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HTTP/3 From A To Z

Over at Smashing Magazine, Robin Marx has written a 3-part series on HTTP/3: After almost five years in development, the new HTTP/3 protocol is nearing its final form. Earlier iterations were already available as an experimental feature, but you can expect the availability and use of HTTP/3 proper to ramp up over in 2021. So […]

Designing Beautiful Shadows in CSS

Adding shadows on the web isn’t that hard: slap a CSS box-shadow onto an element and you’re done. But as Josh W. Comeau points out, making a good, life-like, shadow is hard. When I look around the web, though, it’s clear that most shadows aren’t as rich as they could be. The web is covered […]

CSS Container Queries: Container Relative Lengths

Coming with Container Queries are “Query Length Units”. As per spec: Query length units specify a length relative to the dimensions of a query container. Style sheets that use query length units can more easily move components from one query container to another. The query length units are: qw = 1% of a query container’s […]

Motion One — WAAPI Powered Animation Library

A new animation library, built on the Web Animations API for the smallest filesize and the fastest performance. import { animate } from “motion” const boxes = document.querySelectorAll(".box"); animate(boxes, { backgroundColor: "red" }); Motion One → Be sure to also read the “Improvements over WAAPI” page. Source:

CSS Specificity Calculator

On the Polypane website you can find an interactive Specificity Calculator. Paste in any selector from CSS Selectors Level 4 — yes, that includes :is(), :where(), and :not() — and it will show the Specificity for it. CSS Specificity Calculator → Source: Bram Van Damme

“Learn Alpine.js“ Free Video Course

Over at Codecourse you can follow a free video course covering the aforementioned Alpine.js. Alpine.js is a refreshingly minimal JavaScript framework that gives you the reactive nature of Vue and React, but with much more simplicity. This course will get you up to speed on how to use it, with plenty of practical examples along […]

CSS Circle Focus Effect

Very rad demo by Adam Argyle, which gives you a Spotlight / Focus effect upon pressing the Option/Alt key. Also works on Mobile. (Focus the CodePen embed first) See the Pen Radial focus effect with mask-image by Adam Argyle (@argyleink) on CodePen. It basically is a fixed grey overlay with a mask-image on top that […]

perfect-freehand — Draw perfect pressure-sensitive freehand lines

What a wonderful package by Steve Ruiz: Draw perfect pressure-sensitive freehand lines The results are stunning imo. In the recording above you can see me write hello using the trackpad on my Mac. Yep, that’s without a stylus! Embedded below you can find a Vanilla JS demo, inspired upon the code from the React code […]

CSS Grid: Overlapping grid-template-areas

When working with CSS Grid, I’m a huge fan of using Grid Template Areas. In this short video Kevin Powell builds a small layout where certain elements overlap inside a grid container. I was very glad to see Kevin also go for grid-template-areas here, showing exactly why I like using them: the ability to reshuffle […]

Grainy Gradients

By layering a noisy SVG background and a gradient on top of each other, in combination with a some a filter that increases the contrast, Jimmy Chion creates these wonderful “Grainy Gradients”. See the Pen Grainy Gradient, step 3 by Jimmy Chion (@cjimmy) on CodePen. Over at CSS-Tricks he lays out the details: In this […]

A Deep Dive Into The Wonderful World Of SVG Displacement Filtering

Over at Smashing Magazine, Dirk Weber digs into Displacement Filtering with the SVG feDisplacementMap-filter: A displacement operation can visually distort any graphic it is applied to. You can create warp effects, twirls or ripples like you would do with a Photoshop distortion filter. The post goes into a lot of detail and contains lots of […]

Cloud Function to generate SVG Sparklines

Zach Leat recently created a cloud function that dynamically generates sparklines. Under the hood sits the the sparkline-svg package to generate the SVG. The datapoints themselves can be passed in via the URL. Image URLs have the formats: /[height]x[width]/[values]/ /[height]x[width]/[values]/[color]/ The code is meant to be deployed as a Netlify Serverless Function. Every Fire needs […]

Support Import Maps in any browser with es-module-shims

JavaScript Import Maps – which I wrote about earlier here — are a great addition to the web. Unfortunately they’re only supported in Chromium 89+. Thankfully there’s a polyfill available: es-module-shims. As long as your browser has baseline ES Module Support (Chrome 61+, Firefox 60+, Safari 10.1+, and Edge 17+) the polyfill will work. To […]

Maestral — Open source Dropbox Client

Maestral is a lightweight Dropbox client for macOS and Linux. It provides powerful command line tools, supports gitignore patterns to exclude local files from syncing and allows syncing multiple Dropbox accounts. Haven’t tested it myself, but the fact that Frank uses it gives me great trust. Maestral → Source:

Chrome is the new Safari. And so are Edge and Firefox.

Niels Leenheer also shares his views on the whole “all browsers on Safari are WebKit because Apple says it needs to be”-thing: Apple requires browsers to use WebKit. In fact, it must use the system-provided WebKit framework. Even though WebKit is open-source, you can’t modify or improve that version and use that in your app. […]

Don’t attach tooltips to document.body

Very good performance deep dive on why you shouldn’t attach tooltips to document.body, but to a div that’s a direct child of the <body>. Tooltips in our app were taking >80ms. And during this time, the main thread was blocked, you couldn’t interact with anything. The main reason for the slowness of Tooltip was “Recalculate […]

Pollen — Functional CSS for the future

Interesting: a CSS library that only provides you with CSS Custom Properties to use in your own CSS: Pollen is a library of CSS variables for rapid prototyping, consistent styling, and as a zero-runtime utility-first foundation for your own design systems. Heavily inspired by TailwindCSS. Pollen → Source: Bram Van Damme

The World of CSS Transforms

Another excellent post packed with interactive demos by Josh W. Comeau, this time covering CSS Transforms. In this blog post, we’re diving deep into the transform property. I’ll show you some of the cool and unexpected things you can do with it! As per usual, the post is packed with interactive playgrounds for you to […]

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