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in my last post[1] I wrote about thinking of the tools as being a separate thing from the event. Not a complicated concept, but does it matter? Maybe. Let me pose one version of what the future might look like.

At a high level, it would be:

I like that approach for a couple of reasons. One is that it decouples the tools conversation from the SQLSaturday mission conversation (and with it, a lot of the frustration for many). The other is that it allows other communities to copy our model. Code Camp, Power BI, Devops, Docker, it’s a long list, but it doesn’t have to be tech. Pick a hobby you enjoy, this would give you the tools (the 5% I mentioned in the previous post) to get you started on a focused event.

To me all of that flows logically from open sourcing the event tools (or even documenting a mashup). It doesn’t take a lot more effort, but it could serve a lot more people.

Of course, the unknown is if we can get the SQLSaturday source code and how much effort it will be to unwind the DNN integration (I’m assuming we wouldn’t want to keep that). If not, or if we choose not to wait, then we could start building from scratch if we can find the volunteers and agree on the first few iterations towards something basic.

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January 16, 2021
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