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Typescript/Javascript Count duplicate values based on 2 parameters

I am having a hard time manipulating my data to be useful in a bar chart. This is the data is ended up with after mapping it with only the properties i need: const data = [ { date: "2021-10-10", serialNumber: "4A6211B92417A7DB" }, { date: "2021-10-11", serialNumber: "5B6211B92417A7DB" }, { date: "2021-10-12", serialNumber: "5B6211B92417A7DB" }, […]

Create chart like this [closed]

Somebody can help me how can i create this in html? Thanks Source: CSS – Stack Overflow

How to customize google charts in react native

Below is the code which I am using to show charts in react native: const HTML_PieChart = ` <!DOCTYPE html>n <html> <head> <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> <script type="text/javascript"> google.charts.load(‘current’, {‘packages’:[‘corechart’]}); google.charts.setOnLoadCallback(drawChart); function drawChart() { var data = new google.visualization.DataTable(); data.addColumn(‘string’, ‘Break’); data.addColumn(‘number’, ‘hours’); data.addRows([ [‘actual’, 3], [‘break’, 6], [‘overtime’, 4], ]); var optionsPie = { ‘title’:’Great […]

chart.js The answer to the pie chart is my values

I have a graph that is located on the page (about.vue) I want my pie chart to display not static values, but values: dollar,ruble,uin. Moreover, if I enter new data, the chart should be updated. how to do it? file About.vue <template> <div class="about"> <div class="container"> <div class="profile__div"> <img src="../components/user_person_profile_avatar_icon_190943.png" alt=""> <div class="buttom__prof"> <input v-model.number="myMoney" […]

Is there a way to programmatically set Nativescript-Vue RadCartesianChart’s zoom when allowing pan in horizontal axis?

I’m trying to programmatically zoom in my Chart when loaded. It is correctly working when i’m not allowing my horizontal axis to pan and when I add horizontalZoom="3" to the RadCartesianChart. But when I add allowPan="true" or allowZoom="true" on my horizontal Axis, it understands that he needs to zoom out completely. My need is to […]

vue-google-chart how to change colour when filter click selected?

I have created stack column chart with filter when i click stack column. But when i click selected, colour is change to default colour (blue) Here my vue app I’ve expected colour selected same of colour in stack column. How is it done using Vue-google-charts? Thanks an best regards, Dede Source: JavaSript – Stack […]

Top 3 Free JavaScript Libraries for Data Visualization

I’ve compared the top 3 free Javascript libraries for data visualization – D3, Chartjs, or ECharts. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

Apexchart Ajax json rendering

I am displaying a bar-chart (Apexchart) and that needs to be updated constantly when a user change date-picker timeline. I am calling axios call to update charts data (series data) when the input value changes but chart rendering displayed an error before rendering. Here is chart code import React, { Component } from "react"; import […]

Vue-google-chart How to add filter categori

How to create a filter category in bar chart using vue-google-charts wrapper in Vue.js. I have created stacked bar chart and i want to add filter by label inside legend. Here my vue app How is it done using Vue-google-charts wrapper ? Thanks an best regards, Dede Source: Vue – Stack Overflow

creating chevron charts in react js

Hi I am a new UI developer I want to know how Can I create a component like this in react js enter image description here Source: CSS – Stack Overflow

Can I use Google charts and script a function that lets me upload my own excel or cxv file instead of using Google’s drawcharts function?

As seen here, Google charts offers a powerful library: My issue is that I want to code a button and function that lets me upload an excel or csv file with the data in it, and for Google charts to create a chart out of my uploaded data. I do not want to use […]

TradingView resolveSymbol method called twice

I’m trying to integrate TradingView library with my web app. The chart is loading fine, but when loading both, resolveSymbol method is called twice. Datafeed.Container.prototype.resolveSymbol = function ( symbolName, onSymbolResolvedCallback, onResolveErrorCallback ) { this._send( datafeedUrl + this._symbolResolveURL, { symbol: symbolName , }, function (dataObj) { onSymbolResolvedCallback(dataObj); } ); }; Actually the data returned on both […]

Add custom icon on specific point on google charts timeline

I have a timeline using google react charts. const columns = [ { type: "string", id: "President" }, { type: "string", id: "dummy bar label" }, { type: "string", role: "tooltip" }, { type: "date", id: "Start" }, { type: "date", id: "End" } ]; const rows = [ ["Washington", null, "George", new Date(1789, 3, […]

Javascript – Chart, moving points in pure js

I have this code, now by clicking on chart line I can move clicked point. It can be moved up, down, left, right and this is good but I should be able to move previos 20 points and next 20 points to do something like this but looks like this You can also […]

How to implement d3 js disjoint force graph in angular 12

I try to create a disjoint force graph like this here in angular 12 but I couldn’t find any examples.I still managed to draw some lines but not the nodes. There are many links but just one node in the top left corner. The data i use are the same like in the example […]

Add multiple labels for barcharts in chartjs with react

I have been using chartjs for a new project with react and I wanted to ask if it is possible to add multiple values for labels. Here is an example of what I want to do: This is the data object that is used to draw the graph of the barchart: dataSets: [ { label: […]

Ho to add spacing between bar charts

i have a horizontal bar chart the bars do not match the labels from y-axes How to add spaces between the bars? here is my yAxes config: yAxes: [ { ticks: { display: true, beginAtZero: true, padding: 0 }, gridLines: { display: false, drawBorder: false } } ] my data looks like this: this.barChartData.push({ data: […]

How to Make A Donut Chart With Text Inside Including the Animation

I have a project to submit and I was stuck in creating a donut chart that contains animation on CSS and text inside its slices. I want a similar chart same as the one that is specified below, you can see the animation of the chart just enter to . I came across a […]

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