React Native Multiple Images Picker

The problem

So, I am developing a react native application and I am facing the callenge of selecting multiple images from the user gallery. Just like apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, Twitter and even Reddit do. So with that in mind, i tried to use launchImageLibraryAsync from expo-image-picker but, as specified in their documentation, the "multiple selecion" of images is only supported on the web.

What I have thinked of

So, based on several searches, it seemed like i had to build my own "Gallery". To do this, so far i’ve tried to use @react-native-community/cameraroll and expo-media-library, but both of them requires that we pass the first property to the getPhotos (for @react-native-community/cameraroll) or to the getAssetsAsync (for expo-media-library) functions, which defines the first items to be fetched. This is a problem because I do not want to fetch like 20 items and then, when the user reaches the end of the list, it fetches more 20 items. I need something like this (this example is from Telegram). You can see that the app never stops me from scrolling, it goes all the way through my entire gallery.

What would also be nice

If you use reddit mobile, you can see that you can also select multiple photos using the several Apps like Google Photos, Files, Google Drive and so on.

This would be even nicer because I wouldn’t need to implement a custom made Picker. Do you guys know how could I implement this?

OBS: I am using Expo with Bare Workflow, so I can use just about any package. I also opened a discussion at the Expo repo about it. You can check it here:

Thank you in advance 🙂

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November 26, 2021
Category : News
Tags: expo | react native | reactjs

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