React Typescript input onChange event type?

I’m trying to get text from a input element, setting it to state and then rendering it back into the input box. However I think my event typing is wrong? I’ve searched online and tried implementing many solutions but none have worked so far. Any help is appreciated.

my component:

import React, { ChangeEvent, ChangeEventHandler, useState } from "react";

export default function Unidirectionflow() {
  const [state, setState] = useState("");
  const [state2, setState2] = useState("");
  const [state3, setState3] = useState("");
  const [state4, setState4] = useState("");
  const [state5, setState5] = useState("");

  function handleChange(e: ChangeEventHandler<HTMLInputElement>): void {
    setState(( as HTMLInputElement).value);

  function handleChange2(e: {
    target: React.ChangeEventHandler<HTMLInputElement>;
  }) {

  function handleChange3(e: React.FormEvent<HTMLInputElement>): void {

  let handleChange4 = (e: React.FormEvent<HTMLInputElement>): void => {
    setState3(( as HTMLInputElement).value);

  let handleChange5 = (event: ChangeEvent<HTMLInputElement>) => {

  return (
      <input type="text" value={state} onChange={() => handleChange} />
      <input type="text" value={state2} onChange={() => handleChange2} />
      <input type="text" value={state3} onChange={() => handleChange3} />
      <input type="text" value={state4} onChange={() => handleChange4} />
      <input type="text" value={state4} onChange={() => handleChange5} />

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November 20, 2021
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Tags: Events | input | reactjs | typescript

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