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6 Amazing Algorithms For Detecting Faces In Images With Python Code References

Did you know that there are many different algorithms for detecting faces in images? The most popular of these is the Viola-Jones algorithm, but it’s not perfect. There are plenty of other great options out there like the Haar Cascades and Fisherfaces which you can use to detect faces on your own computer or mobile […]

15 Recommended Books For Computer Science Students

We are in the modern world where the digitization of education is already going on. Now lots of blogs, articles are there on the internet to learn from. But Book has its own value, the author puts his all knowledge experience and time to write one whole book. The knowledge and details you get from […]

Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript

Welcome and Hello ! A little bit About Me My name is Pieter van Zyl I’m a South African, Full-Stack Developer working as a consultant. My team focuses on Full stack Machine Learning Solutions for clients. E.g. Forecasting Models, Integrated with a custom dashboard. In this Series I’ll refresh my Data Structures and Algorithms Fundamentals […]

The Beginner's Guide to Understanding an API: Part 2

In the last article, we discussed what an API is, the engine behind an API, the benefits, types, what are endpoints and the major request methods we have. You can review it here to have an idea on APIs. Now we can collect everything that we learned together and discuss more on API. Web Service […]

Let's Talk About Backups

I am a certified Backup and Disaster Recovery Expert and have worked in Backup and Disaster Recovery for many years using various software and strategies. Backups are the most critical part of any business. I have helped dozens of businesses create backup and disaster recovery strategies, and have recovered businesses using these backups many times. […]

Grokking Algorithms in JavaScript – Part 1

Christmas 2021 – my favourite gift was the book Grokking Algorithms by Aditya Y. Bhargava. This book is perfect for somebody like me who has never formally studied computer science but has developed a deep interest in the subject. Over the festive period I worked through the chapters and the code examples, making the small […]

Thumb Rules of Unit Testing

My ideas on writing meaningful unit tests were crystallized when I read “The Practical Test Pyramid” today. As a novice programmer, I went in mindlessly, not knowing how to test my code. The Practical Test Pyramid is an excellent guide, but I want to emphasize unit testing today. Why Write Unit Tests? As the name […]

Why I joined Amplication.

It was afternoon here in India. I was writing a thread for my Twitter account, as usual, and was about to post it. Just then I got a notification on my mobile phone. After reading the message I was on cloud nine. It said, “Congratulations, after rounds of interviews and assignments we found you as […]

Difference between == and === in JavaScript. Explained!

== and === operator has always been the topic of online discussion. Let’s see how these two are different from each other. Double equal(==) sign check for loose equality while Triple equal (===) sign checks for strict equality. The difference is that (==)loose equality will attempt to resolve the datatype via type coercion before making […]

Simple Movie rec sys

I want to improve my Algorithm and Data structure Knowledge. In the following blog post, I will guide you through a sample project you can create for your portfolio or as an Idea of how to use Data structures like a Tree, Hashmap, etc… The key intention behind this blog post is to create simple projects […]

What Scope says about Variable in JavaScript?

Scope is one of the fundamental concept that every JavaScript developer should know to become a better JavaScript Developer. So, in the article I will explain about it and how it work in JavaScript. What is Scope? Scope determines where a variable is visible in JavaScript .In JavaScript functions and objects are also variable. How […]

Retro Computers and Games Museum | Wroclaw, Poland

This is a virtual-tour that I took with my wife – who is a great retro gamer – to one of the most recommended places to visit by TripAdvisor : The Computers and Games Museum in Wroclaw, Poland. We enjoyed everything from pictures hanging on the wall to Doom, Wolf, street fighter 1 , Mario, […]

What's the Difference Between Nominal, Structural, and Duck Typing?

Photo by Ian Taylor on Unsplash Nominal Typing Most major programming languages with objects use nominal typing, where the name (or fully qualified class name, FQCN) of an object determines whether or not it is equal to another object, or assignable to a variable of a particular type. For example, in Java class Dog { […]

Striver's SDE Sheet Journey – #11 Repeat and Missing Number

Problem Statement :- You are given a read-only array of N integers with values also in the range [1,N] both inclusive. Each integer appears exactly once except A which appears twice and B which is missing. The task is to find the repeating and missing numbers A and B where A repeats twice and B […]

Living with Imposter Syndrome as a Software Developer

Why you should read this article? Like many others, I have experienced imposter syndrome firsthand. During my internships, I often felt as if I was “lucky” or that I am going to fail at the tasks assigned to me. One of my very first tasks was to work on a Flask API and integrate it […]

Creating you First repository on Github using git

Source: DEV Community

Striver's SDE Sheet Journey – #10 Find the duplicate in an array

hi Dev, today we are going to solve the 10th problem from the sheet, which is Find the duplicate in an array. lets start…. Problem Statement :- Given an array of integers nums containing n + 1 integers where each integer is in the range [1, n] inclusive. There is only one repeated number in […]

Introduction to Asynchronous Processing and Message Queues

Introduction In a client-server architecture, the client can request a job to be done from the server by sending messages between each other. Handling this communication can increase in complexity when you begin to manage the rate at which messages are sent, the number of requests a server can handle, or the response time which […]

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