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iSkript Open Source Code Repository[1] UST iSkript is a custom Java Swing-based object recognition … Read more Selenium Object Identification Tool

iSkript Open Source Code Repository[1]

UST iSkript is a custom Java Swing-based object recognition utility that uniquely defines Web and Mobile based application object properties. The engine captures UI elements and its associated properties to build Page factory structure and Page Object classes with auto-generated user actions. This accelerates the test automation script development process. iSkript can also be leveraged for establishing automation script self-healing to eradicate manual interventions required to fix automation scripts failures. Unlike other commercial object scanners available, which is part of a tool, iSkript is a standalone utility that can be integrated with any automation framework solution. To provide seamless integration to the script development process, iSkript generates POM classes across programming languages Java, C# and Python. These classes can then be used to stitch the relevant application/business functions. The captured object property details from iSkript can be stored in *.sky(iSkript specific format), XML, Properties Files and DB storage mediums. This makes it easier to export and maintain the iSkript generated artefacts. This also facilitates descriptive programming for creating automation tests. In order to ease maintenance, when the application UI undergoes a change, the objects that have been already captured by the iSkript can be updated in one-shot by the click of a button. This Rescan option would automatically trace the previously captured objects in the application and replace its associated properties with the most recent value. This saves redundant efforts required to rescan the application objects again every time there is an update to the application UI.

iSkript is genuinely a valuable accelerator solution, that can be leveraged in any automation solution to reap the following benefits:

  • Accelerated auto-generation of Web (Java, .Net & Angular) and Mobile (Android & iOS) based application objects
  • Auto-capture all relevant properties for unique object identification with zero manual intervention
  • Supports captured application data to store in multiple file formats like JSON, XML, Property files and Database
  • Fast starts automation development by auto-generation of POM classes with control actions
  • Supports single click POM class generation for an application page
  • Can be installed on any platforms like Windows, Linux and MAC
  • Supports Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari and Firefox
  • Can be leveraged across Java, C# and Python test automation frameworks
  • Capture unique identifier for all web applications
  • Capture objects using Chrome browser
  • Adding new pages
  • Highlight/delete added object
  • Save file in *.sky file format (Encrypted format)
  • Open existing project using *.sky file
  • Support for Windows Operating system (only)
  • Capture unique identifier for all Web and Mobile Applications
  • Capture objects using Chrome/Firefox/IE Edge/Safari
  • Capture objects using Mobile devices (Local & Cloud Farms)
  • Save file in *.sky file format (Encrypted format)
  • AutoScan to identify object changes in Newer releases
  • Export file in JSON/XML/Properties file formats
  • Generate POM classes for JAVA/C#/Python languages
  • Generate POM for Web and Mobile (Web & Native)
  • Enable Self-Healing for any Test Automation frameworks using *.sky file
  • Support for Windows, Linux and Mac Operating systems

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