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Compare csv data with ui in Cypress

Please help. I meed to implement following flow in Cypress: Download Csv file Read it and match it with data showed on UI How do i do this? No idea how to make it with readfile. Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

Write your tools: simple JIRA automation

I had a thought recently that writing tools by yourself is a refreshing experience, it allows you to go outside your day-to-day work, and… Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

12 Use Cases of AI and Machine Learning In Finance

Here are a few use cases where machine learning algorithms can have been used to great effect in the financial sector, both saving and making money for users. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

Is AI the Best Solution for Crowd Management?

We increasingly use technology for a broad variety of purposes. One new purpose has been to manage crowds in crowded events to streamline the experience. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

The Benefits Cloud ERP Solutions Bring to Modern Enterprise

With over 70% of companies undergoing complete digitization, it might be your company’s chance to reap the benefits of using sales ERP software. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

How to click on the reCAPTCHA using webdriverio

Hi everyone can you help me with that problem? I’m trying to enter inside the Iframe of google reCaptcha. Tried several ways to click but didn’t work with the iframe it seems. below is the method I tried. test.js clickCaptcha() { const captchaElem = $(‘#recaptcha-anchor’); if (captchaElem.isDisplayed()) {; } else { console.log(‘No Captcha!’); } […]

how to run script continuously in background at server

Description: I have created python automation code which basically visits the website enters the seat number and fetches the result. currently I am storing that fetched result in dictionary object to just check whether its working or not. but now I want to create a webpage where I want to display those fetched results. the […]

Google App Script problem in Loop emails when conversation length are long

Reference to the previous question to Filter Gmail body and paste in Spreadsheet I had created below a google app script and set a trigger for after every 5 minutes: function GetEmailsData(){ // SKIP TO OUT OF OFFICE HOURS AND DAYS var nowH=new Date().getHours(); var nowD=new Date().getDay(); if (nowH>19||nowH<8||nowD==0) { return } // START OPERATION […]

Using explicit wait with Async mode in WebDriverIO

If I am using the async mode in WebDriver IO, Given the following test case: search the user name input and fill it with the user name 1 it("Explicit Wait Example", async () => { 2 const userNameInput = await $(‘//input[@id="username"]’); 3 await userNameInput.waitForExist(); 4 await userNameInput.setValue("My User Name"); 5 }); since the await function […]

"You Can Build a Strong Team That’s Remote From the Beginning" Carolyn Mooney, CEO, Nextmv

Nextmv is a Philadelphia startup of the year nominee, and their CEO and cofounder, Carolyn Mooney shares with us their origin story and remote culture secrets. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

Validate JSON like never before❗

This article will help you implement the Un-Marshalling concept to fetch the values from the JSON response for validation purposes🤩 Follow me on Medium for such interesting articles and help me grow🖖 Source: DEV Community

how test in postman the code propery shouldnt have some value

To test this section I have to check an Environment Variable that is not inside this reponse My response is here { "status": "ok", "statusCode": "0000", "message": { "text": "", "type": "" }, "errors": [], "data": { "docs": [ { "name": "admin", "description": "نقش admin کل سیستم. با دسترسی به همه‌ی بخش ها (System generated)", […]

Check that there is no environment variable inside the response [duplicate]

To test this section I have to check an Environment Variable that is not inside this reponse My response is here { "status": "ok", "statusCode": "0000", "message": { "text": "", "type": "" }, "errors": [], "data": { "docs": [ { "name": "admin", "description": "نقش admin کل سیستم. با دسترسی به همه‌ی بخش ها (System generated)", […]

How can I automate online course registration task?

My school’s courses registration open at certain time bi-annualy. Each class has a maximum limit of student registrations, and the courses fill up very quickly. I want to code a script to automate the registration task so I can, once the registration opens, get registered before others refresh their site and register for themselves. I […]

Get Emails from Gmail using Google App Script as 10 mins before to current time

I want to search email using Google App Script as 10 mins before to current time, I wrote the below script but it’s not working, as I have emails with the same subject as defined in query and before 10 mins(even 1 min before mails are there) but GAS showing zero threads. function testforemails(){ var […]

puppteer click() method not working although element is recognized by xPath

I’m using the current code section in several tests: const menuIcon = await page.$x(`//span[contains(@class,’icon-menu-wrap’)]`); await menuIcon[0].click(); Until now it worked perfectly, but now I got this new test where the login process to the website is a bit different than usual. Still, I made sure that puppeteer recognizes the element (after using page.$x I can […]

The Future Trends of Back Office Operations

An analysis of different strategies and technologies for back office operations in hedge funds. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

How to achieve Hard assert & Soft assert in Detox Framework?

Hard Assert: If test fails, execution should stop at mid, reason for the failure should be recorded and should start next test. Soft assert: If failures occurs it should not abort the current running test, it should continue next step of current test. Kindly let me know how to do this in Detox Framework. Thanks […]

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