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Character encoding O&#x27

I’m getting the following from a data source O'Brien It should be rendered as O’Brien How can encode/transform this string as what it is supposed to be? Also, how is this kind of encoding called? Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

My JSON file has %20, %3A characters and when I fetch data in React.js it shows the % characters instead of decoding

I am using React.js and have a questions.JSON file in which I store the data. Now the data in the JSON file is encoded with % characters but when I fetch the data from the file, it shows up with the % characters. Here’s the JSON file example: { "category": "Entertainment%3A%20Video%20Games", "type": "multiple", "difficulty": "hard", […]

What encoding is I.eaao

I am writing a js script for Acrobat. I spied in the API the possibility of adding my own (new) menu item, on which a function with the actions I need is then hung up. Everything is fine, but Cyrillic characters are not supported in the names of newly created items, with the Latin alphabet […]

Wrong encoding in JSON output when working with Hapi, axios and cheerio

There’s a website (which I don’t manage) with <meta charset="ISO-8859-1"> I’m building a Hapi server with cheerio, axios that reads some data from this website This is how the website shows the data I’m getting <span class="name">D├ôLAR BNA</span> I load that html on cheerio as const response = await axios.get(url2Get); const $ = cheerio.load(‘ISO-8859-1’),{ decodeEntities: […]

JS(or browser) changes the encoding of my file, how fix this?

i am start learn JS, my server give me file with encoding windows-1251 return ResponseEntity .ok() .contentType(MediaType.parseMediaType(determinateContentType(request, res))) .header(HttpHeaders.CONTENT_DISPOSITION, "attachment; filename="" + res.getFilename() + """) .body(res); @NotNull private String determinateContentType(@NotNull HttpServletRequest request, @NotNull Resource resource) { String contentType; try { String absolutePath = resource.getFile().getAbsolutePath(); contentType = request.getServletContext().getMimeType(absolutePath); } catch (IOException e) { log.error("Wrong file URL", […]

How to encode/decode a Uint8Array in Base36 in javascript

I want to encode and decode Bytes from an Uint8Array (or an ArrayBuffer) to/from a string in Base36. JavaScript has the toString and parseInt functions which both support base36 but I am not sure if first converting 8 Bytes to a 64 bit floating point is the right idea. What would be the best way […]

How to type text in Russian from clipboard using applescript without changing the system language on the Mac?

I automate the filling of forms in Latin alphabet, but in one place there is a field where i need to type the text in Russian. Before filling in, I copy the desired word in Russian and I want to type it from the clipboard without changing system language / encoding / charset. In other […]

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