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It's Prisma Time – Pagination

Hi Guys 👋 Today we are going to see how to paginate our results. So don’t waste time and let’s go! With Prisma there are two ways to paginate results: Offset pagination or Cursor-based pagination. What are the differences though? The first one is used when we need to create a sequence of pages and […]

Become a master of the database using Appwrite's new query API

With Appwrite 0.12, we made Appwrite harder, better, faster, stronger with many new additions to the Database! One of these recent changes is the Query API which has been completely rewritten to give you unparalleled control over your database queries using Appwrite. 🤔 What is Appwrite? If you’re wondering what Appwrite is, you’re missing out! […]

JDBC Tutorial Part 2: Running SQL Queries

In Part 2 of this tutorial series, you’ll learn how to execute SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE statements against an SQL database using JDBC. These actions are known as CRUD operations (Create, Read, Update, Delete), which form most of the functionality in an application. Note: We’ll continue where the previous step of the tutorial left […]

Creating Custom Hibernate Dialect

While working with Hibernate’s HQL and Criteria Queries I was missing some features of PostgreSQL which would help. I don’t want to write native queries for this. Once I use Hibernate I should stick with Hibernate. Right? One of the features I was missing in Hibernate’s default Postgres dialect was similarity function, which returns how […]

SQL vs NoSQL Database – A Complete Comparison

There are two main categories of database in use in the development world today, commonly referred to as SQL and NoSQL. In this article, we will compare an SQL vs. NoSQL database based on their pros and cons. SQL, or Structured Query Language, is the universally known query language for relational databases. SQL databases make […]

How to use dbt with Materialize and Redpanda

Introduction This is a self-contained demo using Materialize. This demo shows you how to use dbt together with Materialize. For this demo, we are going to monitor the reviews left by users on a demo website, and use dbt to model our business logic, like getting a list of important users that left bad reviews. […]

How To Periodically Check MongoDB Replica Set Status

This tutorial will learn how to check the replica set status in MongoDB. Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

Import database to docker with terminal

Hey, this is Mohammad Hassani 😃 if you are developing with Linux and wanna import database to docker with terminal you can use this tutorial… It’s just 4 steps 1) copy database to _data folder: first of all you should copy your .sql file to var/lib/docker/volumes/blog_blogmysql/_data in terminal: cp DATABASE.sql var/lib/docker/volumes/blog_blogmysql/_data // Replace DATABASE to […]

How to design your Laravel models fast in 2022 with Fluidbm

In this tutorial, I will show you how to design your Laravel Models fast using Fluidbm. 👨‍💻 ⚡ Fluidbm is a free Laravel schema designer that syncs your online model designs to your project using a cli. No download and copy-pasting files anymore. Just run “fluidbm pull” and the job is done. 😊 Let’s get […]

Como a SQL lida com valores NULL

Durante meus estudos direcionado para questões de projeto e implementação de banco de dados, encontrei algo bastante interessante e que seria legal compartilhar. A SQL tem diversas regras e abordagem para lidar com valores NULL e que se dividem da seguinte forma: Valor desconhecido (existe, mas não é conhecido); A data de nascimento de uma […]

The Better Way of Sending Data to the Backend

If you are a front-end developer, who ever worked on picture uploading, video uploading or audio uploading to the backend, then you should know that uploaind these types of data is a slow process, and it even becomes laggy when a large data is being upload at once. When we want to upload a picture […]

MongoDB $weeklyUpdate (January 7, 2022): Latest MongoDB Tutorials, Events, Podcasts, & Streams!

👋 Hi everyone! Welcome back to the MongoDB $weeklyUpdate! Happy 2022! 🎉 Here, you’ll find the latest developer tutorials, upcoming official MongoDB events, and get a heads up on our latest Twitch streams and podcast, curated by Adrienne Tacke. (We’re changing it up a bit and will be releasing these every Friday (instead of Monday). […]

Building an Nx Prisma Generator

I recently found myself on a large, multi-schema/multi-database project that was being moved over to Prisma. What I ended up finding along the way is that in order to use Prisma I would need a separate Prisma Client for every database and every schema we intended to use. This seemed like a PAIN at first […]

Can Appwrite handle 25 Million documents?

With the release of Appwrite 0.12 come many new features, most notable being a completely overhauled database service. It’s Here! Announcing the Release of Appwrite 0.12! Eldad A. Fux for Appwrite ・ Jan 5 ・ 6 min read #javascript #webdev #programming #news The database didn’t scale well with many documents in previous Appwrite versions. This […]

Optimistic or Pessimistic locking for Token Buckets Rate limiting in PostgreSQL

In a Part 2 of this series I defined a function to get tokens for API call rate limiting. I’ve run it in watch 0.01 loops in 8 sessions to show concurrent access for the same user. With PostgreSQL, the guarantee that reads and writes happen on the same state is enforced by pessimistic locking: […]

The best database pagination technique is …

👋 Introduction The Database is one of the cornerstones of every application. It’s where you store everything your app needs to remember, compute later, or display to other users online. It’s all fun and games until the database grows and your application starts lagging because you were trying to fetch and render 1,000 posts at […]

Important PostgreSQL Concepts – 16 psql Command-line Utilities You Don't Want To Miss And A Lot More

PostgreSQL is one of the most advanced database in the open source relational database market.According to db-engines, it is the fourth most used database at the time of writing. This blog is more of a cheat sheet to quickly know about PostgreSQL and get started with it. So…lets get started !! Features of Postgres It […]

How I created a mini ORM with python?

Introduction When you code in a Django web framework, we all know that you won’t directly work with databases. There is an ORM (Object relational mapping) who will interact with database using migration and SQL operation. So, I want in this tutorial to show you how to implement an ORM manager from scratch. Object–relational mapping (ORM) […]

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