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Backend: Layered Architecture

Motivation Choosing the correct architecture for your backend application is an important decision because you will get the most of it in a long shot. This article is written to give Backend Developers an understanding of how to structure the code in order to make it properly incapsulated correspondingly to its purpose. Properly structured code […]

Introduction to Modern Data Architecture (formerly Lake House)

Organizations have been building data lakes to analyze massive amounts of data for deeper insights into their data. To do this, they bring data from multiple silos into their data lake, and then run analytics and AI/ML directly on it. It is common for these organizations to also have data stored in specialized data stores, […]

Language Interoperability

INTRODUCTION Client/server architecture and many distributed computing systems use multiple languages and technologies for differing parts of their system. The difference in these languages or technologies could pose a serious barrier to creating a workable system. That’s where interoperability comes in. WHAT IS INTEROPERABILITY? Interoperability in programming could be defined as the ability for two […]

Your test cases should fail

Writing tests are not enough, they should fail when the application doesn’t meet the requirements. In this article, we look at an example then improve its test and later end with a few guidelines for writing tests. Example Suppose we are making an API that returns information about a user. API # GET /users/defunkt $ […]

Design Patterns of Event-driven Architecture

According to the report, we can see the event-driven model is a hot topic for the system design. However, designing a good event-driven architecture is quite challenging. We are familiar with the synchronization model, which request and response directly, but the stories are totally different in the asynchronization scheme. Nevertheless, here are some architecture patterns […]

An overview of software testing

Hi, devs! What are you going to read here? Important points and necessaries for your software testing knowledge. Let’s get start with the 7 principles of software testing described on syllabus CTFL – Certified Tester Foundation Level, BSTQB/ISQTB. This principles was created through over the years. 1 – Testing shows the presence of defects First […]

Backend Engineering Skills Are Emphasized Too Heavily for Principal Engineers

There is a bias toward backend engineers at the principal engineer level. This leaves frontend engineers heavily disadvantaged when it comes to promotion time. When someone says they’re a fullstack engineer, what they usually mean is one of two things: 1) They’re a coding bootcamp grad that has minimal experience with Node.js and an emphasis […]

Using Modules and Pinia to structure Nuxt 3 app

Building a Hello World application in Nuxt 3 is relatively simple, but you will most probably reach a stage in your project where you will need to structure your application in order to have easy customizability and extendability for future upgrades and new features. For that you could utilize the concept of Modules. This article […]

CRUD is simple until it's not

Every app is just a glorified CRUD app with extra steps. There are a lot of debates happening in the dev community between using complex architecture (such as CQRS) and viewing everything as a CRUD. I want to clarify when CRUD is simple enough for the job, and when it is not. Let say you […]

Security Pillar – AWS Well-Architected Framework | AWS White Paper Summary

Introduction The AWS Well-Architected Framework helps you understand trade-offs for decisions you make while building workloads on AWS. By using the Framework, you will learn current architectural best practices for designing and operating reliable, secure, efficient, and cost-effective workloads in the cloud. It provides a way for you to consistently measure your workload against best […]

GraphQL vs REST: What’s the difference?

As far back as the early 2000s, REST has been the architectural style of choice when creating Application Programming Interfaces (or APIs). To keep up with the growth and evolution of web applications, product and engineering teams must create new features and iterate rapidly. To meet these demanding app requirements, something different was needed — […]

SQL vs NoSQL Database – A Complete Comparison

There are two main categories of database in use in the development world today, commonly referred to as SQL and NoSQL. In this article, we will compare an SQL vs. NoSQL database based on their pros and cons. SQL, or Structured Query Language, is the universally known query language for relational databases. SQL databases make […]

Coding a Better World Together with Uncle Bob

If you don’t have the time to watch these lengthy videos on YouTube, this article is for you. This article was originally published at on Dec 18, 2021. These are the summary of what I learned from all these “Coding a Better World Together” lessons from Uncle Bob in my own words. I only […]

React folder structuring

Hey all great minds, this post is all about how I used to structure the react applications that I built so far. It’s completely opinionated. Please comment with your thoughts. Let’s assume that we are building a simple application with some common modules and features in it. I always do the structuring based on the […]

Modern Software Engineering [Book Notes]

Notes What’s Software Engineering TL;DR: A scientific approach to creating Software. Full of information on how to master learning and handle complexity in our field. Modern Software Engineering Book Software Engineering applies a scientific approach to finding solutions to problems. Engineering is stuff that works! Software development is the process of discovering and learning, so […]

Introduction to RabbitMQ and Symfony

One day I was trying to learn the deep concepts of RabbitMQ, its use cases and why it’s different from other message brokers. I’ve started by reading the cool documentation and then I was eager to try it out in a demo application. Turns out it wasn’t so easy to setup a Symfony application and […]

Decode Bridge Pattern

Decouple an abstraction from its implementation so that the two can vary independently. When to use When run-time binding of the implementation is required. To support a proliferation of classes resulting from a coupled interface and numerous implementations, To share an implementation among multiple objects and to map orthogonal class hierarchies. Intent Decouple an abstraction […]

System Design Interview Question: Designing a URL Shortening Service

How to design a URL shortening service like TinyURL? Software engineers usually struggle with system design interviews partly due to their lack of experience developing large-scale systems and partly due to the unstructured nature of system design interviews. Even advanced and experienced developers find system design interviews challenging since the design questions are open-ended and […]

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