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Arrays in PySpark

Example of Arrays columns in PySpark Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

Find the non-duplicate number in an array.

Given a non-empty array of integers, every element appears twice except for one. Find that single one. Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

Filter nested object based on deep value with Javascript

I have this nested object: const menus = { path: ‘/actions/step’, icon: ‘fa fa-wine-bottle’, title: ‘Fasi’, children: [ { path: ‘/actions/step/analysis’, title: ‘Analisi’ }, { path: ‘/actions/step/import’, title: ‘Importazione’ }, { path: ‘/actions/step/squeeze’, title: ‘Spremitura’ }, { path: ‘/actions/step/move’, title: ‘Spostamento’ }, { path: ‘/actions/step/splitauto’, title: ‘Travaso Guidato’ }, { path: ‘/actions/step/stir’, title: ‘Rimestaggio’ }, […]

How to get object array data without using spread operator in javascript [duplicate]

I would like to know how to get data without using spread operator in javascript I tried using id:, place: , want to know other ways, since object list has more property var list = [ {name: "SG_aa", id: 1, place: "IN"}, {name: "SG_bb", id: 2, place: "SG"}, ] var result ={ […]

Measuring the depth emptiness in an Array [closed]

I need to implement the function measureDepth() to calculate and get the result shown below? measureDepth([]) // should return 1 measureDepth([[]]) // should return 2 measureDepth([[[]]]) // should return 3 measureDepth([[[[[[[[[[[]]]]]]]]]]]) // should return 11 Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

Merging Nested Arrays from Reduce Method

Prompt: Create a function prioritize that accepts an array and a callback. The callback will return either true or false. prioritize will iterate through the array and perform the callback on each element, and return a new array, where all the elements that yielded a return value of true come first in the array, and […]

Javascript Multi-Dimensional Array with nested for Loop – Not working right

I have a multidimensional array that I am looping through with two for loops. If some criteria is met, i.e the value of j is 0 then I want to run code to insert an additional field into the array. If j is above 0 I want to run a function and then apply this […]

Missing properties for type (typescript)

In the following: @Mutation remove_bought_products(productsToBeRemoved: Array<I.Product>) { const tmpProductsInVendingMachine: Array<I.Product> = Object.values(this.productsInVendingMachine); const reducedProductsInVendingMachine: Array<I.Product> = tmpProductsInVendingMachine.reduce((tmpProductsInVendingMachine, { id, …rest }) => ({ …tmpProductsInVendingMachine, …{ [id]: { id, …rest } } }), {}); productsToBeRemoved.forEach(({ id }) => reducedProductsInVendingMachine[id].productQty–); … gives: TS2740: Type ‘{}’ is missing the following properties from type ‘Product[]’: length, pop, push, concat, […]

array elements does not match same assigned elements

I wrote a function where I am looping through an array(which contains a number of array elements itself). e.g. theMainAr:[ [ 5 ],[ 5, 3 ],[ 5, 3, 9 ],[ 5, 3, 9, 4 ],[ 3 ],[ 3, 9 ],[ 3, 9, 4 ],[ 9 ],[ 9, 4 ],[ 4 ] ] The main array […]

Roman to Integer Leetcode (Javascript) – Recursive Solution Returns Undefined [duplicate]

Currently I’m trying to solve LeetCode’s Roman To Integer question that taken an integer as an input returns a corresponding Roman Numeral. I can correctly print the final string at the base case, but when returning that final string it ends up being undefined. What causes the string to be correct in the base case […]

how do I make an animations around one character

is there a way to make animation around a number correspond to the number amount? like the 5 in this picture: example model Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

React, cannot reach inside a .map()

{console.log(checkpointData)} { => { console.log(point) return( <Marker position={[32.666931, -16.924055]} icon= { pointerIcon } > </Marker> ) })} <Marker position={[32.636931, -16.924055]} icon= { pointerIcon } > </Marker> So the Marker inside the .map does not render, while the other does. As a matter of fact, the .map looks like it’s being completely ignored. I’m a noob […]

Can anyone explain this Challenge solution?

I will attach image of challenge solution that i cannot understand this solution not the challenge itself Code : function array(num,length){ return […Array(length).map((_,i) => num * (i+1) } Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

how do i use replit’s databse to do operation on arrays?

I’m a beginner in javascript. i tried for an hour on how do i save this information: KEY: discord server ID VALUE: mentioned user’s ID(s) The Value is an array because it will save multiple users’ IDs. client.on("message", async message => { if (message.content.toLowerCase() === (`${prefix}trust`)) { if ( === { const user = […]

Can’t get the value of a function inside an object using socketIO with redux-toolkit

I am using redux toolkit with socket io but can’t get the value return from the server. I try to assign the value into the res Array but the array length is still 0 let res = [] socket.emit("users") socket.on("users", (users) => { res.concat(users) users.forEach(user => { const { username, userID} = user res.push({ username: […]

Restrict User To Enter Same range of values against a particular type

I have a dynnamic grid in which user can add as many rows as he wants. On addition of rows, he will select a type, and against that type will enter a minimum value and a maximum value. Type Minimum Value MaximumValue AddRow ABC 12 13 (icon) XYZ 12 13 (icon) ABC 12 13 (icon) […]

React doesn’t update data for loops

I’ve this problem with React: <div className="container"> <div className="row"> {servers.database?.map((server, index) => ( <div className="col"> <div className="card" style={{ width: "18rem", backgroundColor: "#101114", color: "white", marginTop: "80px", borderRadius: "15px", boxShadow: "4px 3px 5px 0px #7335fb" }}> <img src="" className="card-img-top" alt="Icona server" style={{ borderRadius: "50%", width: "96px", marginLeft: "20px", marginTop: "60px" }} /> <div className="card-body"> <h5 className="card-title">{[index].name […]

Find all index based on condition

How can I get all the indexes based on a condition for an array of objects? I have tried the code below, but it’s returning only the first occurrence. a = [ {prop1:”abc”,prop2:”yutu”}, {prop1:”bnmb”,prop2:”yutu”}, {prop1:”zxvz”,prop2:”qwrq”}]; index = a.findIndex(x => x.prop2 ===”yutu”); console.log(index); Source: Vue – Stack Overflow

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