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ChartJS Annotation plugin either throws a console error or doesn’t show up on the chart at all

There is a question on the same issue here, but it was unanswered. I am trying to use the ChartJS Annotation plugin, version 0.5.7, in an Angular 8 application. However, depending on where I add the logic, I either get an error in the console (but working annotations) or no error in the console (but […]

Angular AG Grid Auto Row Height with Row Style Changes Issue

I’m currently using Angular with AG Grid and the autoHeight property is working before I make changes using getRowStyle. What I am trying to do is have autoHeight working while also making lines bold through a getRowStyle params assignment based on an if clause. The if is looking for specific words and if that word […]

How To Add CSS to router-outlet element

I have some code that looks like this: <section> <div style="height: 100%; max-width: 10%; background-color: deepskyblue;">my content</div> <router-outlet style="height: 100%; min-width: 90%; background-color: gold;"></router-outlet> </section> I want the div to work as a side-bar with the router-outlet taking up the remaining 90% of the space. But what ends up happening is that the content displayed […]

Determine Direction of Angular Material Tooltip to Apply Arrow

I’m working in an Angular project, using Angular Material. I’m wanting to write styling for mat-tooltip to give it an arrow pointing to the content that triggers the tooltip. This is what I have right now: I achieved this by adding the following styles: .mat-tooltip.ds-tooltip { overflow: visible; &::before { content : ”; display : […]

Select child css without a specific element

I want to apply css style in all mat-tab-group element without impacting the style of app-form element <div class="area"> <childhere></childhere> <mat-tab-group> <mat-tab *ngFor="…" [label]="label"> <form [formGroup]="formGroup"> <div class="inside-tab"> <mat-form-field>…</mat-form-field> <mat-form-field>…</mat-form-field> <mat-form-field>…</mat-form-field> <mat-form-field>…</mat-form-field> </div> <app-form></app-form> </form> </mat-tab> </mat-tab-group> </div> I’ve try using :not property without real success mat-tab-group > mat-tab > form :not(:last-child){ background-color: #009926; //to […]

How to lazy load Angular Components of the home page?

I have my code as given below in app.component.html i.e. as soon as the user lands on the home screen; I want to lazy load the app-image-gallery & app-users-list and want to load them with some Shimmer effect or Loader as soon as the user reaches the viewport of that particular component. Almost every grown […]

The Right way to commit a code – Integrating Git hooks using husky(V7) with (ESLint + commitlint + SonarQube) in Angular(12+)

Here we’ll be automating our commit workflow i.e when a developer commits a code it will check for lint errors, do unit testing then inspect the code using SonarQube and check whether the commit message given by developer follows the commit convention or not. Only If all above conditions are satisfied the code will be […]

An Ultimate Guide on How to Use CSS Grid with Angular

Introduction Holy Grail is a web page user interface layout pattern. The header, main content section, left side fixed-width nav block, middle content section, fixed sidebar, and the footer at the bottom are among the UI components. It may be created using a variety of techniques, including CSS Grid and the incredibly popular CSS Flex-box […]

border not have round limits – css

How can I fix the bottom border to have round limits? All I need is the solid line will be rounded, and As my table coded the line is not rounded <p-table [value]="fg?.controls?.treesSummary?.controls" styleClass="sumTable"> <ng-template pTemplate="header"> <tr> </tr> <tr *ngFor="let item of fg?.controls?.treesSummary?.controls; let i = index" [formGroupName]="i" class="gray-border"> <th class="th_first_t"> <input type="number" [attr.disabled]="true" #ddNames […]

Is there any alternative way for ngUpgrade to Migrate Angularjs to Angular?

We have an Application which is built using Angularjs. Now I need to Migrate the whole application to angular latest vesrion. It seems NgUpgradeModule supporting hybrid application , but I need to change the whole application to angular. Is there any option to acheive this? Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

select option independent in formArray Angular

Good evening, I have a problem I am using a reactive form, with FormArray, I have a button to add 2 options as many times as necessary, the problem is that the options are matselects and in one of these selects I use an event (change), the problem is that adding the options for the […]

Javascript Spread Operator Alternative

So I’m working with an old codebase that uses javascript es5, this means I cannot use the spread operator var listOfItems = [ [‘item1’, ‘test’, ‘1’], [‘item2’, ‘test2’, ‘2’] ]; var docDefinition = { style: ‘piecesTable’, table: { widths: [‘*’, ‘*’, ‘*’], body: [ [ {text: ‘Reference’, style: ‘tableHeader’}, {text: ‘Alias’, style: ‘tableHeader’}, {text: ‘Type’, […]

Serve Multiple SPA Apps from .Net Core (Angular & VueJs Vite)

I’m trying to serve up two separate SPA’s (Angular and Vue.js/Vite) from (.Net Core), and unable to correctly route the proxy urls to the hosted apps and assets. Example when launching .net Core and going to the url ‘http://localhost:{port}/vueApp’ i get 404 not found when looking for the assets pointing at http://localhost:{port}/main.ts. What is the […]

How do I change the mode of all modals to ios in Ionic (Angular)?

how can I change the mode of all my modal components in my Ionic 5 application to be shown as ios modals? For one specific modal you can simply write: …. mode: ‘ios’, …. But how/where can you change the default mode for all modals globally to ios? Thank you! Source: JavaSript – Stack Overflow

How can I easily display an array of codes from MongoDB in Angular?

I’m trying to build a simple application that allows users to submit codes to a database and simply display those codes back to them. My database model looks like this, where the text is the actual code to be displayed. For some reason I cannot get the codes to display on the webpage and it’s […]

Collapsible Sidebar using Angular and Bootstrap 4 (load sidebar from: left to right / right to left after a button is pressed)

I am using Angular and Bootstrap 4. I want to create a "collapsible" sidebar, but it should start from left to right when is open and right to left when is closed the sidebar. Example here – Bootstrap I did find the following(angular with bootstrap): Example here – Angular/Bootstrap 4, but it’s not from left […]

HTML align last column right

I have a problem. For my current project I have a page with a list. The list contains posts, which is shown in a css grid. The last 2 columns of the grid need to be text-aligned to the right, but that isn’t working. Here is the code snippet: mat-form-field { margin: 0px 10px; } […]

How to improve rendering performance with *ngFor in Angular

I am creating a chat app, and performance is slow when a lot of messages are sent at once. The messages show up but the UI becomes unresponsive for a while. Here is a simplified version of the code and how can I fix this? HTML: <div class="message-notification" *ngFor="let newMessage of chatMessages"; trackBy: trackByMsgs> <custom-notification […]

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