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Cypress: Email "At" symbol throwing error

I am running an automation test using Cypress. I am trying to input an email address for a login page. cy.get(’email’).type([email protected]) Then I am getting this error because of the @ symbol Unexpected token, expected "," (29:33) Is there anyway to circumvent this? Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

How to Act Like You're Working When You're not With RobotJS

Learn how to automate your desktop but with a fun example. Read All Source: Hacker Noon – JavaScript

Parameterizing Ansible roles, Part II

In the previous Tips&Tricks we explained how to parametrize Ansible roles. For all of you who thought “well, documenting variables sucks compared to documenting module parameters”, we have some exciting news! Ansible Core features argument specification support for Ansible roles. In practical terms, this means that: Developers gained a structured way of documenting Ansible role […]

Making dynamic Twitter header

Recently I saw a Twitter header that displayed images of new followers dynamically. I fell in love with this idea so I decided to create my own. It should be simple, I will just write a simple script that will take a background image, via Twitter API downloads list of followers, their profile images and […]

Create a Balance Reminder with Vonage Account API and Google Apps

Being a freelancer, I have helped a couple of local businesses in India implement Vonage products. Recently, one of my clients asked if they can get a reminder email when the Vonage balance is below a specified limit as they don’t want to hamper their operations because of insufficient balance. Almost all of my clients […]

n8n — Extendable Workflow Automation

With n8n everyone can have their own free node-based workflow automation tool. n8n is self-hostable, so the data stays with you. It can be easily extended and so also used with in-house tools and allows to automate complex tasks. Launch it directly from the CLI via npx n8n or run the offered Docker container. If […]

Using Azure automation and Events to monitor a parent Key Vault and update the secret in child Key Vault(s)

Before going into the actual blog, I wanted to explain the Azure resources that we are going to discuss in simple words, Key Vault is a resource in Azure to store secret information that can be accessed by your apps through managed identities or service principal authentication. Azure Automation is a service that gives you […]

In Selenium need to validate search result

I have list of companies in my excel I want to write a script in Java to validate the list of company that will appear the search list, Companies that are not there in the search should fail what logic should I used if anyone can helpme Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

Google’s Chrome User Experience Data in WebPageTest

This article assumes that you know the basics of AWS, WebPageTest, SSH, and at least one linux text editor. When talking to people about website performance stats, I’ll usually split it into Real User Metrics (RUM) and Automated (Synthetic/Test Lab): RUM is performance data reported from the website you own, reported into the analytics tool […]

Javascript Extension Run on Cloud?

I created a chrome extension using javascript to press a button every period of time as long as the tab of this website is open. How can I make this extension run on a cloud service? Like copying my javascript from the extension into this cloud service and it runs it on the specific site […]

What to Look for When Choosing Business Process Management Software

Why BPM is so important and what are the key features you should pay attention to when choosing such tools? Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

5 DevOps tips to speed up your developer workflow

TL;DR: From learning YAML to scripting with Bash, here are a few simple tips for developers who want to speed up their workflows. From CI/CD to containerization management and server provisioning, DevOps gets a lot of buzz in tech today. You could even say that it’s a buzz … word. As a developer, you might […]

Lambda Retry and Error Notification With AWS Step Function

The Problem My team has a lambda function that is scheduled to run every hour. It succeeds 90% of the time but fails 10% of the time due to network error. When it fails, it does so silently. And we have to regularly check its logs and manually make up for what is missing. This is […]

How to Create and Implement Your Own Test Automation Strategy

Every new software, method, or tool comes with certain growing pains and takes some time to get used to, although it’s almost always worth the adoption effort. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

An Effective Approach to Selecting Test Cases for Automation

Software development companies are in hot pursuit of automation whether it’s set up in-house or as outsourced testing. End-users are demanding higher quality apps with more advanced, intuitive features, which has spurred the evolution in software testing methodologies. Manual software testing is by no means obsolete, but it is not sufficient as a single approach […]

How to open a second tab in the same browser using Selenium Webdriver , Javascript pattern Page Object

I just can’t understand one thing. For example I have a Driver() object. Object A() and object B() are inherited from the Driver object. I use Selenium Webdriver. class DriverObject() { initBrowser() { this.driver = new Builder().forBrowser("chrome").build(); } openPage(url) { this.driver.get(url); } openAndSwitchNewTab() { this.parentWindow = this.driver.getWindowHandle(); this.driver.switchTo().newWindow(‘tab’); this.childWindow = this.driver.getWindowHandle(); } } class Bi() […]

AWS Step Function: Adding Retries and Error Notifications To A Lambda Function

A step by step guide on how to use the AWS step function to retry Lambda and send notifications when errors occur in Lambda. Read the full story Source: Hackernoon

Getting Started with Camunda & Spring Boot 🍃

This tutorial intends to gives you a quick and practical introduction to the open-source workflow and decision automation platform Camunda! 🦊 Here you can find the code for this chapter under the git tag chapter-1. The easiest way to get started is to download this sample project: curl -L | bsdtar -xvf – -C […]

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