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React can’t get right value of const

i have two questions: Do you know why when I press the first button (not paypal) takes the right value from the constant price and instead when I click on the button Paypal takes me as a value 0 while using the same constant? How can I fix it? Is there a way to make […]

Add responsive card view bootstrap

How to add card view using bootstrap html,css. I am trying to do exact like the above image but unable to do. Here is my code: <link href=”” rel=”stylesheet”/> <div class=”cardview”> <div class=”card”> <div> <div class=”numbers”>94%</div> <div class=”percentage”>6% since last year</div> </div> </div> <div class=”card”> <div> <div class=”numbers”>193</div> <div class=”percentage”>6% since last year</div> </div> </div> […]

Vertical scroll not working at the size of the screen

I’m trying to achieve a scroll of users inside a flexbox menu. I’ve realized something strange when I’m setting to my nav a height of px’s(like 100px for instance) it’ll work just fine, but when I’m setting a 100% height, it’ll create a global scroll if there’s not enough space, and my menu won’t fit […]

Confusion about bootstrap Cards with React

I have the below code: import { Card, CardGroup } from "react-bootstrap"; function Woodcutting() { const trees = [ { uID: "tree-normal", name: "Normal Tree", level: 1, interval: 3000, xp: 10, media: "tree.png", }, { uid: "tree-oak", name: "Oak Tree", level: 5, interval: 4000, xp: 15, media: "tree.png", }, { uID: "tree-magic", name: "Magic Tree", […]

bootstrap 5 video carousel controls and videos not showing

hope your beautiful community is having an excellent end of the year. I come here because I’m having problems with the coding of a website for a friend’s company. he wants to add a video carousel to his website that already had a ccs, so I added the links and scrips for bootstrap to make […]

Bootstrap button border-radius produces random weird artifacts

Recently I noticed weird artifacts in my bootstrap buttons borders. After a while I realized that this is not related with my style and theme, because the artifacts can be reproduced even on the bootstrap button documentation page (just set the border-radius for .btn to .015rem) The artifacts rendered around the whole border (or a […]

Angular do not show images

My angular project do not show images content.component.html <div class="mt-5"><img src="/assets/images/aaa.img" alt="image"></div> assets anf imges its just show me this Source: CSS – Stack Overflow

How to add remove !important css with new css

bootstrap-next-tableand i am using this table in my project around different places , and i have override acssclass in this and i have given my own value .Now the problem that i am currently facing ,one component needs defaultcss class, i have override this class` .table > thead { display: none !important; } Now in […]

Nav items are not aligned in mobile view

mobile view My navitems are taking up two lines when I shrink my screen to mobile view. The search bar and hamburger menu and the logo are all in different places,desktop view I want them in a single line. Any input will be appriciated. <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang=”en” dir=”ltr”> <head> <meta charset=”utf-8″> <link rel=”apple-touch-icon” sizes=”57×57″ […]

Bootstrap success icon showing white on white instead of green?

I copied the code directly from the bootstrap docs (below) but for some reason my "success" badge is showing as white text on a white background? I can highlight the text and it’s "there" but it’s not showing like it should. Code from bootstrap: <span class="badge badge-success">Success</span> Code from my page: <h5 class="card-title mb-2"><%= title […]

show menu active using js

I am trying to make the selected menu item be active only class rd-nav-item, not the submenu. When the main menu item is selected(rd-nav-item) and then change the color of it but not the submenu and when the submenu is selected then the main menu item of it make active. Is it possible to do […]

Boostrap dropdown when one item it should work like a button

I am using boostrap(v4.3.1)’s dropdown with Blazor. My dropdown generator code in blazor looks something like this. Here, when the dropdown is clicked dropdown-menu will open. In dropdown-menu there are buttons. If you click on a button the OpenItems(item) of that button will execute. But in the case of when items list only contain one […]

Ruby Rails override application css with user’s preference from database

I am storing user color theme preference in the database (not a pre-defined list of colors). I want to dynamically change the site color scheme after the user save settings. I want my application.css to take in dynamic variables if possible. application.css (want to take in dynamic hex color): primary: #0275d8; secondary: #515257; user_settings model […]

transferring element location

I’ve already set up a vertical menu, but as a result, my element is now poping below it. I need your help by setting the next element to show next to the menu(and not below it). I know I can just use position absolute and it’ll change, but I’ll add tons of elements and I’m […]

Merely loading bootstrap is breaking animation parameters

I’m trying to implement a frontend code found online for rolling a dice. The code can be found in this repository: HTML: <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8" /> <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0" /> <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="ie=edge" /> <title>Dice Roll</title> <link rel="stylesheet" href="./styles.css" /> </head> <body> <div class="dice"> <ol class="die-list even-roll" data-roll="1" id="die-1"> […]

How to move dropdown to rightside end in card header html

I have a dropdown in card header i need that to be in top right corner how do i set that in my header.I need welcome message in right side of the card header as below image its beside the title html <style> .card { /* Add shadows to create the "card" effect */ box-shadow: […]

Bootstrap table layout – irregular headers and set col widths

I am trying to create a bootstrap table layout like below: In the header columns 2 and 3 are spanned. Column 1 is kept small (col-1 ?) The text "Our Super Status" needs enough room to be on one line IMG in column 4 needs to be right justified. I tried to do this in […]

Removing gutters from bootstrap columns not working (I have checked other stackoverflow posts about it) None worked

This is an image of the gutter space I am speaking of bootstrap gutter The gutter is marked in black on the image. I tried giving the row "g-0" but it did not work, any idea how to get rid of it ? This is my html <!DOCTYPE html> <html lang="en"> <head> <meta charset="UTF-8"> <meta […]

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