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React Router v6

We are publishing a new major version of React Router so you can ship smaller, more efficient apps which will in turn lead to better user experiences. React Router v6 is the successor to all previous versions of React Router including v3 and v4/5. It is also the successor to Reach Router. React Router v6 […]

Practical CSS Subgrid Video Tutorials

With CSS Subgrid already being supported in Firefox (ever since version 71), and Chromium recently having started work on it, it might be the perfect time to start learning about CSS Subgrid. That’s exactly what Kevin J Powell thought too, with his “October Subgrid Awareness Month”, so he created a bunch of videos on the […]

No-JS Fingerprinting

No-JS Fingerprinting is a POC that you can do fingerprinting — a way of uniquely identifying browsers — without the need for JavaScript. Fingerprinting is a way of identifying browsers without the use of cookies or data storage. Created using properties like language and installed fonts, your fingerprint stays the same even if your browser […]

Divtober Speedrun

October is the month of “Divtober”, where artists are challenged to draw different things using CSS and a single HTML element. Each day they get a theme to work around. You can find some nice works on CodePen, all tagged #divtober. See the Pen Single div CSS chili garlic sauce by Lynn Fisher (@lynnandtonic) on […]

New WebKit Features in Safari 15

If you’re looking for a technical roundup of what’s new in Safari 15, head over to the WebKit blog With the release of Safari 15 for macOS Monterey, iPadOS 15, iOS 15, and watchOS, as well as macOS Big Sur and macOS Catalina, WebKit brings significant advancements in privacy and security, improved interoperability, and a […]

Adobe Photoshop in the browser thanks to Emscripten, Web Components, and Project Fugu

At (the ongoing) Adobe MAX 2021, Adobe announced that Photoshop and Illustrator are coming to the web. Your collaborators can open and view your work in the browser and provide feedback. You’ll also be able to make basic edits without having to download or launch the apps. It’s not the entire functionality that you get […]

Jetson ONE — Personal Electric Aerial Vehicle

(Warning: Spinning Imagery 😵‍💫) Jetson ONE is an ultralight and extremely fun to fly recreational all-electric personal vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, powered with eight powerful electric motors. For a mere 92,000 USD this baby can be yours. Orders are limited and delivery is expected in 2023. Flight time of 20 minutes. Jetson ONE […]

100 Bytes of CSS to look great everywhere

Interesting little CSS snippet by Shawn Wang. This should be simple drop-in css to look good on most displays html { max-width: 70ch; padding: 3em 1em; margin: auto; line-height: 1.75; font-size: 1.25em; } I have used (a slightly tweaked version of) this snippet in the test included in the post on Media Query Range Contexts […] — Remove objects, people, text and defects from any picture

Load in a photo, and simply paint on top of the part you want to see removed. Works very good I must say. Was expecting some WASM here, but via DevTools I came to know that the heaving lifting is done via a Cloud Function located at → Source:

Tonic — A thin wrapper around Web Components

A Low Profile Component Framework – Stable, minimal, easy to audit, zero-dependencies and build-tool-free. Basic component definition is really simple: import Tonic from "" class MyGreeting extends Tonic { render () { return this.html&grave;<div>Hello, ${ ?? 'Stranger'}.</div>&grave; } } Tonic.add(MyGreeting); Tonic will automatically convert the CamelCased class name to the proper custom element name. <my-greeting></my-greeting> […]

Alpha Paintlet

Dave Rupert created a little lovely Houdini Paint Worklet that allows you set a background color with an alpha on elements. The Worklet’s code is as simple as this: registerPaint(‘alpha’, class { static get inputProperties() { return [‘–bg-alpha’, ‘–bg-color’] } paint(ctx, size, props) { ctx.globalAlpha = props.get(‘–bg-alpha’); ctx.fillStyle = props.get(‘–bg-color’); ctx.fillRect(0, 0, size.width, size.height); } […]

Natively Format JavaScript Dates and Times

Elijah Manor digs into Date’s toLocaleDateString() and toLocaleTimeString() methods to format Dates and Times in JavaScript, with respect to a passed locale. Comes with some code, and a short video. Natively Format JavaScript Dates and Times → Source: Bram Van Damme

On Using Custom Properties

To me, the single greatest addition to CSS over the past 20 years is Custom Properties. They’ve opened up a ton of possibilities, and make us CSS Authors way more productive. The way they are specced — as properties and not simply variables — is pure genius and gives them their true power. ~ 💁‍♂️ […]

Non-Euclidean Worlds Engine

Here’s a demo of a rendering engine I’ve been working on that allows for non-euclidean worlds. What kind of sorcery is this?! 🤯 I do wonder what would happen when multiple players are walking around simultaneously, and how objects that pass through the tunnels would behave. NonEuclidean (GitHub) → Related: How were the portals in […]

How I Structure My CSS

Matthias Ott: In this post, I will share my current take on CSS structure. It does not religiously follow any particular methodology, although people familiar with Harry Roberts’ ITCSS (“Inverted Triangle CSS”) will definitely recognize parts of his methodology. The folder structure indeed looks very familiar: /scss/ ├── 1-settings ├── 2-design-tokens ├── 3-tools ├── 4-generic […]

Customise the React Native Developer Menu with Dev Settings API

Azim Ahmed comes with a few practical code snippets to alter the React Native Developer Menu from within your code, via the DevSettings Module: Toggle why-did-you-render Perform an action on the current route import {DevSettings} from 'react-native'; import React, {useEffect, useState} from 'react'; if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'development') { const whyDidYouRender = require('@welldone-software/why-did-you-render'); whyDidYouRender(React, {trackAllPureComponents: false}); […]

HTML with Superpowers

Earlier this year Dave Rupert spoke at An Event Apart’s Spring Summit with a talk on Web Components: It’s the year 2021. Lots of us are building our websites and apps with components and design systems, perhaps leveraging a JavaScript framework to help glue all the pieces together. The web has matured in the last […]

Lando — Instant Dev Environments For Every Project

If you’re goofing around with docker-compose, then be sure to give Lando a try: Lando is a free, open source, cross-platform, local development environment and DevOps tool built on Docker container technology. Designed to work with most major languages, frameworks and services, Lando provides an easy way for developers of all skill levels to specify […]

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