React : "DOMException: String contains an invalid character" error while encoding in base64

I’m facing a new kind of error and I’m kind of stuck here. I have a lightweight code editor in my app and I send its content (typed by the user) to my back-end, encoding it in base64.
First I used codeContent.toString("base64"); method and it worked like a charm with this kind of testing content :

let numberTest = 52;
let arrayTest = [63, 24, 75];
let sumTest = numberTest + arrayTest[0];

The problem here, is that I can’t decode it back to UTF-8 when I want to retrieve this code from my API, I get some gibberish.

So I tried this method instead : atob(codeContent);. In this case, if I type a simple text like : test, the encoded version looks fine (µë-), but the content is still empty in my backend after my POST. And if I try this with a simple line of JS like let testNumber = 52;, then I get this error : "DOMException: String contains an invalid character"

To sum it up : I’m a little lost, what’s the good way to encode my text to base64 and retrieve it afterwards ?

Source: React – Stack Overflow

September 29, 2021
Category : News
Tags: base64 | javascript | reactjs | utf-8

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