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Avoid these mistakes when you are learning a new technology

Beginners often do these mistakes when getting started to learn a new technology which leads them to confusion, demotivation and ultimately giving up. So let’s see some of those mistakes and try to avoid them. Let’s get started Resource hunting I know you need a quality resource to learn new things. But, no matter how […]

10 Visual Studio Code editing shortcuts

Visual Studio Code is a powerful tool that developers like us use on a daily basis for hours. It also is a favorite for a few of us as well. As we spend most of the time typing code, there are a few keyboard shortcuts that help in writing code faster. In this article, I […]

Habits to build

The topic of habits is mentioned in almost every self-help book. And it is no wonder why. If I look back at what helped me last year it was just a few habits that had a tremendous impact on me. And the same seems to be true for my work as a developer. Note-taking For […]

How I became a Web Developer with a bachelor's Degree in Finance

I completed my bachelor’s degree in finance with…. I wanted to add something at the end of last sentence like some skill I learn that would get me a job. Since I read Jocko Willink’s Extreme Ownership recently for the most part I think it’s my own fault. Now the only real skill I know […]

Self-Taught Developer Journal, Day 38: TOP DOM Manipulations and Events cont.

Today…. Exercises an h3 with blue text that says “I’m a blue h3!” a div with a black border and pink background color with the following elements inside of it: another h1 that says “I’m in a div” a p that says “ME TOO!” Hint for this one: after creating the div with createElement, append […]

Obsidian: trouble in paradise

Not to long ago, I made this post soliciting recommendations for note taking apps and y’all came through! My top 3, recommended by the lovely people below were: RemNote by @dgeisz by @terabytetiger Bear by @jackkeller note: I should prob mention that Bear is only for Apple devices, my work is 99.99% in a […]

6 Useful Python Tricks

Hey folks 👋, welcome back to another post!! Let me introduce myself to those who don’t know me, I’m Arun, a Data Engineer and Web3 fanatic. And for the ones who know me, thank you so much for the support 🙌 and love 💜 In this article I will be sharing some of the tips […]

Herding Cats – Getting Involved in The Wide World of Tech with Kiran Oliver

Relicans host Lauren Lee talks to Technical Community Builder at Camunda’s, Kiran Oliver, about joining the field as a technology journalist and looking at Community Health Metrics. They also give bunches of great advice, wisdom, personal experiences, and tips on navigating this wild space that is tech! Should you find a burning need to share […]

🚀 #4 JavaScript Project Series.

Hello Coders!👋 Welcome back to the Javascript project series. Today i’m share another amazing project. 💟 Save This Series For Upcoming Projects. 💥 Let’s get started….🚀 ⏲️ Progress bar style clock | Clock using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. In this project, we learn that how we create a Clock progress bar. We use HTML, Css, […]

The flow of building a full-stack web application

When I am new to web development I often have confusion on how everything works together, how to connect all the things, how a full-stack web app is built from scratch, how to plan everything, what all the necessary stuff and so many… If you are also a new web dev or learning web, then […]

API for Google Developer Student Club at my Campus

Overview of My Submission The API is a basic REST API written to be called by the App built under Android Study Jams 2021. We built this API under the Org. Google Developer Student Club – DSI. There is basic work of the API is to provide routes to GET and POST the timetable of […]

How to Become a Web Developer in 2022

Hello, welcome, and in this article am going to show you how to become a Web Developer in 2022. There are numerous companies out there who are ready to pay a large sum of money to have a web developer in their company. You may say in 2022? I say Yes in 2022!. There are […]

Html for beginner Part 1

New at HTML? This post is for you 🙂 because i will teach you how to code HTML from basic until you become an expert. but first thing first let me introduce you What Is HTML? What Is HTML? Html is a basic program to make a website, HTML stands for hypertext markup language, first […]

Self-Taught Developer Journal, Day 34: TOP JS Foundations Part 4, Arrays and Loops

Today I learned… Arrays An array is a global list-like object. It is a common practice to create arrays using the const variable declaration. const arrayExample = [1, 2, 3]; Reminder, you can still change the elements inside of the array when it’s declared with const, but the array cannot be reassigned. Another method to […]

Digital Clock using Vue 3 Composition API

Hello Readers, In this blog post we will see how can we create a digital clock using Vue 3 composition API. Composition API is a new feature added in Vue through which we can reuse the code in multiple vue component. For more details about how to use composition API you can refer my previous […]

MongoDB $weeklyUpdate (January 7, 2022): Latest MongoDB Tutorials, Events, Podcasts, & Streams!

👋 Hi everyone! Welcome back to the MongoDB $weeklyUpdate! Happy 2022! 🎉 Here, you’ll find the latest developer tutorials, upcoming official MongoDB events, and get a heads up on our latest Twitch streams and podcast, curated by Adrienne Tacke. (We’re changing it up a bit and will be releasing these every Friday (instead of Monday). […]

Learning Python Like a Pro in 2022: Getting Started

Python has become one of the most famous programming language in the world. In this article, you will get a hands on introduction in python programming language. Whether you’re new to programming or an experienced developer, this article can help you get started with Python easily. So lets jump right in. What is python Python […]

How to ask online as a beginner programmer?

Learning something new is always harder, where to start! But most probably, if you are reading this, you’ve already started doing something extraordinary. Today, I will cover how to ask on the internet when you are just beginning as a programmer. Many newbies don’t know properly how to ask, and they get no reply from […]

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