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How to Declare Variables in Android String Resources?

To be referenced by another string resources to avoid duplicated hard-coded strings in different places. This article was originally published at on Dec 25, 2021. Suppose you have 2 string resources app_name and about_text below, you have 2 duplicated hard-coded strings. <resources> <string name=”app_name”>My App Name</string> <string name=”about_text”>My App Name</string> </resources> Reference Another String […]

Key Differences Between Native Apps and Hybrid Apps

In the world of mobile apps, it is not easy to create one that makes a mark in the industry. You have to be vigilant, future-ready and thoughtful. Even if you have a groundbreaking app idea, it’s not enough to make it a success. The next major thing to decide is whether you should build […]

Kodular vs Thunkable | which is better? | All-time-dev

Kodular vs Thunkable | which is better? | All-time-dev In this post, we will compare Kodular with Thunkable in different aspects and we will also find out about both of them. So, if you are interested and like our post then share our post with your developer friends and you can also visit all-time-dev for […]

How to implement charts in android using java

Hey guys today in this article, we will be talking about implementing charts in our android app using java. Charts can be used to show data in a beautiful and professional manner. Below is the step by step process on implementing charts in our android project. So In the first step we will be adding […]

How to change the app name in react-native(in android and IOS):

In Android: To change the app name in react native first go to your project folder and open this path in VScode, android/app/src/main/res/values/string.xml Now you can easily change the app name in the string tag. For example: <string name=”app_name”>YOUR_APP_NAME</string> After changing the app name, uninstall the previous app from your device and run these commands: […]

Kotlin – Android’in Yeni Resmi Programlama Dili

Google her yıl düzenlediği I/O etkinliğinde bu sene biz Android geliştiricilerine bir süpriz yaptı. 17-19 Mayıs tarihleri arasında düzenlenen I/O 2017 etkinliğinde Android için yeni bir programlama dilini tanıttı. Bu dil JetBrains firmasının geliştirmiş olduğu Kotlin Programlama dili.Bu dil aynı java gibi JVM (Java Virtual Machine) üzerinde çalışabilen bir dildir. Yani bir defa yaz her […]

5 Top App Development Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

Investing in mobile app development will help your brand get a competitive edge over your rival. Mobile apps can help you build your brand awareness, boost your company’s revenue and provide better support and services to your customers. Also, it lets you forge brand loyalty and increase customer engagement and satisfaction. So, it comes as […]

Why you should be an android developer in 2022

OVERVIEW The Android Operation System has been around for several years now. It’s the most used mobile operating system around the world running on over 75% devices in Nigeria. The Android OS is free and open source. It also runs on other platforms like Wristwatches, TVs, Portable Media Players, etc. WHO’S AN ANDROID DEVELOPER?*** A […]

Create Bubble Navigation Bar In Android Using Java

Hi there, in this post i will be talking about how we can create a beautiful bubble navigation bar in our android project. Just like Navigation drawer, navigation bar is also used by most of the android apps if not all. There are a lot of ways to implement navigation bar in your project. But […]

My Roadmap 2022 : from a beginner to advanced developer

At the end of 2021 I found myself a programmer who only knows about some programming languages and some frameworks but with no real programming experience,no projects and no achievements. Why ? It was because I didn’t start with the fundamentals, I didn’t learn about algorithms, data structures or anything important as Big O. My […]

Introducing the first step in Android Development

Along with web development, android development is also streaming fast. Android Development is provoking many aspirants to shake up with their skills. Everyone is making wonderful use of this technology to bring up their companies, work, and innovations. When we want to start a new journey we came up with many questions, so here we […]

Release ScrcpyHub v1.3.0

Introduction ScrcpyHub is a GUI application to use scrcpy. Motivation scrcpy is an Android device screen mirroring command tool. scrcpy is a useful command tool, but multiple device mirroring is so difficult and bother. Get android device using adb command. Execute scrcpy command using -s option. Features ScrcpyHub assists in multiple device mirroring. ScrcpyHub makes […]

Jetpack Compose Tidbits: The first dance with JC – Learning the steps

Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay With Android’s fresh way of developing UI, there’s little to no XML which was formerly the primary way of designing UI for Android apps. With Jetpack Compose, you just declare what you need for creating your UI by calling functions and Jetpack Compose handles the implementation. When you need […]

Counter-Strike 1.6 20 years old game that refuse to die

web – Source: DEV Community

Polish your Jetpack Compose dev experience

Writing Jetpack Compose apps undoubtedly is fun. However, like most modern UI frameworks, Compose requires a fair amount of integration into the IDE. You certainly can write Compose code with any editor, but for quite a few things you need additional support, for example previewing and (semantically) testing composable functions code completion and automatic imports […]

Live Virtual Career Prep Events to Help You Get Your First Dev Job

Over on the Qvault community Discord server we’re starting a new initiative; we’re doing free live events focused on getting you your first dev job! For background, I’ve been running for over a year now, and while people are loving the courses, we’ve started offering more personalized help surrounding “first job” challenges, and our […]

Real Estate Mobile App Development Company

AppStudio is a renowned real estate app development company offering best-in-class solutions to real estate industry. We have experienced developers in our real estate app development team who have created many unique Android and iOS apps for realtors, agents and brokers. We offer tailor-made services to meet specific business needs, thus ensuring unparalleled results. Our […]

How to Root LG Stylo 2 Device With PC?

Guide To Root LG Stylo 2 Device As you know, before installing recovery, you need to root your device. You don’t need any PC/laptop to root the LG Stylo 2 device. Just follow our steps to root LG Stylo 2 without a PC. Vital Steps These steps are the same for installing recovery and rooting. […]

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