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FirebaseError: Function addDoc() called with invalid data. Unsupported field value: undefined

so here I want to store the image URL from the firebase storage in firestore. I am getting an error of undefined as my setImgUrl is undefined. please help me to solve this. import React, { useState } from “react”; import “../mainTab.css”; import “./addScreen.css”; import firebase, { storage } from “../firebase”; const AddScreen = () […]

How to use FilePond in Laravel?

As part of a Laravel project, I use FilePond to upload my files. As soon as I try to upload a file, I get an error from the internal server 500. And I don’t know what it’s due to The script : let inputElements = document.querySelector(‘input[id="avatar"]’); const pond = FilePond.create( inputElements, { labelIdle: `Glissez et […]

Onsubmit Javascript fails

In order to make a full webshop, I’m busy with the validation of Administrators input. I’m trying to validate a form in javascript before it is sent to the PHP server. The function ValidateAdmin() checks whether fields are filled in. If not all fields are filled in there will be an error. I have a […]

Why ReactDOM.createPortal does not work in my content script?

I have a content.tsx file with the following code: import React from "react"; import {createPortal} from ‘react-dom’; import Text from ‘./Text’; console.log(`Content script…`); createPortal( <Text/>, document.body ); "Text" component code: import React from ‘react’; const Text = () => { return ( <div> Just text… </div> ); }; export default Text; My manifest includes: …other […]

Launch HN: Metaplane (YC W20) – Datadog for Data

Hey HN! We’re Kevin, Guru, and Peter from Metaplane ( Metaplane is a data observability tool that continuously monitors your data stack, alerts you when something goes wrong, and provides relevant metadata to help you debug. Data teams are often the last to know about data-related issues. They commonly find out only when an executive […]

How to set proxy on IIS in React.js

I deployed my React.js app on ISS but my proxy is changed after published on iss. I don’t want it to be changed. Screenshot photos are below. http://localhost:9856/api/ValidateUser is not correct service. My servis should be after I publish on server. This proxy works well in local. Source: React – Stack Overflow

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