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Creating PowerShell Cmdlets in VSCode

Nothing has ever made Linux so exciting for me than Microsoft’s recent push to make many of their development tools and frameworks cross-platform. With the exception of ordering on-line, checking email, research.., oh, and a few social media sites, I’m just a coder. Not a gamer, not a TikToker, just a coder. Is This Article […]

Fantastic Symbols and Where to Find Them – Part 1

Originally published on on 13.01.2022 Symbolization is a technique that allows you to translate machine memory addresses to human-readable symbol information (symbols). Why do we need to read what programs do anyways? We usually do not need to translate everything to a human-readable format when things run smoothly. But when things go south, we […]

How To Prevent Memory Leaks in React Hooks

Learn how to NOT run up your server costs! Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

DynamoDB – dynamic method to insert or edit an item

It might seem pointless to write a post about Updating an Item on DynamoDB when there is plenty of documentation available on AWS and on the internet in general, but I must say that I struggled quite a bit to have it working properly due to the differences of AWS SDK v2 and v3, the […]

The hidden trap of debugger

“Debugging is like being the detective in a crime movie where you are also the murderer.” – Filipe Fortes How it started: a false illusion When i had my first programming experience i was not aware of the possibility of using a debugger. It happened that i had to understand why my software was not […]

NodemailerApp — Cross Platform Email Debugging Application

NodeMailer is a module for Node.js applications to allow easy email sending. From the same authors also comes NodemailerApp, an application created to help you debug email. NodemailerApp includes local SMTP and POP3 servers, a sendmail replacement, catchall email domain service, AMP4Email renderer […] You can use NodemailerApp to instantly preview emails sent from your […]

Fail-Fast vs. Fail-Safe: What is the Most Reliable Software Strategy?

A broken kitchen appliance leads me down the path of intelligent failure, downside risk, exponential growth and cloud computing Read All Source: Hacker Noon – Programming

API developers, stay away from the blame game when things go south

Log properly to stay cool and confident when things do not work as they are suppose to Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

Debug memory leaks with the Microsoft Edge Detached Elements tool

Memory leaks occur when the JavaScript code of an application retains more and more objects in memory that it doesn’t need any longer instead of releasing them for the browser to garbage collect (GC). For long-running apps, small memory leaks of only a few kilobytes can add up to noticeably degrade performance over time. Web […]

Chrome DevTools 101 (Parte 1)

¿Qué es Debugging? Debugging es el proceso de encontrar y resolver defectos dentro de un programa (software) que impide su correcto funcionamiento. ¿Qué es el Chrome DevTools? Es un conjunto de herramientas de creación y depuración de sitios web integrado en Google Chrome. Es decir, son herramientas que permiten llevar a cabo pruebas, análisis, monitoreo […]

Flutter can’t load model-viewer

I have a problem loadng a model-viewer Screen. It shouldn’t be trivial. This is my main.dart , and I try to load InfoPage(); import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’; import ‘package:test/screens/info_page.dart’; import ‘package:test/screens/monument_list.dart’; import ‘package:test/screens/home_page.dart’; void main() { runApp(const MyApp()); } class MyApp extends StatelessWidget { const MyApp({Key? key}) : super(key: key); // This widget is the root of […]

I want to make a javascript visualizer, How can i extract Information about the variables, functions, stack etc and storing them for later visulaizing

I want to make a program, that can help me visualize any algorithm. what I actually want is that I want to run any script on left hand side and visualize it on right hand side, How can i make a web page or a system that let me execute javascript line by line in […]

Why’s my response being called more than once when the variable’s passed down from top level App component?

Whenever I sent the uploadsData variable from App.js into the <Gallery data={uploadsData}/>} /> component via a prop, it gets called more than one time. Furthermore, whenever I hover over the blue !, I get that warning illustrated in the screenshot. This means I can never properly access this object properly. How can I make so […]

When sites have submission boxes for sending them an email are the emails server side or client side?

The question is pretty much the whole thing. I am just curious if the debugger for example can access the emails that a submit box will send them too? Any help is apreciated. Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

How to Add Timestamp to FastAPI/Uvicorn Logs

Streamline the debugging process with the addition of timestamp Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

JavaScript Spread Operator Recursion

I happened to be writing some JavaScript Code and was writing code for the longest common subsequence and found some strange behavior on the spread operator. I believe that my code is sound, but the when I change the order of the spread operator with the character that I am adding to the new array […]

Setting up Passport.js Google OAuth2.0: Possible Causes of Internal Server Error

I have been working on a side project that builds with the MERN (MongoDB, Express, React, Node) tech stack and using Passport.js, specifically Google oauth2.0. The project is deployed on Heroku (a backend application hosting cloud platform) and it is using the cloud storage database through MongoDB Atlas. During the set up of the passport […]

A Quick Tutorial to Hashcode and Equals Debugging

Standard Java methods hashcode and equals are crucial to performance but this is very hard to detect as they’re often too small for profilers Read the full story Source: Hacker Noon – Programming

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