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check if all properties are provided or all are not

myobject has 4 properties. If all of these properties have value (anything but null and undefined), allow = true and if none of these properties have value (are null or undefined), allow = true, in any other situations allow = false if (!Object.values(myobject).every(property => [null, undefined].includes(property)) && Object.values(myobject).some(property => [null, undefined].includes(property))) { allow = true […]

How to make Leaflet Layer control that is created with a loop conditional (with an if-else statement?)

This is an extension of my question from a few days ago. Here’s the context. tl;dr: I’m using Leaflet to show multiple maps at the same time that have layer control checkboxes for layers of glaciers using a loop. So now that I have the multiple maps thing down, I want to break up the […]

API automation – conditional test

before you will read it, I’m a total noob, sorry for that. I have some endpoint that will return different statuses depending on how many times this endpoint is called. Either it will return status 200 or 409 with some extra information. For the latter case, it will return something like that: { "error": { […]

Function undefined when console log

why function Input() is undefined? I am trying to create a second function to include to the onClick render but don’t understand why it is not working. Any suggestion? Thanks const [disabled, setDisabled] = useState(true); function input() { (disabled === disabled) ? setDisabled(!disabled) : ”; } const handleClickEditMember = () => { Actions.enableMemberEdit(); console.log(input(),’test’); }; […]

How can I check if a radio button is selected?

Hi I am trying to make a form, where are the fields are required, including one of two radio buttons, but for some reason the .checked property will not work neither if I am selecting it like this document.querySelector(‘input[name="radio"]:checked’)… What am I not seeing? As you can see I was trying different approaches but something […]

when will bear a become bigger than bear b if the grow at the rate of 3x and 2x respectively

Bear Limak wants to become the largest of bears, or at least to become larger than his brother Bob. Right now, Limak and Bob weigh a and b respectively. It’s guaranteed that Limak’s weight is smaller than or equal to his brother’s weight. Limak eats a lot and his weight is tripled after every year, […]

Dynamic conditions of array for javascript

const conditionalArray = [ { name: "line", condition: ">=", value: 5 }, { name: "revene", condition: "<", value: 6 }, ]; const dataTofilter = [ { line: 3, revene: 4, sale: 3, fridge: "lg" }, { line: 6, revene: 3, sale: 2, fridge: "samsung" }, ]; I have these 2 arrays one is having conditions […]

"if" with "Or" and "AND" and must be a "number" doesn’t work

I’m learning JS and I don’t understand why: 1- The if says that I can’t pay when I’m telling that If cash or credit or available is greater or equal than totalAmount. When available is greater indeed. I noticed that if I type cash+credit it works, but I’d like to make it with or. const […]

Need help. Trying to conditionally adding a property+value to an object in .js (React)

I’d be very grateful if someone could help me fix this seemingly easy issue. I’ve gone through all related questions/answers on stackoverflow and judging by them and other code on the project I’m working on I’m doing everything properly, but still, it won’t work. in a big CONST I’ve objects like this: inputs : () […]

Rendering a part of component through function in react JS

I am learning to reactJS,& stuck with a problem. I made a component with text (‘Online’) in it. I am receiving the status of Online as true/false from props. But I want to make a change in a part of the component (not the full component). Like here I want to change the color of […]

Will .map() with an if-condition loop over all indexes in an array? | JS React

I have an array called temperatures with data from an API call. I want to render part of the data only when certain conditions are met, and the code I have tried to achieve this with can be seen below: tLowNext1Day = {, index ) => { if( temperature.time[index] === todaysDate(0)) return ( <span […]

How can i represent a float in JavaScript? [duplicate]

I’m a newbie at JavaScript. In python, I can create a conditional that checks if a number is a float like this: num = 1.5 if type(num) == float: print(‘is a float’) How can i do it in JavaScript? It is possible? Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

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