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Web Development Trends

12 Web Development Trends That Would Rule 2022: Web development is one of the technology sectors that has defined the road to ultimate success for every business during the last decade. The most important aspect of web development is its ever-changing capabilities, which enable you to establish solid connections with targeted customers. No matter how […]

Understanding Docker in a visual way (in ๐ŸŽฅ video): part 6 โ€“ Container

Understanding Docker can be difficult or time-consuming. In order to spread knowledge about Cloud technologies I started to create sketchnotes about Docker, then I’ve auto-published a book and since now I’ve started a new serie of video! ๐Ÿ™‚ I imagined a serie of short videos with a mix of sketchnotes and speech. I think it […]

Rare & useful Git commands summarized + solution to difficult scenarios while using Git

Git commands git restore . – restores the files to the previous commit/ undos all the local changes that haven’t been commited. git restore index.html – restores only that particular file to the recent commit/ undos all the local/uncommited changes for that file. git reset –hard <hash code of the commit> – removes commits and […]

Setup Vault in HA with MySQL backend in 10 minutes | Hashicorp | Tutorial | Tharun

How to set up Vault in High Availability ( HA mode ) with MySQL as storage backend In this tutorial we will look at how we can use MySQL as a backend to Vault. This setup will involve end to end TLS. We have already seen how to setup Vault with TLS frontend. We also […]

What are Vault User Policies & how to create them? Hashicorp Vault

Hashicorp Vault Hashicorp Vault is an opensource software from Hashicorp. Vault is used to manage secrets. What is a secret? Secrets can be considered as anything that one uses to authenticate, authorize themselves. Secrets are also pieces of information that are private to any user. What are policies? Policies help you create rules that define […]

Accelerate your DevOps by introducing Progressive Delivery

Building a modern application often involves building it as a microservice, which provides developers with more flexibility and agility in terms of deployment options. However, deployment can either be a joy or a nightmare, depending on the strategy used, whether it’s deploying microservices, testing new features, updating a business logic, or releasing a new version […]

TypeScript Tips and Tricks

TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript. Itโ€™s like JavaScript, but with superpowers. Vanilla JavaScript is a dynamically typed language. For example, if you assign a number type to a variable, then assign a string to that same variable further in the code, JavaScript compiles just fine. Youโ€™ll only get an error when something breaks in […]

WPF Best Practices 2021

From healthcare to accounting to education, nearly every organization has its own website by now. The ways we learn, work, and share are so deeply immersed in websites that you might think web development has completely overtaken desktop development. But, even with how popular websites have become, developers still create thousands of desktop applications each […]

Gitlab CI/CD + NodeJs + pm2

โœ‹ Hi this is Suman Sarkar, a web-dev from Kolkata with 5 years of experience in programming and little to none experience with CI/CD. Today I’ll talk about how to setup Gitlab CI/CD with self hosted runners. ๐Ÿ‘‰ Things we will cover in this article ๐Ÿ˜• What is CI/CD? ๐Ÿ‘ Setup a minimal expressjs API […]

8 ways to become a BETTER SRE ( Right now! ) | 8 non-technical characteristics to have

Site Reliability Engineering, also popularly referred to as the SRE, is a role in Computer Science Engineering where the main purpose is to provision, maintain, monitor, and manage the infrastructure to provide maximum application uptime and reliability. SRE is an emerging role, but the tasks that the SRE does were always there ever since the […]

Make your first contribution to a GitHub Action!

Why edit a GitHub Action? There are many reasons to edit a GitHub Action. Perhaps, you found an Action suited to your use case. It’s almost perfect, but there’s just one minor feature missing. Maybe you noticed a bug or edge case, or you have an idea to take the Action to the next level. […]

Recreating the Solana Explorer

As a beginner building in the Solana Ecosystem, I’ve been searching for hands on projects to get involved with. Really I have been just cloning and building off the shoulder of giants, so that’s what this is… Still, not as easy as just plug and play, so it really is a big of a process […]

Automating Django Deployment workflow with Github Actions

If youโ€™ve worked on a project that has constant changes, tests, and needs to be deployed to a server every time the changes occur, then youโ€™re aware how the process of logging in to the server via ssh, redeploying, and testing is quite repetitive and frankly annoying sometimes. Luckily, with the advent of Github actions, […]

My Tech Community Activity Timeline

Tech Community Contributions When it comes to cloud technology, I usually blog and go where my curiosity takes me covering topics on Microsoft Azure, Azure DevOps and GitHub. I enjoy creating technical content, public speaking & virtual meetups, and love to share my knowledge in these areas with the tech community. Here is a summary […]

Optimizing GitHub Actions with Meercode

Using GitHub Actions provides engineering teams with a quick and reliable way to create a solid CI/CD build process. A per-minute model helps with expanding capabilities well beyond other solutions like customized build agents that may require continued maintenance. One critical piece missing is the ability to view the various aspects of the builds that […]

Let's Talk About Backups

I am a certified Backup and Disaster Recovery Expert and have worked in Backup and Disaster Recovery for many years using various software and strategies. Backups are the most critical part of any business. I have helped dozens of businesses create backup and disaster recovery strategies, and have recovered businesses using these backups many times. […]

From Devs, to VPs, to Co-Founders: 10Xing a Startup 5,000 Miles Apart

We knew we had to kick off the new year with something big – so welcome to Season 2 of Dev Interrupted! This episode probes the murky depths of a time before the pandemic by exploring the story of LinearB‘s founding in 2018, how co-founders Dan Lines and Ori Keren met at Cloudlock in 2012 […]

Detect crashes in your Kubernetes cluster using kwatch and Slack

What is kwatch? kwatch is an open-source project that started late in 2021. It aims to help you monitor all changes in your Kubernetes(K8s) cluster, detect crashes in your running apps, and publish notifications to your favorite channels (Slack, Discord, etc.) in real-time. In this tutorial, I will help you setup and deploy kwatch on […]

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