How to get more followers on twitter

How to get more followers on twitter

This is a small tutorial on how to get more followers on twitter the tools that @LzoMedia usses to get more followers on their account.

First thing you should open an account on ifttt website and connect your twitter account to the website .

Now second and most important step is to decide what kind of followers you want to get on your twitter account , i guess this will come up to the kind of profile you have .

Once decided you need to go and search some rss feeds or full rss feeds with content that will atrack your followers and make them interact with your twitter account by liking the content you share or by sharing that content with others.

Once you have all the things in place you need to create a Recipe on the ifttt website with the url feed and some magic keywords , we personally like using hashtags on our niche.

By using this method you can get a lot of backlinks