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Charts.js scales yaxes ticks min max doesnt work

I have an HTML page with a charts.js chart that works. I’m trying to set the minimum and maximum values of the chart, but I can’t set the minimum and maximum values. I searched different posts but they all say the same, and I’m pretty sure I’m already doing that… > scales: { > yAxes: […]

how to write text at the center of sunburst chart in d3.js

I am trying to draw a sunburst chart and everything is working fine but I want to write text at the center of the chart and I really dont know how to do it. I wrote it in a div and set the position but the problem is its not responsive. Is there any way […]

Heatmap/Charting libraries recommendations

we implementing some reports at my job, and we had charting situation figured out with charts.js, nevertheless we did an in-person event, and we got a bunch of information about where most of the people where at, at different times of the day which correlates with stuff/activities happening during the day. Now we are looking […]

Clickable labels in Radar chart – Charjs with Vue

I want to make my radar chart labels clickable. I am using Vue2 with chartjs 2.9.4. Can you please tell me how to do that? Thanks Source: Vue – Stack Overflow

Google chart is loading late because my data is late . How can i do spinner or loading image?

I have three google charts and they are taking data in Mssql. But my data is coming late sometimes. However it comes slow in my google charts . I want to do spinner or loader animation just for google chart. Because I’m using pgrid in paramquery. I don’t need spinner or loader for my tables.I […]

How to change value every second

I working on charts and I need change value every second. So far i got this code. `{ //this is the chart id: ‘w4’, //power type: ‘DbNumber’, cspan: 6, properties: { title: ‘Power input [KW]’, subtitle: ‘Overall Score’, total: 1, trendMax: 2, percentRanges: [ { value: 50, color: ‘red’ }, { value: 60, color: ‘orange’ […]

Chart.js x-axis do not work for line but works for scatter

Using the type "line" in Chart.js only works on the y-axis and not the x-axis. It said on the Chart.js page that you could use xAxisKey/yAxisKey to indicate what you want to be on the x and y-axis, but what I find weird is that it only seems to work for y. import React, { […]

ChartJS get existing data Update in ascending order

I’m trying to update my data taken from an existing Chart that is generated with an input by the clients. The data is taken by a third-part script that give a generated chart with id, data and options by default. Basicaly I need to sort the data in ascending order. The code that I wrote […]

How to fill background color in ant-design charts with y-axis value condition

So I’m currently using ant-design charts to plot data which I pull from Django to React. What I wanna do is to fill colors to the background according to the y-axis values. For eg, I want the background color for 15-18 to be red, 18-20 to be yellow, 20-25 to be green and so on […]

How to draw secondary labels underneath stacks in React Bar chart

I am using react-chartjs-2 to draw a Bar graph. I have 4 elements, which I want to subdivide into 2 groups of 2: [Chocolate cakes, Sponge cakes] and [Gingerbread Cookies, Chocolate chip cookies]. I have the following code that successfully produces a bar chart with the cakes and cookies in separate stacked bars: // Minimal […]

Data Visualization for Dummies: 3 Simple Charts with <70 Lines of Code

Make complex data easily digestible with these 3 simple charts. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

How to group X-axis and use occurences of X-axis as Y-axis values in React Recharts? Any other better libraries?

The data I have will usually use time on X-Axis. Something like this { time:08:00 … 7 things describing the event – not relevant }, { time:08:00 … }, { time:08:01 … } So there will be a few thousand entries per day. One of the ways to present data is showing occurrences per X […]

Apache Charts doughnut Styling/functions

I’m trying to make a chart with the example below, but I haven’t found any references or examples of charts that have this interaction (when you click). like this Apache Charts(ECharts) 4.9.10 for now i have it let option: EChartsOption = { tooltip: { trigger: ‘item’, }, legend: { formatter: name => { var series […]

Highchart polar/area chart radial gradient

Trying to draw poloar/area chart but Unable to get below output (attached image) using highcharts library. Radial gradient changes based on data but i need constant. Looks like radial gradient center and other values getting dynamically calculated by need constant irrespective of data. Tried arearange chart but unable to get expected output. Highcharts.chart(‘container’, { […]

d3.js chart color gets lighter on clicking

I made this sunburst chart the issues is when I click on any of the arc the color of the chart gets lighter but when I refresh the page it came back to normal , the code is too long so i am attacing the js fiddle link in the comment and cant paste the […]

Chart.js not resizing according to the change in container width

I am creating a dashboard that has multiple Chart.js. The dashboard has sidebar navigation which can be minimized when clicking the toggle button. Which increases the width of the container. The chart does not fit its container to its height as you can see in the image. but If I add CSS for the canvas […]

Dynamic chart in vue-chartjs

I took the graphs from this repository, and I have a pie chart. In my project, I enter numbers through the input data in the process, write them to variables. How do I transfer them to the chart and update it (@chart:update) I figured out how to use it, but I don’t understand how to […]

How to display DSM (Dependency structure matrix) charts on the web?

I am trying to find a chart library to display DSM charts on web (Dependency Structure Matrix). For some reason, I haven’t been able to find any information on how to display DSM charts on web or what structure of data are needed to display such charts. When I google, I am only getting search […]

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