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The problem I had with APIs and Inheritance in .NET

The problem I had with APIs and Inheritance in .NET And how to easily solve it Photo by on Unsplash So here's the problem I had. I had an endpoint in my OrderController that had to add an order, similar to the following (I will be using a short example for the purpose of keeping this short […]

How to deploy a Python + Flask API on Heroku

#ExplainLikeI’m5 Continue reading on Level Up Coding » Source: Level Up Coding

Form Handling With API Tutorial

The Vue CLI is an awesome tool to kick-start your Vue projects. But by default — and rightly so — it comes with very little in the way of styling. Follow along and I’ll show you how to Create a Form With API using JSON Server on Vue Getting set up the Vue Project In […]

What resources help you to learn a new API?

In my day job, when I’m not learning things by reading and sharing here on DEV, I’m a developer advocate at Twitter. I’ve been doing this for quite a long time now, and I recognise that while I’m always learning for myself, I don’t always stop to think about how other people learn. I know […]

Synchronize Postman collections with the API

Working with Postman and APIs can be painful when you don’t synchronize Postman collections automatically with the API. A common approach to get started with Postman is to import the API schema. This works absolutely fine until the first update on the API spec happens. While importing the updated API spec works, it creates a […]

How to Manage Dates and Times in PHP Using Carbon

Date and time manipulation is one of a few frequently-experienced challenges of developing web apps in PHP. And one of it’s most prevalent issues is identifying time disparities and making them readable, such as “one hour ago”. However, handling dates and times — and issues such as this — is greatly simplified by using Carbon; […]

Some Awesome APIs for your next project

Some Awesome APIs for your next project Several free web APIs are available to connect to your mobile app, web app, or website to add compelling functionality. A web API is an application programming interface that may be accessed through the internet using web-specific protocols. Here are nine APIs to create some fantastic projects: 1. […]

Building a CRUD API with Node.js and MongoDB

Howdy everyone, in this article we are going to build a CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) API with Node.js and MongoDB. This API will be able to add, get, edit and delete todos! Setting up our node app Create a new folder and give it a name- mkdir crud-API Navigate into the project- cd crud-API […]

APIs for Beginners

Are you looking to benefit from automation but lack the experience to leverage an API? To equip you with the tools you need to start utilizing APIs and automation, we’ve put together these helpful Beginner FAQs covering common terminology, methods, and tools for testing APIs. What is an API? API stands for Application Programming Interface. […]

REST and the future of APIs

gRPC Logo ( — Just one of many message protocols Whenever someone starts talking about web services and APIs, you will eventually land on a discussion about whether to use REST or some new technology. Let me state, up front, that I don’t actually think there is anything inherently bad about using REST. It’s a great spec, […]; scraper[2]

Odata inregistrati in, avem acces la API. Ce este un API? Prin intermediul API-ului pus la dispozitie, ai acces la informatia din index. API-ul este definit prin cateva end-pointuri. Pentru scraper doua endpointuri devin extrem de importante: Endpointul care sterge locurile de munca ale unei companii: CLEAN Endpointul care adauga un loc de munca […]

The Simplest backend

Connecting to a database and managing it absolutely not beginner friendly! Writing your backend Testing it Deploying it and Deploying on the other side requires further knowledge about cloud. As a backend developer myself who usually writes the backend in python coupled with a micro framework called flask it’s quite hard and time consuming to […]

It’s Time to Replace Express with Fastify for Your Next Node.js API

Released in 2016, Fastify isn’t a new project but it has been actively maintained and with 21.5k stars on GitHub, it has gathered quite the following. Based on its stats, it’s easy to see why: Not only is it 5x faster than Express, you can still use the Express middleware you’re used to, so it’s simple […]

Build Your Own API using node and express

Hey everyone, I am here again with the new article in this we will be building our very own API using node and express. Let’s start with the setup first in which we initialize our backend JavaScript application. npm init -y Now we do need to express well so let us install express as well. […]

Java/ Convert PPS/PPT to PPTX

PPS is a PowerPoint Show format that opens in full-screen slideshow mode and automatically exits when finishing displaying . While PPT is the default file extension for saving presentations in PowerPoint 2003 and earlier versions. Sometimes, you may receive a PowerPoint presentation in .pps or .ppt format. In this article, you will learn how to […]

How to create a React JS application with the Pokémon API

We are going to create an application that shows the information of the pokemos, consumed from an API. Api: Github: Code: App.js import React, { useEffect } from ‘react’; import ‘./App.css’; import CharacterGrid from ‘./components/characters/CharacterGrid’ import Header from ‘./components/ui/Header’ function App() { const [result, setResult] = React.useState([]); const [poke, setPoke] = React.useState([]); const […]

Build REST API with Kotlin and Ktor

According to Stack Overflow survey from 2020, Kotlin is one of the most loved programming languages, so it is safe to say that JetBrains, a company that develops Kotlin, is doing an excellent job. Kotlin is most well known as a language for developing Android applications, but it can be used for developing backend services, […]

Launched PandaDoc Tech Blog

Just 3 months ago, we launched PandaDoc for Developers. Since then, many developers have created their sandbox accounts and started exploring our API for free. We carefully collected all the feedback and feature requests that we received and have been working to continuously improve our API capabilities. And today, the first update is available! We […]

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