Should You Trust Your Dating App or Sex Toy?

Mozilla’s Valentine’s Day edition of *Privacy Not Included found that dating apps collect a lot more data than you think — and that internet-connected sex toys are a privacy and security gamble[1]

Technology has become the primary matchmaker in millions of lives — especially now, when the pandemic has brought offline dating to a standstill.

But giving technology access and agency over the most intimate parts of our lives can have steep downsides, from privacy and security breaches to discriminatory algorithms.

So today, Mozilla is launching its Valentine’s Day edition of *Privacy Not Included. We built a comprehensive guide to the most popular dating apps and sex toys, with a special focus on how they handle privacy, security, and AI.[2]

We’re empowering romantics to choose products that respect privacy and security. And we’re calling out dating app makers and sex toy manufactureres when they fall short.

The 2021 Valentine’s Day edition of *Privacy Not Included features 50 products. We analyzed 24 dating apps, from the most popular ones like Tinder and Bumble, to community-focused ones like Grindr and JDate. And we analyzed 26 sex toys, from connected vibrators to smart sex dolls.

Mozilla researchers examined app and product features, read through privacy policies, and questioned companies about their security practices and use of AI. As a result, we answer dozens of crucial questions for consumers, like: Can this app or product snoop on me? What data is being collected and who is it shared with? What is the company’s track record for protecting users’ data? And, What could happen if something goes wrong?

Says Jen Caltrider, Mozilla’s *Privacy Not Included Lead:

“Love isn’t dead in the time of coronavirus. It has moved online, just like so many other aspects of our daily life. Thanks to dating apps and connected sex toys, we’re still finding love and sex while social distancing.”

“But making all that love and sex happen online comes with some risks. Dating apps know a whole lot about us, and so do the companies that collect and share that data. Connected sex toys are fun with consent, just like sex IRL. Connected sex toys aren’t fun if someone hijacks your device and takes control of your sex toy without your consent though — and that happens.”[3]


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Source: Mozilla

February 9, 2021
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