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How to display currency by converting period (.) to comma (,) with javascript?

in the total field in my database I use float data type. And I’m going to change it on the front-end with javascript into IDR currency format. var myTotal =; // from json API Example value of myTotal = 12500.020400; I used this script: $(‘#totalTransaction’).text(parseFloat(myTotal).toFixed(2).toLocaleString(‘id’)); Output: 12.500.02 Whereas, I want to generate output: 12.500,02 […]

Could Bitcoin Actually Replace USD as The Prominent Global Currency?

Bitcoin maximalists would like to see it unseat the greenback as the world’s reserve currency. In fact, some are even hoping that the dollar will crash so that the reign of Bitcoin may come sooner. Will it happen? And is it reasonable to wish for it to happen? Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

What is the strongest currency in the world?

Ever wondered what the world’s strongest currency is? The United Nations recognises around 180 currencies as legal tender but which one holds the most value? We all like to get the most out of our money, even if it’s just a few extra cents on the dollar. With that said, we’ve put together a list […]

List of currencies of the world

There are over 195 countries in the world and seven continents such as Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, South America and Antarctica. Each country is different with its own history, architecture, struggles, culture and political identity. One thing that invariably is common amongst all countries is the use of money as a medium of […]

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