Pi Network and Alternative Apps for Cryptomining

Cloud Based Cryptomining Apps like Pi Network

If you are looking for cloud based crypto mining apps like Pi Network so there are certain apps which looks legit and can bring some value in future if you mine now because the list of apps which I’m providing are backed by tech experts in review, they have good future plans, white paper, and their founders are well known people who are doing regular conferences and presentation so make people aware about their coins and plans. I guess there are more then 12-15 crypto mining apps, which are offering free mining for their coins, but if you will look closely, so there are only 5 to7 apps which looks legit and most of these apps are following the model of Pi Network.

Pi Network – referral code: crypto18

Pi Network’s app is a cloud mining based crypto currency which is quite different from other crypto currencies. However, other crypto currencies have seen how easy it is for Pi to be mined and are trying to copy Pi’s mode of operation. With only five seconds of your day on your smartphone and no investment, you can have a chance to receive a huge amount of money.

With the soaring price of Bitcoin, we no longer have a chance to own Bitcoin, but you can mine Pi for free and that too without any investment. The Pi Network, is kind of the first digital currency that you can mine on your phone,” has become a popular topic of discussion on social media and these days many apps are copying the same model and mode of operations after evaluating the feasibility of the project.

Apple Store: – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/pi-network/id1445472541

Google Play Store: – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blockchainvault

Pi Network referral code: crypto18

Bee Network – referral code: crypto18

Bee network is genuine and a new type of cryptocurrency and there for it is not listed on cryptocurrency exchanges and their is no value for now but in future their will be value of these Bee Coins for sure, once they get listed on the exchanges. Bee network, almost similar to Pi app and in short we can say that it’s almost copy of Pi apps, which means Bee’s success so far is based on Pi’s success. I know it should ring panic alarm because it’s for a big part of a copy-paste project, but in reality this happens all the time and doesn’t always mean it’s a scam, like; Bitcoin BEP2, Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin Diamond, Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold and they all are kind of similar and successful too.

Apple Store: – https://apps.apple.com/us/app/bee-network-phone-based-asset/id1529988919

Google Play Store: – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=network.bee.app

Bee Network referral code: crypto18

Timestope – Witness (referral) code:crypto18

Timestope is south Korean project with some background in technology and cryptocurrencies. It seems Timestope is consist of team of a legit people in a company that’s already been making apps for some time. There are chances in future their currency will have some better value as they are also running some other dApps from their own platform. It seems Timestope can’t be successful as Pi Network, but eventually it will bring some value as mining is free on your phone and you don’t have to pay anything except for clicking on their app once a day.

The basis of TimeStope is to be a witness. Only those who have been invited by the witness can create the TIME through TimeStope, and 9.6τ is distributed to the invitee every day. When the mining period expires, you must witness for someone other than the invitee who invited you and the person you invited, and the attendance score will be reset. This is a way to consistently provide fair opportunities to new participants.

Google Play Store: – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.timestope

Timestope Witness (referral) code: crypto18

Alpha Network – referral code: crypto18

Alpha Networks is a blockchain-powered entertainment platform dedicated to building the infrastructure of the next era of media. Alpha Network combines subscription VOD, targeted advertising, and pay-per-view business models on one platform for a seamless user experience. With Alpha Network you can earn cryptocurrency from your phone by pressing a button every 24 hours. There are a few ways in which you can increase the amount of Alpha coins you earn per hour. But before we go into that, have a look at their presentation video.

It seems Alpha coin is very reliable and 100% legit. I’ve been trading on the platform since 2018 without any issues. Similar to gaming apps, Alpha network has a direct easy-to-use application where users can sign in using their email or Facebook account, push a button and earn 0.5 coins per hour until the 500 million coin supply is exhausted. The app also has a “boost” feature that allows users to watch 15-second ads to earn extra coins. Users can also increase their mining rate by inviting others to join.

Google Play Store: – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.alphanetwork.alphaminer

Alpha Network referral code: crypto18

Phoneum ( PHT) – referral code – 4fwf3aun

(Use the above code to claim 200 free PHT coins as bonus)

PHT cloud earning or Phoneum is a very straight forward app with attractive app with a lot of functionality such as VIP Miners and as well as regular miners. And unlike other apps you have to click on PHT Cloud Earning app once a week. However hash rate or the speed of mining on this app is little low, but this app is cloud based and its not going to use any computational power from your phone except for little space for app. So, you can use this app, and hey you’re doing pretty much nothing, so if it brings some value in future so its worth mining. But I wouldn’t say this is a similar to Pi, but its free with legit details.

Phoneum is one of the new age mobile only crypto currencies that can be mined only from the mobile phone. The team behind Phoneum is building a community of users who would socialize the Phoneum coin, PHT as it is called. The Phoneum ecosystem has an app (available on iOS and Android) which can be used to mine the PHT coins, then several mobile games that keep users engaged and incentivize them to earn more coins.

Google Play Store: –https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.cloud.earning

Cloud Earning PHT or Phoneum referral code – 4fwf3aun

Apart from them, if you still looking for more crypto mining apps even if they looks fishy with their details, UI and the permission they need from your mobile, so here is list of those crypto mining apps, but I won’t recommend these apps, because there are only 1 to 5 percent chances that there coins will be worth something in near future.

Midoin (Android & iOS), CowCow (Android), Spotter (Android), Reflex (Android), AntCoin (Android), Eagle Network (Android), Thundercore Hub (Android), Swissborg Community App (Android)

Why you need referrals codes-

If you are mining with any crypto mining apps, either on Android or iOS, so you can also refer these crypto mining apps to friends or relatives or people and it will increase your hash rate as well as their hash rate too. But make sure your referral is actively mining, because only than your hash rate will increase if they will be active (click at-least once in day on an app). If you are new and looking to join these apps and want referral codes? So, you can use my referral codes and I’m so active on below mentioned 5 apps. Make sure to choose someone who is always active, like I am, as this will improve your own mining rate too.

Pi Network reference code: crypto18
Bee Network reference code: crypto18
Alpha Network reference code: crypto18
TimeStope witness code: crypto18
Cloud Earning PHT or Phoneum (PHT) reference code: 4fwf3aun

To know more about Cryptomining on Smartphone –> https://bit.ly/cryptomininggyd

Happy Mining!!!

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September 16, 2021
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