I used to work in different companies and different methodologies Waterfall , Agile , Scrum after so many years of pain i've decided to write this blog post.

Yep, they're not necessary. How do you make something pixel-perfect that needs to work on literally thousands of different devices, all with different screen sizes and pixel densitys and different browsers rendering them? Much better to design in systems and work closely with a developer to evolve the design so it actually looks right on screen, rather than in something like Photoshop.

If a company is still asking for this it suggests they are probably working in an old-fashioned way, with management who like the idea of approving everything exactly before building. Might be worth steering clear.

I like the idea of atomic design as a way of thinking about building up the elements you need, much more in tune with how the web works: Atomic Design and BEM is the next level of how we should build software not photoshop and stupid 100 documents kind of things.

Posted in frustrations on Jan 10, 2018