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Expo Put request returns no file in the request when sending image

I am new to React Native and trying to upload Image with fetch() but getting: No file in the request I don’t have backend problem because I can upload image with postman and everything is fine. Here is my code, please help me if you know a solution, when I console log data, all the […]

TypeError: Unable to delete property. Expo Sqlite

import React,{Component} from "react"; import { StyleSheet, SafeAreaView ,Text, ScrollView ,TextInput, Alert, Button, View } from "react-native"; import { Card } from "react-native-elements"; import * as SQLite from "expo-sqlite"; function openDatabase() { if (Platform.OS === "web") { return { transaction: () => { return { executeSql: () => {}, }; }, }; } const db […]

Why is the onAuthStateChanged Listener still listening even after removing

I have two screens .. First is the Splash Screen where I check if a user already exists with help of firebase.auth().onAuthStateChanged Listener. If the user is null, it moves to the login screen where another firebase.auth().onAuthStateChanged Listener is used to get the user after phone verification and move the user to either UserDetails Screen […]

React native – view config getter callback for component ‘input’ must be a function (received ‘undefined’)

I am trying to use <TextInput/> but i get this error: view config getter callback for component ‘input’ must be a function (received ‘undefined’). Make sure to start component names with a capital letter Here’s the code: export default function App() { return( <View style={styles.container}> <View style={styles.header}> <TextInput /> </View> </View> ); } const styles […]

Difference between useState with (current => current + 1) and useState(value + 1);

Like the title says, what is the difference between two ways of using useState, I noticed only one triggers re-render. const [index, setIndex] = useState(0); Doesn’t trigger re-render/UI change setIndex(index + 1); Triggers re-render/UI change setIndex((currentIndex) => currentIndex + 1); I’m new to react so it’s a bit confusing for me. Source: React – Stack […]

Why Expo-barcode-scanner app crash without output?

There is a separate page in the app where I have posted expo-barcode-scanner. The bottom line is that when you open this particular page, on which the camera is located, the application immediately crashes. No errors are printed to the console. The code of the scanner itself was taken from off. documentation. Wherein: It doesn’t […]

How do I use react navigation inside async function?

Recently, I implement an application using react-native with the expo. When I execute this function I show the loading screen that I set. However, it doesn’t navigate to "Garages" pages after it is done fetching data This is my code. const fetchGarages = async () => { if (userData.token) { dispatch(SHOW_LOADING()); const res: AxiosResponse<GarageResponse> = […]

"export ‘EasingNode’ was not found in ‘react-native-reanimated’

While working on React Native project, I faced this kind of error when I am going to use EasingNode. I tried to find out the solution on this StackOverflow but can’t find out exact answer. Here is the error that I faced. "export ‘EasingNode’ was not found in ‘react-native-reanimated’ Here is the screenshot of my […]

How to implement this Splash Screen much more efficiently?

try{ if(!firebase.apps.length){ firebase.initializeApp(firebaseConfig); } }catch(err){ console.log(err); } const cacheResourcesAsync = async () => { const images = [ //Array of Images ]; const cacheImages = => { return Asset.fromModule(image).downloadAsync(); }); return Promise.all(cacheImages); } export const SplashLoadingScreen = () => { const [isReady, setIsReady] = useState(false); const [isFire, setIsFire] = useState(false); const [isFont, setIsFont] = […]

Integrating firebase version ^8 with react native expo

I am so desperate to know how to integrate firebase into react native expo. I thought it was as simple as doing for web apps, but I had many errors. So I browsed the internet but none of the methods work. In the first attempt, I created a firebase.js with configs and exported them, and […]

EAS: Expo Application Services

The folks at Expo have made it really easy to build (and publish!) your React Native applications on their infrastructure, with their Expo Application Services (EAS) offering: You can build your app with EAS Build and automatically submit to app stores with EAS Submit in minutes or less, thanks to automatically managed app signing credentials, […]

IOS app stuck in white screen when deployed to Testflight expo

SDK Version: ^43.0.0 Platform: IOS I am building a react-native app on mac mini with M1 chip The IOS app is built using “expo build:ios” command and it is successful I am able to upload the archive to the apple appstore using “transporter” When I open the app on my mobile phone through TestFlight, the […]

Migrate from react-native-unimodules to Expo modules

Expo has upgraded their modules strategy, why you can read here and replace the package react-native-unimodules with expo package. In this article you can read how to migrate from the old react-native-unimodules to the brand new Expo modules wth the expo package. Note that the react-native-unimodules had some evolution in the past as well, some […]

Expo Android Sign in Error keytool error: java.lang.Exception:Alias <> does not exist

hello i am trying to sign and build my app with an old created jks file. i encountered this error after filling in and entering the required fields, is there any solution? √ Path to the Keystore file. … ./OldBlock.jks √ Keystore password … ******************************** ? Key alias » QG1laG1ldGN0cy9Eb2d1123aY2s= √ Key alias … √ […]

Face comparison Api

I’m currently developing an app for ios and android using Exp Cli. I want to implement face recognition in the app for user verification, that is compare the user’s profile picture with a picture the user will snap using the camera. I searched all through the internet for any free or even payed api i […]

Navigation, not working from Pulled functions

I will try to explain this as best I can, I’m still new and have a hard time understanding the terminology. I am working on a react native project. I have created two files. One Header.js and one footer.js. I have successfully pulled them in to my Home Screen. However the buttons, inside footer.js, no […]

Expo React Native – – Dynamic Data Clickable

I’m working on an React Native application where I want to display some part of my elements only when I click another element. I achieved that using const [showSlide, setShowSlide] = useState(false); and then using conditionnal show like {showSlide ? (<View>Element</View>): null} It work very good in my static demo but I would like to […]

Smoooth looping of audio track in my react native app?

I’m building an audio player as a mobile app using React Native and aiming to achieve perfect transition i.e audio to next audio without any silence, when looping. There’s a heart beat, half second skip in between each song and when looping any given song that there’s no sound. Currently using Expo Audio player: […]

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