main module field that could not be resolved (C:UsersMAZENDesktopreact-nativeuber-eats-clonenode_modulesfirebaseindex. Indeed, none of these files exist: C:UsersMAZENDesktopreact-nativeuber-eats-clonenode_modulesfirebaseindex(.native|.android.ts|.native.ts|.ts|.android.tsx|.native.tsx|.tsx|.android.js|.native.js|.js|.android.jsx|.native.jsx|.jsx|.android.json|.native.json|.json) C:UsersMAZENDesktopreact-nativeuber-eats-clonenode_modulesfirebaseindexindex(.native|.android.ts|.native.ts|.ts|.android.tsx|.native.tsx|.tsx|.android.js|.native.js|.js|.android.jsx|.native.jsx|.jsx|.android.json|.native.json|.json) Source: JavaSript – […]

Expo React-Native app do not showing data from ApiCall

Im testing react-native for the first time, and did a simple api call to a core web api: import React, {Component} from ‘react’; import axios from ‘axios’; import {View, Text} from ‘react-native’; import { FlatList } from ‘react-native-gesture-handler’; class ApiCalls extends Component{ constructor(props){ super(props); this.state = { data: [ ] }; } async getData(){ […]

React Native AWS Location

I am trying to create a mobile app and use AWS location trackers. I have the following code: import React from ‘react’; import AWS from ‘aws-sdk/dist/aws-sdk-react-native’; export default function App() { const client = new AWS.Location({ region: ‘eu-west1’, credentials: { … } }) return ( <View style={styles.container}> <Text> Altitude</Text> </View> ); } const styles = […]

React Native – Cannot find module X or its corresponding type declarations

I have recently setup a react native typescript project I have been trying to get absolute paths working with the setup guide here. But no matter what I seem to do I continually get the error Cannot find module ‘X’ or its corresponding type declarations TS(2307) In its current state my tsconfig looks like { […]

Expo React-Native crashes when trying to simulate on android

I’ve created a simple expo project, and have an emulated pixel 4 running through android studio. When I try to click on the ‘Run on android device/emulator’ option, from the webpage generated from ‘expo start’, I get a pop up on the lower right corner with the message ‘Error opening simulator, check metro logs for […]

Is there a way to connect to localhost from Android?

I am creating an application in React Native with Expo and I am using USB debugging mode to see the view of this application. The problem is that I am consuming an API, which is found locally on my computer. When I run the program with Expo from USB debugging mode I can’t connect to […]

How to debug React Native Expo App in VSC

I have the packager attached to the android emulator. Everything seems to be connected but breakpoints aren’t hitting when code is hit. What steps do you take to attach the packager? These are the steps I took: Opened expo app on android emulator. Created attach to packager config: { "name": "Attach to packager", "request": "attach", […]

Is this the correct way to consume an API with React Native, Expo, and Reeact Native Paper?

I am new to React Native and I am trying to create an application with it. The problem is when I try to display the data in the application. I am trying to consume a REST API to be able to display the data but it is not showing me anything. Besides this it does […]

Building a Private Messaging Chat App with React-Native: An Essential Guide

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use React Native, Firebase, and Expo-CLI to create a private messaging chat app. Read the full story Source: Hacker Noon – JavaScript

How do i fix Expo MediaLibrary "Error: Unable to copy file into external storage"

I’ve been using MediaLibrary to save media to device, and it was working perfectly, until one day, it just stopped working! no change was made to the code, but now I’m getting an error and the media doesn’t get saved. Here’s the error: [Unhandled promise rejection: Error: Unable to copy file into external storage.] And […]

Using expo secure-store to store and retrieve user credentials and populate email & password fields

I’m building a mobile app on both iOS and Android, and I’m attempting to store user credentials with expo’s secure-storage. I can successfully store them, as tested with console.log, however what I want to achieve is populating my email and password fields on the app with the stored credentials, so that users can simply select […]

Running expo cli project on android emulator but unable to lunch

I installed expo cli latest version and android stdio. Android emulator is running perfectly fine but when i run the app I got below error Couldn’t start project on Android: spawnSync lsof ENOENT Error: Couldn’t start project on Android: spawnSync lsof ENOENT at Object.spawnSync (node:internal/child_process:1083:20) at spawnSync (node:child_process:812:24) at execFileSync (node:child_process:858:15) at getUnixPID (/opt/homebrew/lib/node_modules/expo-cli/node_modules/xdl/src/Android.ts:573:10) at […]

Value "undefined" when trying to consume an API REST in c# with React Native and Expo

I am making an Android application with the Expo framework. I am a beginner with React Native and I don’t know why I get this "error". When I try to consume the Rest API I get that the values are "undefined". The Rest API is in C #, I don’t know if it’s how I […]

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