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El Carro extends the flexibility and choices for Oracle databases on Kubernetes

When we released El Carro, our goal was to provide the best experience possible to run Oracle databases on Kubernetes with the help of our operator. Today, we want to take a closer look at how that works. The diagram below shows the high-level architecture of a database that is managed by El Carro. At […]

how to run script continuously in background at server

Description: I have created python automation code which basically visits the website enters the seat number and fetches the result. currently I am storing that fetched result in dictionary object to just check whether its working or not. but now I want to create a webpage where I want to display those fetched results. the […]

What is a Database(DB)?

This is the article if you want to understand in simple terms about Databases. Database is a Collection of related information, For Example: Todo List Shopping list Phone Book Name of your 10 friends Twitter User Base Database can be stored in different ways, For Ex. :- On a book In a Computer In your […]

EF Core 3.1: Peeking Into Generated SQL

Writing LINQ that produces optimal SQL can be even harder as developers often don’t have visibility into the process. It becomes even more confusing when the application is designed to run against different databases. We often find ourselves questioning whether this particular query will fall in line with our expectations. And until not so long […]

10 Ways to optimise your Database queries

One of the common things most programmers do is writing database queries. The minimum expectation is to get the expected results from the written query. Say, you write a query and expect it to run only once or to work in a small dataset alone. In these cases, it doesn’t matter whether the query is […]

Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (error still appeared after disabling foreign keys check)

I am trying to retrieve the maximum value of the Experiment ID field from the Experiments table in my database using Eclipse, adapted from the answer to this question. Because this is a relational database and Experiment ID is a foreign key also present in another table (Logs), I have followed this solution and attempted […]

Protecting Data in your QLDB Ledger

Background When Amazon QLDB was first launched, it only supported AWS owned keys to encrypt data at rest. Amazon QLDB launched support for customer managed AWS KMS keys on July 22, 2021. For many organisations, especially those in regulated environments, this is a big deal. So let’s dive deeper into what this means by taking […]

SQL : JSON Datatype

This guide is for PostgreSQL : Download the sample data from here : sample_data.sql JSON vs JSONB JSON JSONB stores data in text format stores data in binary format stores data AS-is trims of white spaces slower in operations faster in operations doesn’t support full text indexing supports full text indexing SELECT ‘{ “title”:”book […]

Prisma Data Platform – Prisma ORM on Cloud

Prisma Data Platform is a cloud based service which allows developers to try the Prisma ORM, run queries on cloud environment without the need to install Prisma Client locally on the developers’ computer. Features of Prisma Data Platform Free database provisioning Pre defined model schema templates Run and test Prisma Queries on the data Collaboration […]

How to move an ellipse along a line with multiple points?

I am currently doing up a mini project on the side as part of my beginner lesson to Javascript. I am hoping to allow an ellipse to appear along points on a few lines in a graph. The coordinates are derived from a css file, using the p5js library. Following this example, I could only […]

Checkbox false to true

i have this checkbox in my form type="checkbox" value={wpp} name="wpp" onChange={(e) => setWpp(} /> and i defined like const [wpp, setWpp] = useState(false); how do I do when someone selects this checkbox to be sent to my database as true? Source: React – Stack Overflow

How PostgreSQL Aggregation Inspired Timescale Hyperfunctions’ Design

Get a primer on PostgreSQL aggregation, how PostgreSQL´s implementation inspired us as we built TimescaleDB hyperfunctions and what it means for developers. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

Developing for the web with Flask; creating a web application.

Hey there, In this tutorial i will be showing you how to develop your first fullstack web-app project with flask-python. In this tutorial or rather a documentation of how i did it, buckle up dev, and may the ride begin! Prerequisites Basic python language skills. Basic command line commands.(linux) PIP( a package manager for python) […]

how to fetch data without reloading the page from firebase database in reactjs

I have already configured firebase settings here is a piece of my code : const [PostList, SetPostList] = useState([]) const db = getFirestore(firebaseConfig) const q = query(collection(db, "posts")) const querySnapshot = getDocs(q) useEffect(()=>{ querySnapshot.then(data=> data.forEach(post => { SetPostList([]) console.log(PostList) })) }, []) Source: React – Stack Overflow

Where to Store Data for Your Applications in Azure? . Part 1

My name is Ali.I am a .NET evangelist and an AZURE Architect. Most of applications in the world need to persist data somewhere. You can use a simple text file, any RDBMS or one of the NO-SQL concepts. If Azure is your choice of Cloud Provider, you would have multiple options to store data in […]

How do I use Google Sheets as a Database for my HTML File?

I’m trying to create an html file that will gather data from a google spreadsheet and display the data on a textarea by clicking on buttons. I initially created one that the there is no database, my javascript would would just contain strings of data that would write on the textarea, but to make maintenance […]

Form made with react and prism

I made a page that has a form, and now I need the customer to fill out this form, and this data needs to be stored in my database I need used Prisma import React from "react"; import Label from "../components/form/Label"; import { PrismaClient } from ‘@prisma/client’ class Cadastro extends React.Component { constructor(props) { super(props); […]

Having multiple associations between two models Sequelize

I am designing a database schema for an application. It has two models. User Team User will be associated with a team in two ways As an owner Team.belongsTo(User, { foreignKey: "fk_ownerId" }); User.hasMany(Team, { foreignKey: "fk_ownerId" }); As a member User.belongsToMany(Team, { through: ‘TeamToUser’ }); Team.belongsToMany(User, { through: ‘TeamToUser’ }); So this way I […]

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