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What are the toughest communication challenges in software development?

The job would be a lot different if it were just you and the code. In your experience, what parts of the communication challenge are particularly tough in software? Source: DEV Community

Situational Leadership: A Developer's Business

A Developer’s Business Knowing a thing or two about the mindset of someone on the “business” side of your company can be very valuable. That doesn’t mean you need to spend two years of your life getting a MBA to learn about this (but don’t let me stop you). This post won’t be about accounting […]

Backend Engineering Skills Are Emphasized Too Heavily for Principal Engineers

There is a bias toward backend engineers at the principal engineer level. This leaves frontend engineers heavily disadvantaged when it comes to promotion time. When someone says they’re a fullstack engineer, what they usually mean is one of two things: 1) They’re a coding bootcamp grad that has minimal experience with Node.js and an emphasis […]

Como eu consegui meu primeiro trabalho em TI para fora do Brasil

Antes de qualquer coisa, eu queria começar esse texto com um grande disclaimer deixando claro que a área de TI é sim, hoje, muito valorizada, atraente, com ótimos salários e oportunidades de trabalho remoto em qualquer lugar do mundo, porém você sendo um iniciante, o processo para conquistar o que almeja (na grandiosidade que visualiza […]

Data Structures and Algorithms in JavaScript

Welcome and Hello ! A little bit About Me My name is Pieter van Zyl I’m a South African, Full-Stack Developer working as a consultant. My team focuses on Full stack Machine Learning Solutions for clients. E.g. Forecasting Models, Integrated with a custom dashboard. In this Series I’ll refresh my Data Structures and Algorithms Fundamentals […]

Tips: One important question you may want to ask during interviews

“How long have you been working for this company?” If most answers are less than one year and it’s not a new company or team, think twice before you join this company. Please feel free to leave your comment! Thanks Source: DEV Community

5 lessons I learned working on a real life application

On the road to becoming a developer, creating your own projects is on of the best things you can do to learn by applying your knowledge. However, nothing can compare you working on a real life application. I am now a full stack web developer at a small company based in Johannesburg, South Africa called […]

Leading developer relations at a Silicon Valley Startup

Moving to San Fransisco and working for a startup in Silicon Valley has been a dream of mine for a while. After all, it is the startup tech hub of the world. As a fresh college graduate last year, I got a chance to make it a reality. I want to tell the story of […]

Things I learned in my first experience as a Frontend Developer

Throughout the last 2 years I have been working in the tech industry, I have learned many things that have made me grow as a person but also as a professional. Without a doubt, one of the experiences where I could learn more, was my first job as a developer. Where I learned many good […]

The Sad Truth as to Why I Chose to Change Careers to Software Engineering

When I am working on these codes, it’s like I am solving problems in my own life and it reminds me that as long as I don’t give up and I am persistent I can do anything. I’m going to date myself here, but I remember the first time my grandfather let me play on […]

I've read… The Pragmatic Programmer

Truly a classic. It’s definitely a must-read book for programmers and even people managing programmers. Initially released in 1999, The Pragmatic Programmer is a book about becoming a Pragmatic Programmer – programmer that’s a true professional in their craft. And, even though it was published twenty years ago, it’s fascinating to see the struggles we […]

How I became a Web Developer with a bachelor's Degree in Finance

I completed my bachelor’s degree in finance with…. I wanted to add something at the end of last sentence like some skill I learn that would get me a job. Since I read Jocko Willink’s Extreme Ownership recently for the most part I think it’s my own fault. Now the only real skill I know […]

My first 100 followers on Dev

First of all, thanks to the Dev community for giving feedback on my posts and appreciating my content. How it started I always had a thing for writing. I had been writing Medium blogs about my travel for some time now. It brings me joy to share and express myself through words. During my college, […]

How 1.5 years of writing posts on made me a better developer ✍️↔️🧑‍💻🚀

I’ve been here for a while now. I love the community, the people are amazing and I learned so much while reading the amazing articles the authors on here have to offer. I also write articles every other week (shocking news, I know) and today I want to get a bit more meta about it. […]

25 Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Started to Code

Starting on the journey of coding can be extremely daunting. Some tips can ease your path at the beginning of the journey. Here are 25 tips I wish someone told me when I was starting out 1. You don’t need a super computer to start coding At the start of the journey, often beginners put […]

Freelancing For The Summer

I’m graduating high school this summer, and I’m not sure any of the places I’ve applied to for internships will even reply 😅 Does anyone have any expreience with freelance work on Fiverr or similar platforms? What jobs did you offer? What did your page look like and what specifically do you think landed you […]

Quicksort Algorithm: Explained With Diagrams and Javascript

Quicksort is a method of sorting values in a list through a repeated procedure to successive lists. In the Quicksort method, a value is chosen from the main list, and it is named the pivot value. The remaining values are divided into two lists. One list is of values that are less than or equal […]

Dunning-Kruger developer

I suppose you are familiar with this feeling when, after completing one course or training, you have the impression that you have complete knowledge, expert knowledge. Be careful! You may have just been caught by Mr. Dunning and Mrs. Kruger. Simply put, the Dunning-Kruger effect is that when you know little you feel as if […]

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