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Breaking Out of the Box

Patrick Brosset, writing for A List Apart, digging into the Window Controls Overlay for Progressive Web Apps: At the end of the day though, PWAs on desktop are constrained to the window they appear in: a rectangle with a title bar at the top. What if we could think outside this box, and reclaim the […]

Checkbox Rasterizer

Fun demo by Emanuel Kluge that processes an image and renders them in a grid of checkboxes. The colouring is done using accent-color. Related: Checkboxland and this follow-up project by its author: I made a webcam filter out of html checkboxes. Try it out here: — Bryan Braun (@BryanEBraun) September 9, 2021 Source: […]

n8n — Extendable Workflow Automation

With n8n everyone can have their own free node-based workflow automation tool. n8n is self-hostable, so the data stays with you. It can be easily extended and so also used with in-house tools and allows to automate complex tasks. Launch it directly from the CLI via npx n8n or run the offered Docker container. If […]

Modern fluid typography editor

Nice tool by Adrian Bece that visualizes what values a Viewport Unit Based Typography (aka Fluid Typography) system will yield. Modern fluid typography editor → This tool is built after the Fluid Calculator, developed by Josh W Comeau for his CSS for JavaScript Developers Course. Source: Bram Van Damme

Advent Calendars For Web Designers And Developers

I was planning on posting about the HTMHell Advent Calendar here on, but over at Smashing Magazine you a whole list of interesting Advent Calendars. Once again, the web community has been busy with creating some fantastic advent calendars this year. As you’ll see, each and every one of these calendars are sure to […]

Defensive CSS

In this brilliant article, Ahmad Shadeed shares a long list of defensive CSS techniques to avoid possible issues Defensive CSS is a collection of snippets that can help you in writing CSS that is protected. In other words, you will have fewer issues in the future. Think of things such as not using fixed values […]

Google Fonts Knowledge

Welcome to our library of original guides to the world of typography, which the Google Fonts team is producing in collaboration with typographic experts from around the world. Google Fonts Knowledge enables designers and developers of all skill sets to choose and use type with purpose. Knowing that Eliott Jay Stocks helped work on this, […]

ohmyfetch — A better fetch API

ohmyfetch is a better fetch API. Works on node, browser and workers. import { $fetch } from ‘ohmyfetch’ Import it and use it as you’d use regular fetch. On top of that, you can use some of the extra convenience methods and options — such as easy response parsing, JSON body, Auto Retry, … — […]

Bringing Bounce and Elastic easing to CSS

In this episode of HTTP 203, Jake and Surma talk about easing in CSS. You can ease-in, you can ease-out, but CSS doesn’t let you bounce. Jake and Surma chat about a proposal to fix that. After first going down the rabbit hole of creating a (now-abandoned) proposal to define custom easing functions, Jake went […]

Learn PWA — A free course to learn how to build Progressive Web Apps

Learn how to build Progressive Web Apps (PWA) with this free course, authored by Maximiliano Firtman, on You’ll learn PWA fundamentals like the Web App Manifest, Service Workers, how to design with an app in mind, what’s different from a classic web app, how to use other tools to test and debug your PWA. […]

PHP Monitor — Visual PHP Version Switcher that integrates with Laravel Valet

If you’re just getting started with PHP and/or Homebrew, the whole CLI aspect to install and manage PHP versions can become a bit overwhelming. With PHP Monitor by Nico Verbruggen that task becomes easier to handle. Lightweight, native Mac menu bar app that interacts with Laravel Valet. Helps you manage multiple PHP installations, locate config […]

Townscraper – Town Generator Game

This summer Oskar Stålberg released his game Townscraper (see video above). Build quaint island towns with curvy streets, small hamlets, soaring cathedrals, canal networks, or sky cities on stilts. Build the town your dreams, block by block. No goal. No real gameplay. Just plenty of building and plenty of beauty. That’s it. Yesterday he surprised […]

CSS Houdini Blobs

Tim Broddin — ubernerd and also my tech colleague at VRT Creative Lab — released a very nice Houdini Paint Worklet that draws some smooth blobs. .css-houdini-blobs { –num-blobs: 40; –seed: 4749; –colors: #71a7ee, #7940c1, #f0e891; –min-opacity: 0.1; –max-opacity: 0.5; background: paint(blobs); } Glad to see Tim used css-houdini-circles as a starting point to work […]

Open Props — Supercharged CSS Variables

Adam Argyle released a new project named Open Props. Similar to the aforementioned Pollen, it’s a library that offers nothing but CSS Custom Properties. Open source CSS custom properties to help accelerate adaptive and consistent design. Available from a CDN or NPM, as CSS or Javascript. Once included, you can use the Custom Properties the […]

Mozilla Specification Positions

Ever wanted to know Mozilla’s stance on a certain specification? They have a one-pager for that: This page tracks Mozilla’s positions on open Web and Web-related specifications submitted to standards bodies like the IETF, W3C, and Ecma TC39. Please remember, this isn’t a commitment to implement or participate; it’s just what we think right now. […]

Why don’t we use HTML to author Web Components?

Florian Schulz explores a way to define a web component entirely via markup. For me, HTML is sort of a component format. So far we’ve used it to define everything that is required for a website to work. But because components are just smaller versions of that, HTML may be a capable format for authoring […]

Responsive Layouts, Fewer Media Queries

Over at CSS-Tricks you can read a min-bending article by Temani Afif Since the introduction of media queries (literally decades ago), CSS has evolved to the points that there are a lot of tricks that can help us drastically reduce the usage of media queries we use. In some cases, I will show you how […]

SVGcode: a PWA to convert raster images to SVG vector graphics

Thomas Steiner has released a tool named SVGcode. It’s a PWA to convert raster images to SVG vector graphics. SVGcode is a Progressive Web App that lets you convert raster images like JPG, PNG, GIF, WebP, AVIF, etc. to vector graphics in SVG format. It uses the File System Access API, the Async Clipboard API, […]

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