Programming Platitudes

Computers like to start counting at zero A good place to start is to say … Read more Programming Platitudes

  1. Computers like to start counting at zero
  2. A good place to start is to say “hello, world!”
  3. Programming is a skill, it requires practice; designing programs is an art, it requires even more practice
  4. Global variables will come back to haunt you
  5. Computers get really confused when you ask them to divide something by zero
  6. Make it work, then make it neat, then make it fast
  7. Asynchronous events means the order of things can be unpredictable
  8. Copy and paste is not a substitute for functions
  9. Humorous test messages are not so humorous when they accidentally go live
  10. Sometimes 32,767+ 1 = -32,768
  11. No system is user proof
  12. Infinite loops can be really bad for performance
  13. No comment is better than an incorrect comment
  14. Users reserve the right to change their mind
  15. You will spend way more time reading code than writing it
  16. Rubbish data in, well processed yet still rubbish data out
  17. Be weary of the prototype that just went live “as a stop gap”
  18. Programming ability is related to your willingness to embrace meaninglessness
  19. You are probably not the first to try and solve this problem
  20. If all else fails, call it a caching problem and reboot
  21. Goto 10

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